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    Dream night of 7.13.11

    by , 07-14-2011 at 08:52 PM (586 Views)
    Me and my roommates were having interviews to rent out an extra room we have. One of the interviewees was a petite brunet girl who was SUPER annoying and kept picking up my guitar without asking and trying to play it. One of my roommates was all for letting her live with us and I kept expressing my opinion and how I did not want her to live with us. I got really frustrated and decided to go for a walk, so stepping outside my door I am suddenly in Japan. I am at some sort of resort for tourists, complete with luxury pool and synchronized dancing Japanese girls for entertainment. They were dancing in a room surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. I was disgusted with the display because the tourists that were gawking at the girls were a bunch of "Bro" types you see in the US. They were crowding the pool and taunting the dancers thinking they were god's gift to man. While I was there I had actually run into one of the dancers and for some reason we kind of stuck together. Next thing I know one of the Bros pushed me in the pool and I had cut the top of my foot on something in the water. It was bleeding pretty bad but didn't hurt. I was really pissed off at the guys and decided to grab the throat of one of the boys and in a kind of "demon" voice shouted at him "What the fuck do you think you are doing?!" and I believe my eyes were glowing. The girl who was with me had helped me out of the pool. Because she was helping me out she had missed her que to be on stage and dance. She was upset because she takes her dancing more as an art rather than a job to entertain womanizing bros. I felt really bad and offered to take her home. Once we got to her house she allowed me inside to clean up my foot. Her father was not happy that she had brought someone home with her and I for some reason couldn't find the bathroom in her house...

    IRL: I woke up due to my roommates' cat meowing at me for food.

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