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    Night 14 Spring 2024 Night 4/11

    by , 04-13-2024 at 12:49 AM (84 Views)
    Coming back in the middle of the fight, Pilot was still cutting into the head. I took several teeth and attached them to a stone sword now at a more effective size. Pilot gave some strategy, telling me to create walls to slow down the hydra and limit what it can see. I pulled walls out of the ground to give some shelter to Pilot as they stayed on the head. I stood on the sword as I used telekinesis to fly it to where Pilot said the body of the hydra was.

    Now at the hydra, I was able to sense it and could dodge even in the darkness. As each head tried to strike at me, I would dodge some and create walls of stone to deflect others. Although it was capable of crashing through the walls, it preferred curling its necks around them to reach me. We both sped up during the fight, and I started deflecting with my fists as it got closer to my speed and reached me. I was able to slip past one of the heads and called over the sword to catch it and sliced the head clean off.

    With two heads cut off, the hydra still had about five heads. Luckily it was not the type to regrow heads, so the end of the fight was in sight. The hydra got even faster with the head removed, as if the weight from that head somehow affected its control over the other heads. Now that it was too fast to block or dodge normally, I started essentially teleporting through the walls through a mix of extreme speed and enough control to seamlessly move through the stone. Now untrackable even to its eyes, I was able to cut off two or three more heads before it could react. The hydra was left with two heads and was finally able to catch up with me.

    It then did what I never expected, and it was able to split its body in two. Turning into two winged serpents, it was even faster and able to fly around in separate directions. At one point where I was only able to block one with my back exposed, Pilot appeared at my back and blocked the other. That other serpent screeched and flew off after being blocked, and Pilot showed me their new weapon. It had multiple teeth lined up not to slice but to pierce, and they told me they slathered it with the hydra’s own poison. In the middle of the fight Pilot told me how deadly the hydra’s poison was along with explaining their appearance being made possible through attaching telekinesis devices to each of us.

    They passed me their weapon and I was able to pierce the inside of the hydra’s mouth the next time it tried to bite me. Now that the two serpents made up of the last heads were pierced with poison, they would die with time. We decided to leave the fight with that, and they once again grabbed on telling me to go back up out the cave through the stone again. I ran up one of the pillars and did so, but we nearly instantly traveled through this time.

    Pilot complained a little since they wanted to experience going through ground like before, and I promised to do it again later. We got back in the truck and headed towards the city since I wanted to end off the last day back at the city. I called Passenger so he would be in the city when we got there and I pushed time forwards to get there quickly. We were able to meet up just outside one of the buildings we visited last time we were in the city. Getting out, Passenger commented on our truck made from the plane we used to leave the swamp, and we showed him around it before walking around the city. We were able to celebrate with Pilot even preparing a slice from the hydra for us to eat. I’ll probably visit back again at least one or two more times after the event, but it was fun fighting through both rough environments.
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      The hydra fight was awesome - finally getting around to reading some of your entries lol.
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