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    Winter 2024 Night 1/14

    by , 01-16-2024 at 12:26 PM (130 Views)
    Reminder that these dreams will have spoilers for attack on titan due to its theme. This lucid dream originally had me doing some 3D modeling in person like if I were using blender in VR. When I wanted to get into the Attack on titan pr for the competition, I summoned the walls out of the ground. Remembering that the last dream left off with returning to the walls, I allowed the rest of the pr to fade in almost like if it were painted at high speeds before my eyes. I saw the carriage I was supposed to be in, but I was being taken away quickly. I was then able to see that a titan had my in one hand and was running away from the carriage and walls. The titan noticed me looking up at its face but kept running without eating or hurting me. I would have attacked, but its grip kept me from being able to pull out the swords to fight back. I could have used super strength, but I was honestly interested in where they would take me.

    I tried talking to the titan since it was clearly different from the others but it mostly ignored me. Since not much was going to happen with the titan not speaking up I sped time up until we reached the titanís destination. We went into a forest with trees much taller than the titan, and it finally spoke. It was unhappy with what it had to do, but explained that we had to die after what we saw and did in the town. Our hurried leave alerted the townspeople into knowing we saw that something was wrong, and it turned out that the titans outside of the village were transformed people who were capable of keeping actual titans away from the village. I assumed this was one of the competition challengers who I saw in the bar, but the titan did not reveal their identity. Since my entire squad left quickly, they were targets as well. I was ready to attack as the titan started to put me down, but they tightened their grip the moment before letting me down. With that grip they were able to break a leg and explode the tank in the maneuver gear. With a broken leg and broken gear, there was no way to fight back or follow as the titan ran off to retrieve the rest of my squad.

    In our conversation it was revealed that the in universe reason for me waking up on the way back was my dream self falling asleep due to drugs put into the feast. Since my character did not eat as much before leaving the feast, I ended up waking in world way earlier than the others. The titan was able to come back carrying the carriage which had the entire team still asleep. I was able to heal my leg and use control to repair the gear while the titan was away. I stayed on the ground to see what they would do, and the titan stood in front of me with the carriage. They have become hostages and the titan was using them to interrogate me. Since I refused to answer their questions they pulled out one of the squad members, the first being Hukif. I was about to use control to wake him up but right as I was about to, he already pulled out both swords and cut off the hand that was holding him. The titan screamed and covered their neck as he launched himself to their nape and was blocked. All the other members fell to the ground as the titan let go of the carriage and began to wake up from the impact.

    I could feel the entire ground shaking as titans appeared in all directions, alerted by the speaking titanís scream. The speaking titan ran into the forest and we were not able to catch up to them as there were too many titans in the way. Now with all team members awake, we were able to work together to defeat the titans coming after us. We mostly split up due to the sheer number of titans but there were times where we assisted each other in taking down titans through cutting and distracting them. Once all the titans were killed except the escaped speaking titan, the captain checked the amount of gas left in our tanks and the condition of our swords. Considering how spent we and our equipment were, it was not worth pursuing the titan or the town until another day. We had to walk back due to the carriageís destruction and it became night during our walk.

    Not being able to see each other so well did bring some anxiety over titans and animals attacking but also brought us to open up to each other more. Some of the team was on edge at my introduction because I came after two former team members were killed in battle, and I was seen as an inexperienced replacement for their dead friends. We were able to reach the gate this time and as we walked back through the city I was able to see the return of soldiers from a new perspective. We had to return to the office to return the gear, which would be delivered up to the barracks later on. We were dismissed for the day, but the captain told us we would need to return to the village for further investigation next time. We split up and as I was about to enter my home the vendor from the first dream spotted me and we went over to her house to catch up on things. I found out her name was Irene, and it was nice having a side to the pr that was simple village life apart from the fighting. It was while I was still at her home that my dream left the pr and I moved on with the night.
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    1. cedwards105's Avatar
      I'm really interested to read your entries, but as I am only partway through season three of Attack on Titan, I guess I'll wait and avoid spoilers.