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    Night 4 Spring 2024 Night 4/1

    by , 04-03-2024 at 01:21 AM (116 Views)
    I began in a different dream, and to transition into the Pr I had the entire place flood with muddy water. When it rushed over me, I was already in and back to fighting crocodiles. Fighting in the water this time, I could sense from where they were coming without even seeing them. I was able to deflect its attacks and flip it around in the water. Launching it out of the water, Passenger then stabbed through it with a new spear. We then got out of the river with it and threw it on the ground with a couple other gators.

    At this point it wasnít even hunting for food anymore, we had plenty for days with only one and fish were easy enough for daily meals. We have also learned how to use snakes and eels similarly to fish in grabbing their attention to attack things for us. Seeing that we were now used to these crocodiles, Kappa took us to another area where he told us large alligators were causing trouble for a village. Me and Passenger were really surprised by this, thinking Kappa was the only person (though not human) in this swamp other than us.

    Heading over we were excited about what they might be like, not even concerned with how strong the gators there would be. We jumped through some of the forest and there was a spot where Kappa told us to stop. Although we were strong enough to punch through it, Kappa told us there was a fish big enough to eat us whole in the water near us. We then walked a bit more and stopped when Kappa said we arrived, but there were no visible homes around. He was also confused, and we spread out calling to see if anyone would respond. While spread out, Passenger yelled out for us to come to him so we did.

    Back together, We saw a massive alligator. Even though kappa warned us about a fish that could eat us whole, this gator could easily do the same. All of the others we fought were the size of actual crocodiles, big but only able to bite at a limb at a time. On seeing us it swung its tail and knocked down the trees that were in the way. Me and Passenger jumped at it and told Kappa to keep searching for the villagers. I also told him if he found them to ask if this alligator was known as King Gator. We split to both sides so it could not target both of us at once, but it turned to bite Passenger and slam me with its tail. Passenger was able to get out of the way but I took the hit and went flying.

    I came back with Passenger fighting on his own, and this time I tried joining on the same side. It kept biting and once it switched to the tail we were able to counter the tail together and stop it in place. We kept attacking by punching in the same places together, and were able to kick it in the jaw one time when it tried biting. Although we were effectively staying in the fight, it felt like we were doing no damage. We tried bringing over snakes to attack it but as expected they could not bite through its scales. I had an idea after that and got Passenger to lead the crocodile away with me.

    It charged at us and we needed to run at full speed to stay out of its reach, arriving at the nearby pond. With Passenger right behind me, I jumped over the pond where Kappa said a large fish lived, and used my whip to direct it at the crocodile like we would with smaller fish. What leaped out was a giant catfish, slightly larger than the crocodile. It bit the side of the crocodile as it kept charging at us, and left a huge gap in its side. Seeing what happened, Passenger used his whip as well in the way we would direct fish to shoot water. The area flashed with light and a powerful blast of water shot straight into the exposed side of the crocodile and shot out the other end.

    The body of the crocodile sank into the pond, and although we wanted to collect something of a trophy or evidence of defeating the crocodile, there was no way we were going near the pond again. Returning where the fight began, we ran into Kappa who now was with two other kappas. Although we knew he was old, seeing him next to the others really made him look much older. We told them the alligator was defeated, and although they were skeptical at first they quickly believed after we told them about using the catfish against it.

    We were happily invited to their village, which only recently was built high in the trees to avoid being spotted by the alligator. They told us how many types of people were in the village and once we arrived we did see frogmen and lizard people. Having a celebratory meal with them, they mentioned a human being in the village and that what we fought was not King Gator. It wasnít even the only alligator that size, but it was the only one still at the village. Knowing its strength now, Me and Passenger knew we had plenty to grow in strength for future battles.

    We spent some time at the village training with different types of people, learning different fighting styles and techniques from them. We also met the human at the village, who turned out to be Gejoh. We fought several creatures in our training and eventually were able to greatly damage trees with our strongest attacks but did not face anything at the level of the large alligator again.
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    1. Gejoh's Avatar
      There may be truckers headed this way, maybe we could send them to the moon?
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    2. HOTREDD's Avatar
      lol maybe we'll get strong enough to send them all the way to space by the end of the 2 weeks
    3. Harlequin's Avatar
      Your dreams are really plot-centered! Do you plan or rehearse them beforehand or just make it up as you go?
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    4. HOTREDD's Avatar
      My dreams always have a plot and pretty much always have myself traveling around with a group of dream characters. The only thing I'm purposely doing that effects the dream is choosing to do the swamp pr instead of whatever my mind would have regularly generated. If I wanted to rehearse it, I wouldn't have made the personal goal something that was already solved on starting the dream. Thanks for the comment, I was worried these journals might be boring to read since I've been so focused on fights and getting stronger in this pr lol
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    5. Harlequin's Avatar
      I wasn't implying that it was boring! It's just interesting how different people's minds work. My dreams don't naturally have coherent plots like this and even if I drill myself on things to do it turns out differently in the dream.
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