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    Dream night of 7.17.11

    by , 07-18-2011 at 08:42 PM (871 Views)
    I remember being in some sort of mansion or castle. Me and my friends, were just hanging out together outside this mansion. We were wizards, like out of Harry Potter, with our wands and all. Some of my friends were wizards that did not use wands, some used staffs or some had swords that they could cast magic from. We were under attack by another group of wizards though I couldn't remember why they wanted to attack us in the first place. They came down by either flying or on broomstick. We began fighting them. I was doing well shooting spells and blasts of energy at them from my wand. We had to protect the castle/mansion. My wand was a thinker wand with like spirals of wood running up and down the length of the wand, it also had a glowing green core. I was in a battle with one of the enemy. He shoots a blast at me that catches my wand cracking it and making it crumble in my hand. I knew that I could control my powers with just some sort of mystical item (staff, wand, sword) I just had to find one to replace my wand. I grabbed a staff when one of my friends (A blonde haired fellow) said to me "Hannah, we need you to have a wand! We need your powers to come through a wand." Idk if that meant my powers are stronger when coming from a wand but I knew he was right. I knew that within the mansion there was an attic that held a special wand that was considered very powerful. I took Hermione Granger to help me search and find it. We went into the secret attic and were trying to find it as fast as we can. I noticed one of my friends from school was also searching for the wand. He was not part of my group so I had the feeling that the wand belonged to me and my group and not him. He found it. It was a long wand that almost looked like and ivory tree branch or stick but the handle on it was a more red color. I shouted to him "Hey Marco! (his name) that's my wand!" He responded, "I found it first!" Then I said, "well, let's let the wand decide." So I put it on the ground in the middle of us and called out to it with my mind (and sort of used telekenesis). The wand floated up to my hand and as soon as I had it I said "looks like it chose me....see ya!" And ran back to the battle. It worked well for me, shooting very powerful attacks and blocking other attacks.

    I woke up.

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      magic is awesome!