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    1. Night 2 Spring 2024 Night 3/30

      by , 04-01-2024 at 08:28 AM
      With how the website is at the moment, I’d like to respond to comments with the next entries. The raw dream toad was pretty nasty, not really having a taste but it had very wet insides. It would have probably felt worse if I wasn’t in the very wet swamp for so long before eating it. On the thrown logs, it would be cool if it was the Gator king but for now it still is a mystery who could have done it. I find it funny how quickly the dream went away from the fact that something extremely strong attacked the plane.

      Also had this at the start of the night, but a shorter night along with the return to journaling made this easier to remember. I was in my shelter, sitting with the bones left from the frog and fish last night. I got up to hunt some more, grabbing a few rocks as I walked around. I was able to find a few toads this time, with my aim and strength improving with practice. I kept eating what I caught as I kept going, so I would have enough energy to continue. Eventually there were larger toads that fought back, using their tongues to grab my arms and teaming up to bite and scratch me. They were easy enough to defeat by kicking or whipping them around, so I did not consider killing them to complete the task of beating a deadly creature.

      I also hunted fish, learning that I could slam sticks or throw rocks at the water to get them to jump up. Days were passing by and over time I increased the parts of the swamps I explored. Eventually I found the plane wreck, so I searched inside to check the situation. The pilot was obviously still dead since he was killed before the crash but the other passenger was missing which showed that they at least jumped off. I checked the equipment and there was not much of use, but the plane had some gas left in it. Turning it on I was able to check the radio, coordinates, and radar. I only had a little time with it, as I heard something running at the plane.

      Whatever happened to the passenger wasn’t a mystery anymore, as they were the one running to the plane. They yelled to turn it off, so I quickly did. They were limping as they rushed at me, and they had an axe from the plane. We then sat down in a spot near the plane, and the passenger explained that he believes the sound or electricity gained the attention of whatever threw the logs, and he did not want to risk being attacked again. He broke a leg with the fall and made a splint with parts of the plane, and was surviving with the rations and snacks that were in the plane.

      I decided to help him with surviving and brought him to my shelter, and on the way there he said how he could not do much with a broken leg but knew a good amount about how to survive in the wilderness. He made a fire using some of the sticks that were around the plane crash, explaining that they were dried up by the fire. He kept the axe but I was able to make my own sword and axe using metal scraps from the plane. I was able to hunt creatures with something more than thrown rocks now. We then spent a couple months together, with me hunting more creatures including snakes, turtles, birds, and more kinds of fish.

      After enough time passed he was able to walk and hunt with me, and we headed deeper into the swamp together. He specialized more in survival aspects such as cooking and making equipment and traps, and we shared knowledge with each other to work together more efficiently. As we were walking I saw a tiny turtle far away in some water and tried out my aim by throwing a rock at it. A head rose out of the water yelling, the turtle shell just being the top of the head. Seeing us it dove in the water and shot straight at us. I tried cutting it in half as it shot out of the water but it blocked my swing with its palm. Now on the ground I saw it was a 3 foot tall kappa.

      It was reasonably very irritated after I threw a rock at its head with enough strength to kill a turtle that size. I tried talking it out with him but we eventually agreed to settle it with a fight. I was looking for something more powerful than the fish and snakes, so it was exciting getting into the match. I kept swinging at him with my sword and axe while he kept stopping them with his hands and striking back at me. Getting beat up this way, I threw my weapons to the side and it turned into a brawl with me punching him and him striking back with his palms. Each strike blew the surrounding leaves and plants back, shaking the forest around us. After spending enough months in the dangerous swamp, I was able to match this overpowered kappa in strength.

      Still only being an equal against his fighting technique, I began to imitate him with his way of blocking and striking with palms. This gave me the edge I needed, and one of my strikes was able to lift him into the air followed by another slam that threw him into the water. It parted for a moment, showing him hit the bottom on the other end of the muddy stream. I was able to rest a bit and the friend helped to check on my injuries, and after a while the kappa came out of the water peacefully making it clear that I won the fight.

      He was really happy after the fight and invited us to his home to rest. There we were able to talk about each of our situations, and we were able to settle on the decision to stay around this area for a while. The dream went on for a bit longer with hunting and exploring a bit more but I eventually ended it off with resting at the kappa’s place.