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    Vivid and semi-lucid dreams. My attempt to dream share.

    by , 06-28-2011 at 04:28 PM (1125 Views)
    So last night was one of the first nights a few of us decided to try and dream share. The goal was to meet at the top of The Empire State Building in NY and set of a beacon of light so others who were looking to do the same thing might be able to meet with another dreamer.
    To prepare for the night I did some light meditation and mantra to focus on completing the main task at hand. I also watched youtube videos of the Empire State Building as well as NY at night in order to gain detail about the surroundings themselves.

    Well last night I attempted such a task and here are my dream results.

    My first dream (or the one I could remember) happened between the hours of 12am to about 4:53am EST. The setting was not NY however but a sort of bayou (sp?) that you would expect to find maybe down south in Louisiana. I did not achieve any sort of lucidity in this dream but it was quite vivid. I was at this particular location because I was supposed to get an interview for a local newspaper. I was supposed to interview the owner of this sort of mansion style home that was located right on top of a swamp. The setting for this dream was at night, and I remember hearing crickets surrounding the area. The trouble was that a tornado (I know, weird in the south right?) was predicted to just tear right through this home. I was also with another woman, maybe my partner on this particular article. She was taller than me, maybe about 5'8" and had curly brown hair and glasses. We were afraid for our lives because of the more dangerous weather but the owner of the home did not seem as concerned, as if he dealt with this sort of thing on a daily basis. The winds started to pick up, and that is when I awoke to reality.

    I immediately wrote down in my dream journal, not really a summary but key words as it was dark and I did not want to forget anything. I got a glass of orange juice, knowing that it may help with my recall. I remember that people who had successfully achieved a WILD would wake up in the middle of the night and try to jump back into a lucid dream, I figured now would be as good a time as ever to try it. (Personally I am a light sleeper so getting up even the slightest amount keeps me up a while) So, after returning to bed just 5 min after I originally awoke I found it hard to get back to sleep and it took me about an hour to finally fall back to sleep. (which was not easy because at this time bird were beginning to sing).

    My second dream was about the same as far as vividness but I believe I might have been semi lucid....I remember actually being inside the Empire State Building. I had made it to the target destination. I had gone to the top to find dozens of people up there. It was night and it seemed like the reason that they were up there was because of some sort of death match between two human opponents. They were fighting on platforms that were suspended in mid air just beyond the ledge of the building. (I assume the loser of the match would fall to his death). I remembered that I needed to create a beacon of some sort but I couldn't remember why I needed it. Basically I did not achieve enough lucidity to actually dream share. I manifested the yellow light and pushed it up in the air, I also made the beacon kind of pulsate light. The beacon was set and I was at the top of the building, but as I said I couldn't remember where to go from there. That didn't matter anyways because as soon as I set the beacon the dozens of DC on the roof all went completely ape shit and began to fight and gang up on one another intent on killing each other. I helped those that were about to get beat or tortured. It seemed like the people doing the beating were intent on cutting their prey with box cutters and razor blades. The ones I saved I made sure got to the elevator ok. Then I remember reloading the box cutters with new blades and saying to the attackers. "If anyone attacks me I cut your throat, got it?" Needless to say the DC stayed away from me. Then I saw my ex inside the building. I was concerned for her safety so I tried to follow her and get her out of the building. Then my dream kind of shifted to me going after my ex and the people with her in my dad's mini van. I had finally caught up with them and come to find out that the girl I thought was my ex was really just a disguise, a ruse to get me out of the building. Unfortunately I was unable to get back to the building because I soon woke up after my discovery.

    So like I said, not really lucid but I think its great progress seeing as I actually got to the location and was able to manifest the beacon. My hopes for tonight is that I will become lucid and clear the roof of the building of any pesky DC and just wait to see if I make contact with another dreamer.

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