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    Winter 2024 Night 1/18

    by , 01-21-2024 at 01:44 AM (131 Views)
    In this lucid dream a gate was opened up to go between the world and hell, and I was one of the few who could go back and forth. While there I was also capable of writing names to free people back to the living world, almost like the opposite of a death note. My goal was to write down every name to bring everyone back, but with the clearly repetitive task ahead of writing billions of names, I chose to enter the attack on titan pr. Using a similar gate as the one for hell, I had it send me over to the pr. I wanted to complete the task of speaking with the survey corps so I went searching for them instead of my titan teammates. It was not hard finding one, as at this point there were soldiers all over the streets. Most were practically policemen instead of survey corps, but it still got me closer to them. As I was about to approach one, a member of the titans pulled me into an alley and asked what I was even doing. I told them I wanted to hear them out at least once more before they were wiped out.

    They agreed that I could, on the condition that they along with another member came with me. I saw they had another teammate with them already, the member being Saizapod. Agreeing to it we went up to the soldier I was going towards earlier. The soldier started panicking after recognizing me and noticing I came with others, but we made it clear we just wanted to talk. I could tell they were going to attack anyways, so I decided to have fun with it and made myself invincible right before they tried shooting at me. I was a bit surprised since I was used to swords in the pr but it still did nothing. We could not get the soldier to calm down, but he eventually agreed to take us to other soldiers that had direct connections to the survey corps. They seemed to be a higher rank than him since they scolded him a lot, but agreed to meet at their choice of location.

    They seemed to have something already planned at the location we were headed towards, as they were able to quickly decide on a place. It was outside of the walls, so clearly meant to be away from civilians and important buildings. As we went there some of us tried asking questions to the soldiers but they really did not want to give away any useful information. I used mind manipulation to make them willing to talk, and after they answered a question for me the other titans caught on and repeated questions that werenít answered before. Our questions included asking who we were meeting along with whatever defenses and plans they had with the place. It turns out they wanted to bait us there later, but since that was not supposed to happen yet there were still a good amount of supplies openly stored there. There were also a lot of survey corps members there, but I wanted to talk to them anyway and was confident if a fight were to happen.

    As we were arriving there were a few buildings almost as if it were a small town, but based on the soldierís description it was all a survey corps base hidden outside the walls. He spoke about the situation with a survey corps member outside, and they started bringing tables and chairs outside to set up the meeting. It was smart of them to not trap themselves inside a collapsible building with titans, but that didnít make much difference to our plans of a peaceful talk and potential fight. Once it was all set up, the three of us titans were faced with about 10 survey corps members and several watching in the distance. Among all the visible members I saw Hukif, Cookino, and theshirecat. It was a really long conversation revolving around plans both sides had, possible peaceful solutions, with a bunch of threatening each other mixed into it. Although we were confident in our abilities, it would be more advantageous to have all the titans with us rather than facing all the survey corps with just the three of us. Although it was uncertain if a fight would break out here, we revealed our plan to attack the barracks with all the training facilities around it. If they used that information to simply evacuate it, we would destroy the city.

    Now writing a bit about the conversation, Iím not too sure what the strategy was behind telling them but it got the soldiers to focus on that day rather than focusing on just the three of us. When the meeting finally ended we were unsure if a fight would break out but we reasoned they would deviate from our plan for the final fight if there werenít enough of them left. We used a simple carriage to head out and the same driver took us back, but the entire time we were unsure if a fight would break out from the soldiers taking us or from other soldiers within the walls. We were able to arrive safely and went our own ways, with me leaving the pr there. Not much action happened, but it was all to complete the old task and to set up the big fight on the final night.

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