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    Night 1 Spring 2024 Night 3/29

    by , 03-31-2024 at 03:03 AM (131 Views)
    I had the swamp dream early in the night, but as the night continued with other dreams I noticed that I had already forgotten what happened there. To still have something to write about, I stopped everything in the current dream to get to a swamp. I got myself to a small airfield and found a pilot to have him fly me over to the nearest swamp. He agreed and we went flying in his small passenger plane. It had about 6 seats in the back and I was there with one other person. We passed the time talking about rumors of the area and how to survive in the swamp.

    I got up to speak with the pilot more directly and saw the swamp covering the land in all directions. While wondering where we’d land, the plane shook and one of the engines exploded. Looking to see what caused it, a log was lodged into the engine and wing. I opened the door to get a better look below us and more sharpened logs were thrown up at the plane. I tried to warn the pilot but one of the logs already pierced through the plane and into him. I tried taking control of the plane but it was impossible to save. Seeing that the plane was going to crash, I told the other passenger that our only chance of surviving was jumping out, and jumped out myself.

    After slamming into the trees I saw nothing. Not sure if I died or went blind, I tried moving and eventually rose out of muddy water. I wanted to find the plane crash and assumed I could use the smoke or fire from the crash to find it, but the swamp was too dense with trees and plants to see it. After wandering around enough, I figured it would make sense to search for food and shelter. All of the surrounding swamp was covered in mud and water, so the best shelter I could find was a large tree with its roots rising above the ground. Using sticks and mud the roots were made into walls, with the area below the tree becoming shelter.

    With that solved, I went out looking for what could serve as food. I usually have other people around in dreams, so there was a bit of a lonely feeling with going this long without dcs. I ran into many bugs flying around and considered using them as food, but they were too small. There were also no obviously edible plants, at least no fruits or recognizable vegetables. I started flipping rocks over and looking through plants, and eventually found a huge toad. Finally finding one chance for food, I immediately went to punch it. It hopped out of the way and started a chase that probably would look funny from an outsider’s perspective.

    Since it was too fast I kept picking up rocks to throw at it and it ran for the muddy water. It jumped in and right as I thought it escaped, a fish jumped out and bit it in half. While still in the air, I threw one of the rocks at its head. It was knocked out, leaving me with a huge fish and half a toad. Although unexpected, it left me with even more food. Heading for my shelter with the food, I realized I did not know how to create a fire to cook them. By this point I had been talking to myself for a while. After a couple attempts to make fire I ultimately decided to just eat them raw. After securing both food and shelter I decided it was enough for a first night. Hopefully I don’t get dream worms next time.
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    1. Harlequin's Avatar
      I have to know, what does raw dream-toad taste like?
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    2. establish's Avatar
      Probably like DMT
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    3. Gejoh's Avatar
      Maybe it was the King Gator throwing the logs at you?
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