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    Lucid dream night of 7.18.11

    by , 07-19-2011 at 04:09 PM (1020 Views)
    I remember the setting of my dream being almost post apocalyptic, or at least the city I was in wasn't doing so well. It was more at night. I was in Florida. I remember hanging out with some of my friends and my brother. We were in some sort of house that I did not recognize. We were in one of the bed rooms. My friend and I were sitting on the bed discussing classes for the upcoming semester, and my brother was sleeping on the other side of the bed. There is a window above the bed that looks out onto a chemical waste river. I noticed some people standing on the other side of the river. They were 2 men and 1 woman. The woman was shorter, kind of puggier, with WAY too much make-up. The man, a more tall, stocky fellow, with sandy brown hair. I glanced at them out the window and returned to my friend. Suddenly I see these knives and throwing stars come at the window. The throwing stars are the size of CDs. The window has 2 planes of glass but the knives break through the first layer easily. I hear an older gentleman behind me say something like "that window has 2 layers, they can't break both." I replied "they've already broken one and the second one is cracked." After I had said that the knives had broken through the second layer of glass. The knives and throwing stars start flying into the room. I began to fend them off and catch them so they would not land and hit my sleeping brother (who for some reason doesn't wake up from any of this.) I start to get real angry because they are trying to hurt us and are putting my brother in danger. They charge the house. Next to the room where we were in is a hall way leading to a door. They come in through that door. My friend begins to fight with them and I know I can take them with no problem (I start to kind of become lucid here) I grab the taller man by the throat and kind of choke him out and toss him aside. I had thought I had killed him. I focused on the girl then, blocking her attacks and fighting her with martial arts moves that I suddenly know. The man I had choked came up behind me and began fighting me too. I was shocked he didn't die. I began to throw their own knives back at them, cutting them yet they still kept coming. I didn't know why they were attacking us. I got the feeling that they were attacking us because of either a complete misunderstanding or for no particular reason at all. I was getting really frustrated, not only because they wouldn't die, but also that they wouldn't leave us alone. I continued fighting the two throughout the house (I didn't know where the other guy went). The fight goes on for what seems like hours. Eventually the fight was taken outside and I was fighting them while gliding above them trying to find a weakness. This is when I became lucid. I knew I was flying and I was like "wait a minute, I am dreaming." I flew to the top of a house. "ok, what was I supposed to do.....oh right, mexico." I stabilized a bit and tried to visualize the pyramid. I manifested a compass so I could point myself in the right direction. I pushed off the roof of the house and shot myself high in the air. I looked down at the still continuing battle. I saw a friend fighting the strangers among a couple of trees (like spruce trees, which is odd for florida). I turned my attention to my destination. I gathered some energy and pushed off making myself fly at super speed. I knew at this speed I would get there in just a few seconds. The scene is a blur as I shoot through the sky....

    My alarm goes off and I wake up. >.<

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Cool. I fought some flying ninja monkey pirates. Those bastards! Please use paragraphs to help us avoid eyestrain. Thank you for writing so many dreams!
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    2. hprib012's Avatar
      Will do