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    1. Night 14 Spring 2024 Night 4/11

      by , 04-13-2024 at 12:49 AM
      Coming back in the middle of the fight, Pilot was still cutting into the head. I took several teeth and attached them to a stone sword now at a more effective size. Pilot gave some strategy, telling me to create walls to slow down the hydra and limit what it can see. I pulled walls out of the ground to give some shelter to Pilot as they stayed on the head. I stood on the sword as I used telekinesis to fly it to where Pilot said the body of the hydra was.

      Now at the hydra, I was able to sense it and could dodge even in the darkness. As each head tried to strike at me, I would dodge some and create walls of stone to deflect others. Although it was capable of crashing through the walls, it preferred curling its necks around them to reach me. We both sped up during the fight, and I started deflecting with my fists as it got closer to my speed and reached me. I was able to slip past one of the heads and called over the sword to catch it and sliced the head clean off.

      With two heads cut off, the hydra still had about five heads. Luckily it was not the type to regrow heads, so the end of the fight was in sight. The hydra got even faster with the head removed, as if the weight from that head somehow affected its control over the other heads. Now that it was too fast to block or dodge normally, I started essentially teleporting through the walls through a mix of extreme speed and enough control to seamlessly move through the stone. Now untrackable even to its eyes, I was able to cut off two or three more heads before it could react. The hydra was left with two heads and was finally able to catch up with me.

      It then did what I never expected, and it was able to split its body in two. Turning into two winged serpents, it was even faster and able to fly around in separate directions. At one point where I was only able to block one with my back exposed, Pilot appeared at my back and blocked the other. That other serpent screeched and flew off after being blocked, and Pilot showed me their new weapon. It had multiple teeth lined up not to slice but to pierce, and they told me they slathered it with the hydraís own poison. In the middle of the fight Pilot told me how deadly the hydraís poison was along with explaining their appearance being made possible through attaching telekinesis devices to each of us.

      They passed me their weapon and I was able to pierce the inside of the hydraís mouth the next time it tried to bite me. Now that the two serpents made up of the last heads were pierced with poison, they would die with time. We decided to leave the fight with that, and they once again grabbed on telling me to go back up out the cave through the stone again. I ran up one of the pillars and did so, but we nearly instantly traveled through this time.

      Pilot complained a little since they wanted to experience going through ground like before, and I promised to do it again later. We got back in the truck and headed towards the city since I wanted to end off the last day back at the city. I called Passenger so he would be in the city when we got there and I pushed time forwards to get there quickly. We were able to meet up just outside one of the buildings we visited last time we were in the city. Getting out, Passenger commented on our truck made from the plane we used to leave the swamp, and we showed him around it before walking around the city. We were able to celebrate with Pilot even preparing a slice from the hydra for us to eat. Iíll probably visit back again at least one or two more times after the event, but it was fun fighting through both rough environments.
    2. Night 13 Spring 2024 Night 4/10

      by , 04-12-2024 at 11:41 PM
      The truck was reworked since last night and was already heading in the direction of the next fight. Before this night I thought there were more nights left, but knowing that there were just two more nights including this one, I went straight for the fight. I once again began in the back and when I went to the front to check on Pilot I saw no one despite it driving. I went straight for the wheel, and Pilot came from the back laughing. They explained how they built a way for it to steer itself, and after calming down we had breakfast in the back.

      They told me they had another idea for my control, so they wanted me to show what I did to attach earth to my limbs in the fight against King Gator. I was able to form the earth perfectly around myself, and Pilot wanted to know if I could merge with the earth similar to my transformations. Attaching earth to myself did not function as a transformation at all, but I took the time to try out forming it into more armor and weapons-like shapes. I was also able to similarly form earth around Pilot when they asked for it. The truck stopped, and Pilot went to the front to see where exactly the creature was.

      The radar showed that the energy came from below us, and we were right next to a frozen lake. Walking onto it, I looked into the frozen lake to see if any creature was there. Pilot told me exactly where it was, and it was underground near the lake but not under it. They jumped on me and told me to head straight down through forming the ground around us. I could see they were geared up and excited for the fight, so I didnít fight back. First touching the ground with my hand, we sunk into the ground like it was quicksand. We were enveloped in rock for a short while before I felt my feet and lowered hand were free to move. Letting ourselves completely out, I fell into a cave in complete darkness.

      I made the ground below us crumble to soften our fall, and Pilot threw out several lamps that floated around with telekinesis. The ceiling of the cave was extremely high up, with the top being hidden in darkness despite the torches and huge pillars of stone spread throughout. With the lampsí light, I was able to see a snake slithering around us in the distance. At its size, its head was as large as a whaleís. I quietly warned Pilot since they did not seem to notice and I put my hand into the ground to pull a massive stone sword out. I then went back into my larger size, and was able to armor myself with scales due to the cave keeping the freezing temperatures out. Pilot was moving around their gear and told me to not worry about them.

      Instinctually feeling the snake coming to strike, I was able to catch it by the top and bottom jaws of its open mouth but was stuck on as it rushed around the cave. It dragged me along the walls and crashed us through some of the massive pillars, but I stayed holding on. Now on it, I could tell that even the sword I made earlier was too small to cut through it. The next time it dragged me against the walls of the cave I controlled the stone to smoothly go around me and stab into the snake. The snake then stayed away from walls and flailed around to try throwing me off.

      As it was closer to the center, I saw it rush by Pilot and they stabbed into the snake with the sword I left on the ground. Although the wound was not deep enough to harm it, I could see there were multiple glowing things wrapped around the sword. They all blew up, throwing chunks of the snake and causing it to slam into walls once again. I took this chance to grow sharp pillars off the wall that cut the neck from the most damaged point. I fell to the ground along with a good portion of the neck, and Pilot came running towards us. They went straight to carving its face and told me to stay alert as they handed me its largest tooth. As I was being flung around on its head, Pilot saw that it was a hydra and we only cut off one of its heads. I went a little further into the fight but will leave that for the last journal where the fight against the hydra continued.
    3. Night 12 Spring 2024 Night 4/9

      by , 04-12-2024 at 10:04 AM
      To get into the event I went through a door which opened into the front of the truck. Being made from a plane, it still had the door separating the cockpit from the back which would be like the trailer of a truck. Pilot was driving and I could hear the loud hum of the engine as they drove the truck. I told them about wanting to see something new and challenging in this icy part of the world, so they showed me the radar and other equipment in the co-pilotís seat. The radar showed me the surrounding area along with the living things in it. It was possible to tell how large the creature was based on how powerful its signal was.

      All of the signals were weak, so I went to the back of the truck to explore the interior. There were several types of games so I ended up getting distracted with those, and once I was done Pilot asked me to come to the front. I started steering the truck and they explained that since there were no creatures to fight against, this time could be used for training or learning new abilities. I told them of all I have done including elemental control and body transformation. I also told them that I used to use weapons, but I brought none into the plane. After hearing me out and asking more about my abilities, Pilot went to the back and came to the front again with one of their screwdrivers.

      They told me to open my hand as if I was going to give it to them, and it shot out of their hand and into mine. They told me to think about giving it back while keeping my hand still, and it flew back into their hand. They explained how they added this function to all of their tools, and it's how they were able to work on their own so quickly both when they lived on their own and when I was busy hunting. They then showed how it was just a little device attached to each tool, and it was possible to even send a tool with two devices to connect one and make the new object able to go back and forth as well.

      I was able to try out bringing more tools in and out, even having several hover near me rather than having them go straight to my hand. Realizing that this was like the telekinesis I used on earth and water, I started doing the same with large chunks of rock and ice outside. Pilot showed me their tools so that they could attach the device to a sword or spear whenever I got one, but we threw around the idea of using the earth control on tools by attaching earth to them. We eventually reached a point where the path was covered in snow and boulders, clearly from an avalanche/rockslide. At first I picked up pieces with my control to throw them to the side, then Pilot gave another great suggestion. I instead controlled the earth to go down, and snow was thrown in the air like a mist. Clearing the huge cloud away with water control, we could see that it really was left as perfectly flat ground.

      Using my elemental control in more unique ways, I could make structures either appear or disappear into the ground, and tools can be sent wherever I want. We drove a small distance afterwards, but heard a loud animal call from the direction of the flattened rockslide. Checking the radar first, Pilot saw that it gave off a larger signal than anything else we have run into. Before I could even get out, the entire truck was shaken around. It had already begun attacking us. Getting out, I could finally see that it was something like a yeti, but it had large antlers and was both wider and taller than our truck (not lengthwise lol). Seeing its size, I felt confident in going straight to transforming into my bigger form to fight it.

      It threw me to the side with its antlers and would have stabbed through me with its hand if I did not create scales on the spot. I formed scales over my hand to hit it back, but I could feel my hand freezing over when doing that. Although the scales were good for defense, taking a cold-blooded animalís traits in a frozen land was a terrible idea. Pilot pulled out a sword from the back of the plane, telling me it was going to be a surprise for later. I saw how they were holding it and knew to pull it in like the tools from earlier. I continued to fight the yeti but with the sword now, and blocking with the sword allowed me to not even rely on scales for defense.

      After getting enough cuts in, the yeti started backing off more in the fight and became less aggressive. Seeing that it was likely defending its territory and was not willing to fight to the death. I walked away from the fight. Going back to normal, the cuts and bruises I got from the fight were more obvious but they were very menial injuries for a fight against a creature like that. We continued in the truck and were able to get all the way out of the mountains. Knowing we only had a few days left, I wanted to head towards a fight before ending back in the city. We then stopped the truck so Pilot could improve the radar to sense creatures at a much farther range. We relaxed and talked as they worked on it, and the dream ended there.
    4. Night 11 Spring 2024 Night 4/8

      by , 04-10-2024 at 10:42 AM
      I took the break because I was traveling to see the eclipse but other than that reason I am glad to come back feeling refreshed. The dream before took place in a city, so I was able to seamlessly transition to the swamp one. Passenger had already made it to his place, and I was able to catch up by calling him. I went over to the closest airport and had to get past security to meet up with the person that flew us here. Even though I already told them about wanting to return to the wilderness last time, I said again what I wanted. As I got on the plane they asked if I wanted something more specific, giving examples such as a desert with constant tornadoes, a cave with storms inside, and other crazy dream environments. I told them about the ice truckers, and they understood the challenge.

      They agreed to take me to the wildest frozen place and as we flew there the pilot slowly made it clear that they were staying with me. Telling them about the opponent ice road truckers, they said the only way to truly compete was by creating the best truck of our own and thriving in both ice and swamp environments. The truckers would have never come to the swamp, so going into their territory was the perfect choice. The further we flew, the lower temperatures got. Ice started to form over the glass of the plane and the pilot gave me one of their coats. Since theyíll be continuing with me, Iíll call them Pilot.

      Even further into the icy lands, and the plane was not able to properly work anymore. All engines stopped and the plane only continued by gliding on air currents. There were mountains in all directions, and Pilot explained how the wind currents over mountains can be dangerous, so they lowered the plane to land. Once we landed in the mountains, Pilot told me they could rework the plane to work as a truck but we were in need of food and shelter or else we would freeze before it was finished. I was able to use my water and earth abilities to pull an igloo out of the ground, but my water abilities were greatly limited when controlling snow and ice. Although the structure worked for insulation, we needed heat on the inside. Pilot was able to put together a fireplace and circulation to push the cold air out using parts of the plane.

      We were able to rest in the igloo very comfortably but we still were in need of food and fuel. Although we had not bumped into any animals yet, food was the more urgent issue. We only had enough fuel to go a certain distance, but without food we would starve before running out of fuel. I went outside and put my hand in the snow to sense disturbances. This was done through heightened senses mixed with my elemental control. I was able to sense some, and caught a couple animals including moles and foxes. Bringing them in, Pilot was able to prepare them and we ate. We spoke over the meal and every once in a while they would go out to work on the plane some more. These animals were pretty normal compared to the ones in the swamp, but even if they were supernaturally powerful they still would be easy to handle at this point.

      Seeing that my regular fighting part of the dream was gone, I decided to help with the rebuilding of the plane. The plane was large, and the most obvious change was the wings folding back. Pilot explained that the inside was changed a lot, but I helped with simpler things like holding up the wings as they were placed differently or carrying huge parts in after their modification. By the end the plane was fully modified, and Pilot proudly showed me around. It now both had its regular engine and one that functioned more like a trainís furnace, with logs working as fuel. This allowed us to use the surrounding trees as fuel while our gas slowly ran out. While at the city the goal to return seemed clear, once we had the truck built we considered the option of seeing how deep into the cold we could go. I decided to leave that until next time, and I left the dream off in the igloo.
    5. Night 7 Spring 2024 Night 4/4

      by , 04-06-2024 at 09:14 AM
      Will likely take a break for like 2 days soon. I was in another dream and used an elevator to arrive into one of the homes at the swamp. Since the home I was in was still on a tree, I went up on the elevator. At the door it shrunk to match the size and I walked in. In there was Passenger and Kappa, and we talked about our plans and where we would head once we found the way out. After a while of talking over breakfast, we finally said our goodbyes and left the village. On our way out some of the villagers gave gifts which we happily accepted.

      Feeling at peace, we flew on our preferred elements like if we were sitting on clouds. We first flew towards the crash site then in the direction the signal came from. There was not much to do at the crash since King Gator completely destroyed what was left in the beginning of our fight. We flew over the trees faster than before, not knowing how far away the person might be. We talked as we flew over the massive swamp, telling each other about why we came here, what we usually did at home, and figuring out if we could meet up again after returning to our regular lives.

      We started to worry if we went in slightly the wrong direction but even if we missed the person we would eventually find human civilization at these speeds. The landscape of the swamp was very flat, but as we ventured further out we found drier forests with hills and cliffs. When the conversation settled down, we saw a small base with a tower and airstrip. I just realized how funny the situation was, searching for rescue by plane through flying to one. We landed down there, and Passenger suddenly got nervous as I went for one of the doors. I was about to go straight to opening it but his nervousness reminded me to knock first.

      I knocked and could hear the person inside rushing down to greet us. They welcomed us in and spoke very quickly, clearly excited to meet us. Passenger has explained our situation over the radio but we were able to explain everything without worry of attacks. They were excited to hear all our stories and presented their own, overcoming their obstacles through engineering. Their entire base was made to withstand the weather and creatures of that part of the woods, and they happily showed some equipment they put together to fight back.

      One of the devices was capable of levitating objects similar to our element control, and another was able to show all nearby creatures using their electrical pulses. There were several others and we were able to try them all in their base, trying them out on targets and even to get to inaccessible areas. After having enough fun, we shared contact information and they showed us to their plane to take us home. As we flew off, we were asked why we did not want to stay in the wilderness. Although there were dangers, it was fun overcoming each obstacle. Passenger told again about his friends and business back home but even though I had my own made up backstory in the dream I did not want to go there.

      After a bit of thinking I decided to tell them I wanted to face different types of challenges. Maybe a different area in the wild would bring new friends and enemies. Passenger still wanted to go back home, so we decided to stop at the city before I went back to the wilderness. Once back to the city, we realized how out of place we were. We then had a ton of fun in the city, finding fun places to eat, getting into simple street fights, and getting clothes more fitting for the city. It was a fun change of pace that allowed me to have more regular dream events with Passenger from the swamp event.
    6. Night 6 Spring 2024 Night 4/3

      by , 04-05-2024 at 12:14 AM
      Was looking out a balcony and changed the scenery to be the swamp, and I was now sitting in one of the homes in the trees. I was with one of the leaders of the village and he explained how the strength and abilities I gained have come from defeating enemies and absorbing their strengths. This explained how we grew in strength so quickly after overcoming difficult enemies and how Iíve been able to control water after hunting so many fish. When I questioned about controlling ground, the leader answered with snakes controlling the ground as they slithered through it and explaining that Passenger killed creatures I havenít during his personal training.

      They had me and Passenger head out to practice fighting against huge creatures before the King Gator. We fought against the huge alligators as before, but also faced huge catfish like the one that killed our first huge alligator and a snake that covered the forest in all directions when we fought it. After a few of those fights, I told the leaders that we were ready to fight the King Gator and they eventually agreed but since I was the one pushing for it they decided that I should face him alone first. I then went over to the plane and turned on the electronics to grab the Kingís attention as Passenger hid at the side along with the village leaders.

      We heard the noises in the distance again and finally understood it as trees being pulled from the ground. We then heard what sounded like an explosion and a sharpened log made from a tree shot at me from across the swamp. Jumping out of the plane right as it hit, the log blew up what was left of the wreck. Having seen the arc the log took to get thrown here, I shot myself towards the king in a similar arc using water to propel myself. Landing right in front of King Gator, he was in the middle of tearing all the branches off a tree by sliding his hand over it. That showed how he quickly got spear-like logs out of trees.

      Seeing that I was already there, he swung the tree around like a bat and knocked down the other trees around us. I kept dodging the attacks as they came, and eventually cut through the tree in his hand when he got too fast to dodge. With his tree cut in half, King Gator swung his claw at me and I was able to block with my sword. This continued with us swinging at each other until Passenger arrived and joined the fight. Although I expected us to overwhelm him with my sword and Passengerís spear, we still werenít able to land a hit beyond his claws.

      Seeing our lack of progress, Passenger began including his control over the ground to land extra hits in. I was not able to use water since we were not near any, but I was able to control the ground as well by this point. The blunt hits from the ground were pushing him back, so I threw the sword down and began punching and kicking at him. With us now handling the fight well, Passenger told me to hold King Gator off as he prepared something. To somewhat match his size in our 1v1, I attached some of the ground to my arms and legs.

      In training with the village leaders I learned how to manipulate the energy gained by defeating monsters somewhat, and my physical body was able to grow a bit to make the earth extensions on my limbs not appear comically large. Now standing at half the height of King Gator, the fight started to feel almost like a boxing match with us trading blows. In these punches I was able to hit him square in the jaw along with every other attack aimed at his face. When I heard Passenger coming over I uppercut King Gator to make him stumble back and stepped aside.

      Passenger was in the air and coming down with him was what appeared to be a massive meteor. Burning up, it crashed into King Gator and as it cracked under its own weight water gushed out. Understanding, I controlled all the water spilling out to strike into the King Gator like lasers. Out of all the mist and dust Gator counterattacked and threw me back, and Passenger stepped in to fill my place. Water and rock was now being thrown everywhere, covering the sky as it was flown in circles. As I was still in the distance, I helped with throwing some of the floating rocks down at King Gator.

      Returning to the fight, I let the earth attached to me crumble and I used water to fly and accelerate my hits. Passenger also propelled himself with the ground and turned his body larger as I did earlier in the fight. Seeing how well we were pushing him back, we went in for a final punch. Both of us pushed our bodies further to form scales like the large crocodilesí on our fists and used our element manipulation to propel and slam our fists into King Gatorís face. After the hit he stood in silence for a moment before crashing down into the ground.

      He was defeated. Although the village leaders were not strong enough to defeat King Gator themselves, they were able to carry his body away. Going back to the village, we celebrated again. This time it was for the freedom of the people of the swamp and to thank us before we continued our journey to leave the swamp. When we asked about getting food and materials from him, the people were shocked. They told us we couldnít, as he was a person that happened to get out of control. They assured us that he was taken somewhere that he could not cause trouble, so we continued the party without worrying. Knowing the direction to go from Passengerís communication, we took this as our last day at the village before journeying out of the swamp. After the party we spent time with Kappa since we would leave him as well.
    7. Night 5 Spring 2024 Night 4/2

      by , 04-04-2024 at 07:21 AM
      My dream before involved using magic and powers, so it transitioned pretty smoothly between that and training in the swamp. While there were a couple around me, Gejoh from last time was the one directly training me this time. He showed that it was possible to control and shoot streams of water without needing fish to do it. I needed to bring it up from a body of water, and he explained there was still use in getting fish to jump out to shoot from different angles. Looking back this isnít really true since the streams could curve in the air, but having extra streams of attack isnít too bad.

      Gejoh was pitch black with a glowing blue mouth and eyes similar to his profile picture, and was able to get water blasts to shoot out of those parts of his face. I and Passenger were training with different people, and after enough training we faced another large alligator together again. We did not need the both of us to block attacks from the alligator anymore, but it was still difficult to land a hit that seemed to truly hurt the alligator. Passenger told me the stomach was its weakest area but I did not find that helpful since it was flat on the ground.

      Passenger then showed me what heís learned and stuck his hand in the ground to flip the ground with the alligator on it. I was then able to show him what Iíve learned as well and shot streams at its stomach, successfully cutting into it. With the alligator still stunned by being flipped over, I was able to cut its stomach open and Passenger was able to shoot a pillar of earth into it, killing the alligator. With this one killed on land, we were able to collect from its body afterwards.

      We gained a new set of armor and weapons made from its scales and claws, and we had a feast with the whole village around the body as it continued to be carved. Kappa reunited with us and brought up that maybe we should try returning home. He was happy to have his peopleís homes saved and did not want to keep us from trying to find our way out. Passenger conflicted since we had been there for so long and was still afraid of whatever threw the logs when we flew over, but I convinced him that it was worth checking out the wreckage again.

      We headed back and on the way there he found out how to use his ground control to surf on the ground and I followed in learning how to use water to shoot myself forward. We taught each other how to use each otherís abilities and although we learned a bit we stayed specialized in what each of us learned first. Once at the wrecked plane we decided to turn it on and check its radar again, now ready in case a fight came to us. Passenger stayed inside to continue checking the screens and I was on the outside trying to move the receivers in different directions. He told me if I should stay pointed in any directions and I heard him trying to use the radio.

      He was finally able to communicate with someone and told me to hold still. I stood still up on the plane for a while until I heard something loud in the distance. Although we were now confident in our abilities, if it was the same opponent we would still be getting a tree thrown at us. Passenger was able to close up his conversation over the radio and told me to hide in the distance with him. Nothing came, but we were able to learn the directions of other people and of possibly the enemy from the first dream. Since the sound was relatively near, we rushed in that direction silently.

      Once we got close enough we headed over more slowly and finally saw a massive figure holding a log. Itís getting difficult describing size with how big the enemies are getting. It would be simple enough to say it was obviously inspired by the Tetranadon from Monster Hunter, but about 4 times the size. There was no question that this was the King Gator, who I mistakenly thought of as King Croc in the dream. His head was way over the trees, and after staying still for a bit he threw the tree in his hand to the side as if it were weightless.

      I wanted to leave the fight until the next dream so I could dedicate all of it to the fight, so I convinced Passenger that we should go back for now. It was not hard convincing him since he believed we needed more training before facing King Gator, so we went back to the town and told them the situation. With that description they agreed that he was known as King Gator and the leaders of the village wanted to help with our training to ensure our victory. The dream ended in the middle of the training.
    8. Night 4 Spring 2024 Night 4/1

      by , 04-03-2024 at 01:21 AM
      I began in a different dream, and to transition into the Pr I had the entire place flood with muddy water. When it rushed over me, I was already in and back to fighting crocodiles. Fighting in the water this time, I could sense from where they were coming without even seeing them. I was able to deflect its attacks and flip it around in the water. Launching it out of the water, Passenger then stabbed through it with a new spear. We then got out of the river with it and threw it on the ground with a couple other gators.

      At this point it wasnít even hunting for food anymore, we had plenty for days with only one and fish were easy enough for daily meals. We have also learned how to use snakes and eels similarly to fish in grabbing their attention to attack things for us. Seeing that we were now used to these crocodiles, Kappa took us to another area where he told us large alligators were causing trouble for a village. Me and Passenger were really surprised by this, thinking Kappa was the only person (though not human) in this swamp other than us.

      Heading over we were excited about what they might be like, not even concerned with how strong the gators there would be. We jumped through some of the forest and there was a spot where Kappa told us to stop. Although we were strong enough to punch through it, Kappa told us there was a fish big enough to eat us whole in the water near us. We then walked a bit more and stopped when Kappa said we arrived, but there were no visible homes around. He was also confused, and we spread out calling to see if anyone would respond. While spread out, Passenger yelled out for us to come to him so we did.

      Back together, We saw a massive alligator. Even though kappa warned us about a fish that could eat us whole, this gator could easily do the same. All of the others we fought were the size of actual crocodiles, big but only able to bite at a limb at a time. On seeing us it swung its tail and knocked down the trees that were in the way. Me and Passenger jumped at it and told Kappa to keep searching for the villagers. I also told him if he found them to ask if this alligator was known as King Gator. We split to both sides so it could not target both of us at once, but it turned to bite Passenger and slam me with its tail. Passenger was able to get out of the way but I took the hit and went flying.

      I came back with Passenger fighting on his own, and this time I tried joining on the same side. It kept biting and once it switched to the tail we were able to counter the tail together and stop it in place. We kept attacking by punching in the same places together, and were able to kick it in the jaw one time when it tried biting. Although we were effectively staying in the fight, it felt like we were doing no damage. We tried bringing over snakes to attack it but as expected they could not bite through its scales. I had an idea after that and got Passenger to lead the crocodile away with me.

      It charged at us and we needed to run at full speed to stay out of its reach, arriving at the nearby pond. With Passenger right behind me, I jumped over the pond where Kappa said a large fish lived, and used my whip to direct it at the crocodile like we would with smaller fish. What leaped out was a giant catfish, slightly larger than the crocodile. It bit the side of the crocodile as it kept charging at us, and left a huge gap in its side. Seeing what happened, Passenger used his whip as well in the way we would direct fish to shoot water. The area flashed with light and a powerful blast of water shot straight into the exposed side of the crocodile and shot out the other end.

      The body of the crocodile sank into the pond, and although we wanted to collect something of a trophy or evidence of defeating the crocodile, there was no way we were going near the pond again. Returning where the fight began, we ran into Kappa who now was with two other kappas. Although we knew he was old, seeing him next to the others really made him look much older. We told them the alligator was defeated, and although they were skeptical at first they quickly believed after we told them about using the catfish against it.

      We were happily invited to their village, which only recently was built high in the trees to avoid being spotted by the alligator. They told us how many types of people were in the village and once we arrived we did see frogmen and lizard people. Having a celebratory meal with them, they mentioned a human being in the village and that what we fought was not King Gator. It wasnít even the only alligator that size, but it was the only one still at the village. Knowing its strength now, Me and Passenger knew we had plenty to grow in strength for future battles.

      We spent some time at the village training with different types of people, learning different fighting styles and techniques from them. We also met the human at the village, who turned out to be Gejoh. We fought several creatures in our training and eventually were able to greatly damage trees with our strongest attacks but did not face anything at the level of the large alligator again.
    9. Night 3 Spring 2024 Night 3/31

      by , 04-02-2024 at 03:20 AM
      Not at the start of the night this time, I tried out transitioning to the swamp by falling backwards. Landing at what would have been a handstand, I arrived laying down on a bench at the kappaís home. I have supposedly been staying with the kappa for about 2 months, having been hunting, exploring, training, and relaxing together for a while now. Seeing that I was awake, the kappa told me to get up and eat quickly, since I was ready to see something. I grabbed a meal of fish and small snakes and put on some clothes to head out.

      Iíll just use passenger as a name now or figure out his name in a later dream, Passenger was already with Kappa and he was completely battered and exhausted. He advised me to bring my weapons even though we have been training without them. We walked over by the muddy river until we reached a point where all the trees and vines were cut up. Seeing that the training involved cutting attacks, I understood why I needed to bring my sword and axe. Although we talked on the way, they did not bring up what exactly the training would be like.

      I asked the kappa how he was going to attack, and Passenger walked in front. He had a whip made from one of the planeís cables and told me that he was my opponent. I was not sure what to do since I did not want to hurt him, but Kappa said to begin and he immediately struck the river with his whip. By swinging the whip at me after hitting the water, the fish jumped out in my direction. I was able to dodge it, and it bit a chunk off a tree behind me. While I was still processing what he did, he kept swinging the whip around to get more coming at me. I started cutting through each one as it got difficult to dodge, getting cut up myself as their teeth still slammed into me.

      The ones that didnít fly straight at me ended up falling to the sides cutting all plants around me, and Passenger finally whipped at me himself. I was able to block it but after the loud bang from our metal weapons hitting each other, I noticed the flopping fish stopped to point at me again. I jumped out of the way expecting them to jump again, but they shot out streams of water that sliced at all the foliage above. I had to keep running around as the streams kept coming, and saw that Passenger got low to avoid the streams.

      After dodging around for long enough, I started getting close and cutting some of them up, eventually realizing their streams could not pierce the sword. After cutting them all, I went straight for Passenger to avoid him riling up the fish any more. I stopped right before hitting him and Kappa called it my win. We finally relaxed and both of them taught me how to get their attention and direct the fish, turning the dangerous fish into something we could use to our advantage. We cooked some at that spot and we agreed to go back to the plane to get me a metal whip like his. I practiced with Passengerís whip and bit and sparred with Kappa.

      Some time passed again and within that time I got a whip and we both got a lot faster and stronger. We were fast enough to catch the fish as they shot at us, now hunting them with our bare hands. We would also jump across the river, sometimes going across the forests solely by jumping off of trees. One time while we were out further grabbing fish as we jumped around, Passenger crashed into the water. Stopping to check on him, he rose out of the water fighting with a crocodile. It was biting down on his arm so I jumped at them with my sword to get the crocodile off.

      Its scales were too tough for the sword to cut through, and we both struggled with getting its mouth open. After enough attempts I eventually went for an arm and grabbed to pull it apart. As it was getting torn the skin was tearing as well, and Passenger was able to use my sword with one hand to cut away at its skin. Once its arm came off, the crocodile let go and lunged at me. I was able to avoid its bite and we held it down until it stopped wriggling so much. We headed back home with me carrying the crocodile and Kappa was able to kill it when we arrived.

      He also tended to Passengerís bitten arm and we were able to eat the crocodile for the next couple days. Even though it was clearly dangerous, Kappa decided we would train by fighting crocodiles since the fish and snakes were too easy for us at that point. We fought a few more only being able to knock out the crocodiles, and the dream ended in the middle of one of those fights.
    10. Night 2 Spring 2024 Night 3/30

      by , 04-01-2024 at 08:28 AM
      With how the website is at the moment, Iíd like to respond to comments with the next entries. The raw dream toad was pretty nasty, not really having a taste but it had very wet insides. It would have probably felt worse if I wasnít in the very wet swamp for so long before eating it. On the thrown logs, it would be cool if it was the Gator king but for now it still is a mystery who could have done it. I find it funny how quickly the dream went away from the fact that something extremely strong attacked the plane.

      Also had this at the start of the night, but a shorter night along with the return to journaling made this easier to remember. I was in my shelter, sitting with the bones left from the frog and fish last night. I got up to hunt some more, grabbing a few rocks as I walked around. I was able to find a few toads this time, with my aim and strength improving with practice. I kept eating what I caught as I kept going, so I would have enough energy to continue. Eventually there were larger toads that fought back, using their tongues to grab my arms and teaming up to bite and scratch me. They were easy enough to defeat by kicking or whipping them around, so I did not consider killing them to complete the task of beating a deadly creature.

      I also hunted fish, learning that I could slam sticks or throw rocks at the water to get them to jump up. Days were passing by and over time I increased the parts of the swamps I explored. Eventually I found the plane wreck, so I searched inside to check the situation. The pilot was obviously still dead since he was killed before the crash but the other passenger was missing which showed that they at least jumped off. I checked the equipment and there was not much of use, but the plane had some gas left in it. Turning it on I was able to check the radio, coordinates, and radar. I only had a little time with it, as I heard something running at the plane.

      Whatever happened to the passenger wasnít a mystery anymore, as they were the one running to the plane. They yelled to turn it off, so I quickly did. They were limping as they rushed at me, and they had an axe from the plane. We then sat down in a spot near the plane, and the passenger explained that he believes the sound or electricity gained the attention of whatever threw the logs, and he did not want to risk being attacked again. He broke a leg with the fall and made a splint with parts of the plane, and was surviving with the rations and snacks that were in the plane.

      I decided to help him with surviving and brought him to my shelter, and on the way there he said how he could not do much with a broken leg but knew a good amount about how to survive in the wilderness. He made a fire using some of the sticks that were around the plane crash, explaining that they were dried up by the fire. He kept the axe but I was able to make my own sword and axe using metal scraps from the plane. I was able to hunt creatures with something more than thrown rocks now. We then spent a couple months together, with me hunting more creatures including snakes, turtles, birds, and more kinds of fish.

      After enough time passed he was able to walk and hunt with me, and we headed deeper into the swamp together. He specialized more in survival aspects such as cooking and making equipment and traps, and we shared knowledge with each other to work together more efficiently. As we were walking I saw a tiny turtle far away in some water and tried out my aim by throwing a rock at it. A head rose out of the water yelling, the turtle shell just being the top of the head. Seeing us it dove in the water and shot straight at us. I tried cutting it in half as it shot out of the water but it blocked my swing with its palm. Now on the ground I saw it was a 3 foot tall kappa.

      It was reasonably very irritated after I threw a rock at its head with enough strength to kill a turtle that size. I tried talking it out with him but we eventually agreed to settle it with a fight. I was looking for something more powerful than the fish and snakes, so it was exciting getting into the match. I kept swinging at him with my sword and axe while he kept stopping them with his hands and striking back at me. Getting beat up this way, I threw my weapons to the side and it turned into a brawl with me punching him and him striking back with his palms. Each strike blew the surrounding leaves and plants back, shaking the forest around us. After spending enough months in the dangerous swamp, I was able to match this overpowered kappa in strength.

      Still only being an equal against his fighting technique, I began to imitate him with his way of blocking and striking with palms. This gave me the edge I needed, and one of my strikes was able to lift him into the air followed by another slam that threw him into the water. It parted for a moment, showing him hit the bottom on the other end of the muddy stream. I was able to rest a bit and the friend helped to check on my injuries, and after a while the kappa came out of the water peacefully making it clear that I won the fight.

      He was really happy after the fight and invited us to his home to rest. There we were able to talk about each of our situations, and we were able to settle on the decision to stay around this area for a while. The dream went on for a bit longer with hunting and exploring a bit more but I eventually ended it off with resting at the kappaís place.