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    Vivid Dream Saturday Night, 7-9-11

    by , 07-11-2011 at 11:21 PM (1007 Views)
    Here is what I can remember about my dream on saturday night, it was quite vivid....non-lucid though

    I was at a house (it switched from my own house from my child hood and a house in the woods throughout my dream) We were having a house party with a bunch of people and people I knew (like my brother and roommates) were there. We had very loud music playing and things were going well when I noticed that part of the forest/woods that the house was surrounded by was caught on fire. I began to panic fearing for the house and the lives of those inside, so I began to dial 911 to get some fire fighters out there in time so the house wouldn't burn down. I was getting upset because no one would turn down the music so I could call 911. I kept asking them to turn the music off and tried myself but they would just turn the music up once I turned it down. I kept getting so frustrated to the point of tears because no one was taking the situation seriously. The fire was also acting very odd, when I would try and call the fire department the fire would subside, almost like it knew what I was doing and wanted to even get me in trouble and act like there really was no fire. But of course once I hung up the phone the fire would rage on through out the forest....the dream shifts and my concern is no longer for the fire but for the fact that I couldn't find my laptop (I felt like I had to look up something or something to do online) and I needed it right away. My dad told me that he thought he saw it upstairs in the room that he never used (in real life he doesn't use the master bed room at all). I didn't want to go upstairs because throughout my child hood I always could sense a presence up there and hated sleeping upstairs by myself as a kid. In the dream I kept seeing faces look at me from the top of the stairs and try to scare me and almost dare me to come up their alone. They were taunting me and show me disturbing images almost as visions. I asked my brother and someone else (I didn't know) to come upstairs with me and retrieve my laptop. The person I didn't know had dark hair, was a bit taller than me and about my brother's age (17-19). We began to ascend the stairs and were immediately attacked by some head that had no body but was floating in the air attacking us through our own fear and minds. It had a smile on its face and was just pure evil. Almost looked like one of those faces off a ventriloquist dolls and had that shinny look to it. We got to the room at the end of the hall and tried to block the voice from ourselves and just get the computer. We thought it was on the floor on the side of the bed facing the window, which was on the opposite side of the room. The doll face just floated to where he could see us and I think said something like "you will never be able to leave." I knew something was up so when my brother and the stranger got onto the bed to look on the other side. I knew something was up because as soon as they sat on the bed they began to get very sleepy and were almost passing out into a deep sleep just by touching the bed. I had to almost anchor them by holding onto their legs at their feet and made sure they didn't fall asleep while looking for my laptop. I just stared down the doll face and kind of told it off. We discovered the laptop was not even upstairs and quickly ran back down the stairs. Come to find out my laptop was on top of the fridge the whole time. My dad did not believe us when we told him some demon or spirit tried to lure us into staying up there. Soon after this I woke up.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Raven had a dream about being a girl in a fire. I had a dream about rescuing a young girl Raven from a nightmare on this night.
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    2. hprib012's Avatar
      O.0...possible connection perhaps