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    Night 3 Spring 2024 Night 3/31

    by , 04-02-2024 at 03:20 AM (51 Views)
    Not at the start of the night this time, I tried out transitioning to the swamp by falling backwards. Landing at what would have been a handstand, I arrived laying down on a bench at the kappaís home. I have supposedly been staying with the kappa for about 2 months, having been hunting, exploring, training, and relaxing together for a while now. Seeing that I was awake, the kappa told me to get up and eat quickly, since I was ready to see something. I grabbed a meal of fish and small snakes and put on some clothes to head out.

    Iíll just use passenger as a name now or figure out his name in a later dream, Passenger was already with Kappa and he was completely battered and exhausted. He advised me to bring my weapons even though we have been training without them. We walked over by the muddy river until we reached a point where all the trees and vines were cut up. Seeing that the training involved cutting attacks, I understood why I needed to bring my sword and axe. Although we talked on the way, they did not bring up what exactly the training would be like.

    I asked the kappa how he was going to attack, and Passenger walked in front. He had a whip made from one of the planeís cables and told me that he was my opponent. I was not sure what to do since I did not want to hurt him, but Kappa said to begin and he immediately struck the river with his whip. By swinging the whip at me after hitting the water, the fish jumped out in my direction. I was able to dodge it, and it bit a chunk off a tree behind me. While I was still processing what he did, he kept swinging the whip around to get more coming at me. I started cutting through each one as it got difficult to dodge, getting cut up myself as their teeth still slammed into me.

    The ones that didnít fly straight at me ended up falling to the sides cutting all plants around me, and Passenger finally whipped at me himself. I was able to block it but after the loud bang from our metal weapons hitting each other, I noticed the flopping fish stopped to point at me again. I jumped out of the way expecting them to jump again, but they shot out streams of water that sliced at all the foliage above. I had to keep running around as the streams kept coming, and saw that Passenger got low to avoid the streams.

    After dodging around for long enough, I started getting close and cutting some of them up, eventually realizing their streams could not pierce the sword. After cutting them all, I went straight for Passenger to avoid him riling up the fish any more. I stopped right before hitting him and Kappa called it my win. We finally relaxed and both of them taught me how to get their attention and direct the fish, turning the dangerous fish into something we could use to our advantage. We cooked some at that spot and we agreed to go back to the plane to get me a metal whip like his. I practiced with Passengerís whip and bit and sparred with Kappa.

    Some time passed again and within that time I got a whip and we both got a lot faster and stronger. We were fast enough to catch the fish as they shot at us, now hunting them with our bare hands. We would also jump across the river, sometimes going across the forests solely by jumping off of trees. One time while we were out further grabbing fish as we jumped around, Passenger crashed into the water. Stopping to check on him, he rose out of the water fighting with a crocodile. It was biting down on his arm so I jumped at them with my sword to get the crocodile off.

    Its scales were too tough for the sword to cut through, and we both struggled with getting its mouth open. After enough attempts I eventually went for an arm and grabbed to pull it apart. As it was getting torn the skin was tearing as well, and Passenger was able to use my sword with one hand to cut away at its skin. Once its arm came off, the crocodile let go and lunged at me. I was able to avoid its bite and we held it down until it stopped wriggling so much. We headed back home with me carrying the crocodile and Kappa was able to kill it when we arrived.

    He also tended to Passengerís bitten arm and we were able to eat the crocodile for the next couple days. Even though it was clearly dangerous, Kappa decided we would train by fighting crocodiles since the fish and snakes were too easy for us at that point. We fought a few more only being able to knock out the crocodiles, and the dream ended in the middle of one of those fights.
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