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    1. Lucid dream night of 7.18.11

      by , 07-19-2011 at 04:09 PM
      I remember the setting of my dream being almost post apocalyptic, or at least the city I was in wasn't doing so well. It was more at night. I was in Florida. I remember hanging out with some of my friends and my brother. We were in some sort of house that I did not recognize. We were in one of the bed rooms. My friend and I were sitting on the bed discussing classes for the upcoming semester, and my brother was sleeping on the other side of the bed. There is a window above the bed that looks out onto a chemical waste river. I noticed some people standing on the other side of the river. They were 2 men and 1 woman. The woman was shorter, kind of puggier, with WAY too much make-up. The man, a more tall, stocky fellow, with sandy brown hair. I glanced at them out the window and returned to my friend. Suddenly I see these knives and throwing stars come at the window. The throwing stars are the size of CDs. The window has 2 planes of glass but the knives break through the first layer easily. I hear an older gentleman behind me say something like "that window has 2 layers, they can't break both." I replied "they've already broken one and the second one is cracked." After I had said that the knives had broken through the second layer of glass. The knives and throwing stars start flying into the room. I began to fend them off and catch them so they would not land and hit my sleeping brother (who for some reason doesn't wake up from any of this.) I start to get real angry because they are trying to hurt us and are putting my brother in danger. They charge the house. Next to the room where we were in is a hall way leading to a door. They come in through that door. My friend begins to fight with them and I know I can take them with no problem (I start to kind of become lucid here) I grab the taller man by the throat and kind of choke him out and toss him aside. I had thought I had killed him. I focused on the girl then, blocking her attacks and fighting her with martial arts moves that I suddenly know. The man I had choked came up behind me and began fighting me too. I was shocked he didn't die. I began to throw their own knives back at them, cutting them yet they still kept coming. I didn't know why they were attacking us. I got the feeling that they were attacking us because of either a complete misunderstanding or for no particular reason at all. I was getting really frustrated, not only because they wouldn't die, but also that they wouldn't leave us alone. I continued fighting the two throughout the house (I didn't know where the other guy went). The fight goes on for what seems like hours. Eventually the fight was taken outside and I was fighting them while gliding above them trying to find a weakness. This is when I became lucid. I knew I was flying and I was like "wait a minute, I am dreaming." I flew to the top of a house. "ok, what was I supposed to do.....oh right, mexico." I stabilized a bit and tried to visualize the pyramid. I manifested a compass so I could point myself in the right direction. I pushed off the roof of the house and shot myself high in the air. I looked down at the still continuing battle. I saw a friend fighting the strangers among a couple of trees (like spruce trees, which is odd for florida). I turned my attention to my destination. I gathered some energy and pushed off making myself fly at super speed. I knew at this speed I would get there in just a few seconds. The scene is a blur as I shoot through the sky....

      My alarm goes off and I wake up. >.<
    2. Vivid and semi-lucid dreams. My attempt to dream share.

      by , 06-28-2011 at 04:28 PM
      So last night was one of the first nights a few of us decided to try and dream share. The goal was to meet at the top of The Empire State Building in NY and set of a beacon of light so others who were looking to do the same thing might be able to meet with another dreamer.
      To prepare for the night I did some light meditation and mantra to focus on completing the main task at hand. I also watched youtube videos of the Empire State Building as well as NY at night in order to gain detail about the surroundings themselves.

      Well last night I attempted such a task and here are my dream results.

      My first dream (or the one I could remember) happened between the hours of 12am to about 4:53am EST. The setting was not NY however but a sort of bayou (sp?) that you would expect to find maybe down south in Louisiana. I did not achieve any sort of lucidity in this dream but it was quite vivid. I was at this particular location because I was supposed to get an interview for a local newspaper. I was supposed to interview the owner of this sort of mansion style home that was located right on top of a swamp. The setting for this dream was at night, and I remember hearing crickets surrounding the area. The trouble was that a tornado (I know, weird in the south right?) was predicted to just tear right through this home. I was also with another woman, maybe my partner on this particular article. She was taller than me, maybe about 5'8" and had curly brown hair and glasses. We were afraid for our lives because of the more dangerous weather but the owner of the home did not seem as concerned, as if he dealt with this sort of thing on a daily basis. The winds started to pick up, and that is when I awoke to reality.

      I immediately wrote down in my dream journal, not really a summary but key words as it was dark and I did not want to forget anything. I got a glass of orange juice, knowing that it may help with my recall. I remember that people who had successfully achieved a WILD would wake up in the middle of the night and try to jump back into a lucid dream, I figured now would be as good a time as ever to try it. (Personally I am a light sleeper so getting up even the slightest amount keeps me up a while) So, after returning to bed just 5 min after I originally awoke I found it hard to get back to sleep and it took me about an hour to finally fall back to sleep. (which was not easy because at this time bird were beginning to sing).

      My second dream was about the same as far as vividness but I believe I might have been semi lucid....I remember actually being inside the Empire State Building. I had made it to the target destination. I had gone to the top to find dozens of people up there. It was night and it seemed like the reason that they were up there was because of some sort of death match between two human opponents. They were fighting on platforms that were suspended in mid air just beyond the ledge of the building. (I assume the loser of the match would fall to his death). I remembered that I needed to create a beacon of some sort but I couldn't remember why I needed it. Basically I did not achieve enough lucidity to actually dream share. I manifested the yellow light and pushed it up in the air, I also made the beacon kind of pulsate light. The beacon was set and I was at the top of the building, but as I said I couldn't remember where to go from there. That didn't matter anyways because as soon as I set the beacon the dozens of DC on the roof all went completely ape shit and began to fight and gang up on one another intent on killing each other. I helped those that were about to get beat or tortured. It seemed like the people doing the beating were intent on cutting their prey with box cutters and razor blades. The ones I saved I made sure got to the elevator ok. Then I remember reloading the box cutters with new blades and saying to the attackers. "If anyone attacks me I cut your throat, got it?" Needless to say the DC stayed away from me. Then I saw my ex inside the building. I was concerned for her safety so I tried to follow her and get her out of the building. Then my dream kind of shifted to me going after my ex and the people with her in my dad's mini van. I had finally caught up with them and come to find out that the girl I thought was my ex was really just a disguise, a ruse to get me out of the building. Unfortunately I was unable to get back to the building because I soon woke up after my discovery.

      So like I said, not really lucid but I think its great progress seeing as I actually got to the location and was able to manifest the beacon. My hopes for tonight is that I will become lucid and clear the roof of the building of any pesky DC and just wait to see if I make contact with another dreamer.
    3. First Lucid Dream in like a week, finally.

      by , 06-27-2011 at 08:29 PM
      I am not sure if it was stress or I was just trying too hard but at last after a week of non-lucid dreams (at least that I can remember) I had one last night. Just a standard DILD but I needed that. My recall is still for shit but I am trying to keep this dream journal updated to better my memory.

      I remember the dream starting with me and a bunch of my family and friends together, I don't remember why. We were all in a line formation traveling to some place, all I could remember feeling was that we needed to get to our destination as fast as possible. Then I remember having that realization feeling when you find out you are dreaming. I began to fly over my friends and family and began guiding them forward. I remember lots of light (could be the sun coming through my window in reality) and me having to fight something but I could not remember what exactly.....

      Then I woke up because my roommates' cat decided to meow in my face...

      I quickly tried to remember what had happened but with little success...I then fell back asleep for a second small lucid dream

      I was in one of my old elementary schools....and actually retaking the 5th grade because of something that happened to my grades. I was talking to the principal explaining to him that I was in college now when i remembered the nose plug technique to tell if you are dreaming. I tried it and of course I could still breathe so I discovered I was dreaming. I began to have fun at my old school, flying around on the play ground and picking on the people who used to pick on me. Shortly after that however I woke up.

      So again not a whole lot of detail but I am getting faster at becoming lucid I feel.
    4. A lucid dream from long ago.

      by , 06-21-2011 at 07:30 PM
      I'm trying to get some of my dreams down in these journal entries from the past as well as present. So here is one from years ago, I think I might have be like 14....

      I was in my house, it was about dusk and the orange light of the sun was shinning through my living room window. I was home alone which was not uncommon seeing as my dad worked late and my brother was always at some sort of practice for the various sports he was in. I had this distinct fear that I would soon not be alone, that something or someone was coming for my house. I began to panic and blocked my two doors with anything I could find. Knowing it wouldn't help all that much because both doors had very weak locks. I was preparing to fight whatever was coming (at this point I did not think I was dreaming). Suddenly I heard voices of people outside my door. They were frightened and were begging me to let them in. I opened the door to let them inside to take shelter for whatever was coming. (it was about here that I began to realize I was dreaming and became lucid) They were odd people. A young couple with a young boy that wasn't their child. I began to hear the sounds of the enemy coming. As it began to get darker I could hear and see just dozens of these zombie/human/demon creatures just running towards my house. I knew I was dreaming so I thought to myself, "going to be one heck of a fight." They began clawing at my door trying to push over my barricade. I gave myself a sword and handed the man a hand gun. Once the breached both entrances of my house I immediately charged the first few to get inside, slashing at them and killing a few. I knew exactly what moves I had to do to weaken them. Using various martial arts skills I battled the ones that surrounded me while I heard the man shooting at them. It was much easier then some of my previous dreams to fight them. Unfortunately it was shortly after this that I woke up.
    5. Trying this out...come and see.

      by , 06-17-2011 at 07:42 PM
      Haven't explored any of these sights before, though I have been lucid dreaming since I was a child. When I was younger I would frequently have terrible nightmares of monsters chasing me and being trapped in my own house. These nightmares would often be mixed with lucid dreams. Later I learned to control my dreams even more, eventually turning my nightmares into my own personal playground. I became the hero of these terrible dreams, giving myself the ability of flight, control over the elements, and unmatched strength. Since then I have had lucid dreams almost every night. Some of the more fun reoccurring dreams are protecting friends and family from evil monsters, hordes of zombies and I, lately, have been protecting strangers that my mind seems to create. A couple dreams in particular I've had recently are ones where I had to protect a certain young man whom I had never met before from secret agencies trying to capture him. I've fought off these "secret agents" by use of martial arts and even sending a tsunami towards their agency location. One favorite stranger dreams was that I was fighting Chathulu via DBZ style fighting while trying to protect yet another young man.

      So there is a little peak inside my head...what do you think?
      Feel free to leave any comments, or thoughts, or even stories of your own dreams. I am looking to connect with fellow lucid dreamers.