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    Vivid Dream...odd dream 7-12-11

    by , 07-13-2011 at 10:17 PM (586 Views)
    So I have been trying really hard to get lucid more quickly within my dreams (as well as increase my frequency of LDs) but all I have been able to do is have more intense and vivid dreams with WAY better recall....which is a step forward too, but I want to get a lucid dream every other night...anywho...here is a dream that I had last night that was real intense and kind of stuck with me.

    I remember being in the city that I am currently living in. It was night time. Usually in RL my city is for the most part peaceful, however this was not the case in this dream. My city was almost post apocalyptic looking with abandoned cars at the side of the streets, dozens of sick and homeless gathered around makeshift fires, drug dealers on every corner, and frankly it was unnerving. Me and a couple of my friends from school were on a quest to find some drugs. We weren't planning on using them but for some reason we felt like we needed to find some in order to survive, whether that means sell them for some cash to live off of or doing something else with them. It was super important that we not only find some drugs but also find out who was the "drug lord" that ran the main drug deals of the city. I had the feeling that we were in danger from certain people and it may have been other people or the drug lord himself I am not certain. We followed a local drug dealer to find the drug lord. The dream shifts and we end up in trouble with the same drug lord. I apparently gained information on him that if given to the police would bring him down. And I had planned to do such a thing. Because they knew I had info that would ruin them they were after me. They had tracked down my friends and threatened their lives. They had contacted my employer and threatened him as well. I was caught with no one to trust or rely on. Only a couple people would help me out and they were assassinated. One man, a kind of bigger fellow, said he would help me bring them down. He was driving his car and I saw another car tailing him so I ran after him seeing if I could flag him down and help him before he was run off the road and killed. The car chased him up this sort of industrial/factory/machine hill. A mechanical hill that served some company. He used is truck/suv to drive up this very steep hill dodging machinery while trying to evade his pursuers. I began ascending the hill as well to try and help him. I look up, I see that as he was coming out of some sort of tunnel he had been shot, a sniper from out of no where had killed him. I saw blood splattered on his windshield. Then the next thing I know his suv is being crushed by some of the machines and his body no more. I traveled down the hill and was confronted by 3 women. One blonde, the other two brunet. They were either were very high up on the chain of command for this drug lord or they combined ran the drug operation themselves, I can't quite remember. They offered me a position within the drug operation itself and wanted to talk with me about it over a milkshake, yes like the ones from steak and shake. I sat down with them, fearing for my well being as well as my family and friends who they had threatened.
    I woke up.

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