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    The world of Lyseno

    There is a new beggining, and this time the new world I set myself at will have no more restrictions or duties.

    1. Day 10 of Competition

      by , 12-13-2022 at 04:57 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday December 10th 2022
      Stupid alarm.
      I am talking to someone in the family. Become lucid while doing so and go outside. What should I be doing… I have a big goal, but can’t remember for some reason.
      Teleport to another world and then fly down to the ground, find a few interesting places but the one that gets my attention is a big house.
      Not just normal big, big enough to be a small state, also it looks run down and can feel a strange energy coming from the place.
      This feels so weird, the energy is dark and can inflict fear upon the ones who get close to it, but the creature isn’t strong at all and at the same time can’t find it, since the energy is everywhere but somehow it is linked to the creature. Why? I want to go there first, so start exploring but wake up near instantly.
      Back to sleep.
      Am sitting on a chair, it breaks and I fall down slowly. This makes me become lucid so get up and start walking around. This place sucks… is this the same house that I was on before?
      The place is really abandoned, run down, looking horrible. Use scan to fully see the whole house/estate and then slowly start to rebuild it with scan in order to make sure it gets a good look as to what it was before.
      Apparently fixing the place makes the creature lose some power or darkness, because it retracts and then I see… some humans alive. Scan tells me they have been here for decades trapped inside the darkness of this thing, a young woman and a little girl are now free and they seem confused.
      The first thing they try to do is run away, they seem to know the layout of the place too.
      Teleport in front of them which makes them scream and run the opposite side. That’s not good, right behind them there is some kind of zombie or skeleton thing. They both realize this too late and are about to fall right on the face of the creature and be harmed so stop them with TK, move them towards me and when the creature charges after its prey has been stolen crush it with TK.
      The thing just falls to the ground and becomes dust. The next thing that I know is that more dust is coming towards us, the girls seem terrified of it and try to cling to me so use TK and stop them from doing so, then use wind control and throw away all of the dust from my location.
      The next thing that happens is that a big shadow shows up next to us and then just runs away. They still are wondering what I am doing by not letting them get close and the little girl starts crying. The older one tells her that they will be ok so long as they are with me and they tell me they know how to get out.
      Well, I do know how to get out too but… alright. I follow them and they take me to the entrance; there is a small garden from which they refuse to go through at all and end up waking up while trying to convince them without forcing them.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting next to a chimney, become lucid and get up. The two girls come back, the little one holding tightly the other girls dress. She is bringing some tea and food, apparently for me.
      I refuse their food and get over to the door that leads to the garden that leads to the exit. They still refuse to get over there and I just step outside this time, to show them it’s not dangerous at all.
      The shadow instantly appears right behind me and is about to attack, the girls scream and before they know it I have already turned and am grabbing the head of the shadow “Why hello there” tell the shadow while smiling.
      The thing seems to be surprised because it is a shadow and should not be possible to grab it, then it tries to get away and fails to do so. I gather fire on my hand and start trying to burn it but it does nothing. The shadow simply redirects it towards the ground, burning down some plants and grass.
      I get mad at this and quickly make the grass grow again, then tighten my grip at the shadow, it shrieks in pain and seems to be about to die so just tighten the grip slowly until the shadow explodes and falls in the form of little darkness crystals that dissolve when they touch the ground.
      The girls both look pale and terrified as hell “Want to get out?” ask them and extend my arm; they first flinch and take a step back and then say yes, then start walking out. Once they reach the door I feel satisfied with the work here and prepare to leave, but before that close down the space, create money for the girls and make it be there in front of them and then quickly search for that feeling of dread from before.
      The feeling is still there despite the creature being dead, so why? Scan tells me this creature is coming from really, really far away. This is in another universe and that was but a fragment of its power, in fact the creature that actually holds this power recognizes Scan, blocks it and then tries to attack my mind, but we both get backlash from it.
      I fall back and my head starts to hurt, but can also feel the pain felt from the other creature which is fun. Feel like I will be waking up soon, so the next thing that I do is teleport back home and prepare myself some meals, but wake up before being able to taste them.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on bed, become lucid while creeping up and then decide… I need to finish the food from before! Also have many goals to do.
      Prepare to leave when family all tell me I can’t go out because it is night outside. I look up and it is indeed night but… there is light coming through the front door. This can’t be right.
      I scan and there is something weird, some kind of magic item. Jump and try to grab it but when I do so it just becomes into a space warping thing, and it does make me reach out into the night sky, even to space if I fly slowly.
      The thing expands alongside the movement, so I just need to be faster than it! Family seems surprised I was flying but ignore them.
      Count to three, and then start flying as quickly as I can and the item gets ripped apart from the house. End up seeing a cloth of fabric falling down to the ground, it is made of very interesting materials and I want to study them more and see if something like this can be done in waking reality, something that fully blocks light and shows you an image of something else.
      I keep on examining the thing while slowly flying outside the house and then realize this was placed by bearers… why? Because of my encounter with that guy who was super dark? Oh wait… this is someone I know! I can feel the energy signature of a person that is well known.
      Fly over to them, Mzz? What is she doing here? She is inside of a grey car, knock on the window and she lowers it and we talk for a brief moment, she explains in a riddle the why but it makes perfect sense, it won’t stop me from being an annoying little ant for the bearers but it makes sense.
      She disappears not long after and I end up stopping the sun with TK, then make it go backwards and connect it to other stars to go to where the creature was at when I hear a very loud alarm, damn!
      Back to sleep.
      I am in a hallway with impossibly high walls, everything is grey, the thing is moving by itself at insane speeds and taking me nowhere. I become lucid due to how ridiculous this is and then extend my arms.
      The walls start to collapse since they get easily broken and as soon as that happens the thing moves then faster and now there is a door in front of me and the door is closed and made out of bricks.
      I extend my arm and touch it when we arrive and the door gets destroyed as well as everything behind it, then cripple it all with TK and make it into a blackhole, that thing was MASSIVE, so the black hole was big enough to be considered a small head.
      The hallway then goes backwards even faster than it was going to the front before, trying to escape from the black hole? Maybe. Not too much to do and this place has annoyed me enough, Scan keeps expanding and this location seems to be as far out as one can go, meaning that it is always stretching out.
      I clap my hands and then extend them to touch the walls, destroying everything that exists way faster than it expands, it collapses and the next thing I know is that I am left in a void. Teleport to space in another universe and wake up not too long after that.
      Back to sleep.
      I am talking to myself, become lucid and teleport back to space, do the trick with the stars of a universe and make sure I get the right order while stopping their movement with TK then teleport to the gate that opens at the end.
      I come out in the middle of a void space, no other thing here in this universe besides a massive red… something. It’s like a spaceship or tower or something. Think as big as Everest, and I am in front of a massive door that is open and leads inside.
      Fly slowly towards the entrance and just settle on a small space with some dead flowers, some mud and what looks like flesh growing out of the ground, but that’s normal, flesh is growing out of everywhere in this huge thing.
      It also is pulsating and you can hear its heartbeat, there are many hearts from the sound of it, and sometimes blood will fall down. Is this a living prison? If so, what is it imprisoning? Prepare to keep walking but before that, clean my clothes from the stuff that fell on me.
      Walk a few meters ahead of myself when I find a turning point, it has a Y intersection, both seem to go to a place less gory and prepare to go to the left when I hear a “STOP”, real loud and real annoying voice.
      Turn around and barely have enough time to react when I see someone charging at me at full speed.
      Out of reflex use astral vision and make my body more resistant to avoid getting hurt. The feeling is that of a bearer so actually expect to be fatally wounded and prepare to heal myself but there is no damage… what? Go back to my body, the guy that attacked me isn’t that strong, and he is already using his full power.
      He thrusted at me with a spear, a red spear with a golden metal at the tip that was infused with his spirit, the thing hit on my stomach and with astral vision I transformed my body and created a plate to block and it actually did.
      Three more people come from behind the guy, who now looks like a dragon who is in a rage. I prepare to reach out to him when the other 3 scream at me to stop, since when do I obey? Start preparing my next attack when one of them allows me to fully read him using Scan.
      Oh, they are not here for me.
      Take off my attacking stance and just ask the guy to take off his lance from my abdomen, he obliges and grunts about it then complains to the other three “He is a wanted criminal” he says, but the other three say they are here to attend even more important matters.
      The guy makes the lance disappear, the other three finally get a good relaxed breath and all of us start walking to the left passage.
      Space must be warped because it takes us to a big room made out of black glass with a small sliding white glass door. The small white glass is leading to the right side and as such it leads directly to the other hall thing.
      When we reach out I expect to see a wall since we didn’t really move too far and then confirm that space is indeed warped in this location and the proof is simple, the glass door leads to an open space, some kind of open garden with high roofs and walls made out of wooden tile as well as giant tree roots everywhere eating at the walls.
      I mention this is like a TARDIS but nobody understands this and I get ignored royally. Everyone starts walking towards some stairs that are in spiral form not too long from our current location. When we get closer they keep changing between spiral and normal stairs, metal when normal and wooden when spiral.
      Everyone is waiting for them to be made out of metal apparently and it will take some time.
      I learn some stuff about the guy who let me use Scan in this timeframe, he actually fell in love with a human male a few centuries ago and his human was killed so he is bittersweet and this is why he vouched for me.
      I grab his hair like his lover used to do and then give him a kiss on the forehead as a thank you; his friend quickly points his lance at me and tells me not to get any funny ideas, then proceeds to lecture his friend about not trusting me which truth to be told is a great tip.
      The next thing I know is that the two girls do something to the walls and then the stairs become stable so we just go up.
      At the end there is yet another hallway made out of the same fleshy stuff from before and then find a small hole that suddenly gets bigger when we go closer to it.
      It’s made out of plastic tiles this time, or something that looks similar. White, black and orange colours.
      We go in and then it turns into a toboggan that leads directly down for a few kilometres, consider that it may actually be infinite because we should have reached the bottom of the space tower a long time ago and yet we are still falling.
      The others start to get bored but don’t mind it when I find with Scan some small creature made out of shadows like the one before but this one is on a completely different level, couldn’t even tell where it was before.
      Quickly place my hand on the tile where the thing is at and then the system of the toboggan changes quickly to a place with several entrances and exits and the thing starts running away further down.
      This is still super step, but not so bad someone normal may not be able to get out or go deeper in if they so wish to do so.
      The guy who defended me before tells the other that he knew I would be useful, oh? He was using me all this time? I keep going and pursuing the shadow as it didn’t die from the first attack.
      Keep on attacking and it keeps on running away. The others deviate from my location and enter one of the entrances while I keep going further down to the point that we reach the bottom most part of the tower.
      In this place, several sloth-like creatures the size of a human are on the ground, they all look up when they see me so I use TK in order to force them down and then jump over some of them, find a turn to the left and the shadow runs, there is another sloth thing below which it goes through and I have to jump over, there is also a room with a single black window and a small blue wooden door.
      Finally catch the shadow one more time in another turn that goes down a slide that leads to nothing, it just is ending in a lot of rubble but grab it before it goes through it and kill the little thing.
      The next thing I know is that the sloth creatures have finally gotten out of the TK and are all walking towards me. They seem like mindless creatures and as such move slowly but they actually are able to inflict deep mental damage.
      I can feel the guy who sent the other shadow here strongly, in the rubble? Who is he and why is he being investigated? There are actually two creatures, both equally as strong, what should I do now?
      One of the sloths tries to stab my shoulder and I grab its arm then feel a sharp pain in my mind, but if it’s going into my mind I can do the same to theirs. Since they are mindless creatures, its hard but I manage to create mental damage on them which leads to the creatures becoming white instead of their usual black colour and then turning to rock and dissolving to dust.
      Do the same with all three of them and in this hallway and then walk back where I came from. The others are checking rooms on the place and I get over to where they are at and ask them what they are doing, but not much is said to me and they mostly just ignore me, prepare to continue investigating myself but my body is about to fully wake up, apparently I have been asleep for too long because I can no longer force myself to stay asleep damn.
    2. Day 9 of the competition

      by , 12-12-2022 at 07:37 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday December 9th 2022
      Slept poorly.
      Literally did nothing besides being overly grumpy and eating something to pass the time in the few lucids I had.
    3. Day 8th of the competition

      by , 12-10-2022 at 09:02 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday December 8th 2022
      Dragon god. Red dragon. Dream game. Playing.
      I am inside of a big room. Become lucid and quickly leave the room, teleport to Lyseno and try to find something interesting to do. Got over to a random planet with not much to be done, not a place that I need to protect so don’t worry too much about it.
      Fly over to a different planet and arrive to a place that has a lot of jungles and forests but at the same time is SUPER technologically advanced, to the point they already deciphered the fully immersive games and what not.
      So obviously I want to try, been a while since the last time I got to play games inside of a dream.
      But then I need to purchase the game and the console and so much stuff… will do that a bit later, in the meantime just go over to a random forest and start there for the time being and relax.
      Back to sleep.
      Reading something like a newspaper, become lucid and start to… feel a bit stuffy. Sneeze a bit and then just clean myself up.
      Remember my goal from last dream and start flying to find the closest city then get over to the place.
      Once I arrive nobody seems to find strange I was flying so maybe it will be easier than I thought to purchase the things that I need to get.
      Watch how people bring out some kind of coins and pay with them so just create some of my own, enough to pay for stuff and get the machine and the game; next thing is to try and find a good place to play the game so teleport over to the forest again since no dangerous creature was there and it has a nice cold climate for me to be playing on.
      Place the thing on my head, it’s like a headband then place the game which is like a sphere on top of the headband and close my eyes.
      It is like doing a WILD, so cool.
      Once I enter the world figure out why there was such a big difference between their technology and their world, apparently they are not as technologically advanced as I thought.
      Am falling from the sky slowly, start flying down and can sense that instead of this being a game world, they have sealed some creatures inside of it a bunch of creatures that were too powerful to be kept in the normal world.
      No idea who did it, but they did it with the idea of a game. I think that the creator of this place may actually be one of my sons, since the people in this planet are way too weak to be able to defeat something in the level of the three dragons that are resting within this dimension and he is also the epitome of all technology.
      The first thing first, the game gives you a character based on your strength and this way people can train themselves until they become strong enough as to fight the dragons so they no longer need the game. The real reason they got money to purchase it is because money was given to those hunting stuff in reality, proving they wouldn’t die on day 1 in the game.
      My character apparently is broken, I am given no HP or MP bars due to the numbers being too high for this little world and some characters realize this right away and think I may be a NPC added to aid the players in becoming stronger.
      End up teaching some people how to use certain skills, among them how to control fire. They are all too damn weak… we fight some kind of knight that is made out of metal close to a mountain. Those creatures that spawn give mana to people to make them stronger, but the amount of many is super low and because of this little error in the design of the game nobody is getting strong enough to even dent the dragons, end up waking up without as much as burning down the knights and getting some mana myself, revealing that I am not a part of the game.
      Back to sleep.
      I am resting on top of a rock. Try to get up and discover moss to my side, slip and end up hitting my mouth. DAMN! I also become lucid while falling, roll over some as if I was in pain and then don’t feel anything… right, I am strong enough to not feel anything from such a thing.
      Get up, look around making sure nobody saw me and dust my clothes before walking towards a tree that is nearby and faking that nothing actually happened.
      One of the girls from the group I was on before lets herself fall from the tree and says she got fruits and offers me one, the damn girl saw me I am sure. She has red hair and is obviously someone I dislike and will have to die soon.
      She says that we need to get moving and is about to grab me when I just jump over, at least there was no comment about what happened.
      She says that some people ahead want to meet me and we move there. She is running and I am flying slowly behind her.
      We arrive to an open plan next to the forest we were on and there is a group of three people, two mages and one warrior. I know they want to test me and next thing I know is a Wyvern comes from above and is trying to attack me.
      I turn around and shot a fireball at it, the wyvern survives it so next thing I do is create blades made out of wind and cut it down in pieces.
      Apparently that was the strongest creature the three guys could defeat up till now, they also were not expecting me to win so easily. I fly down to them and tell them why they made a wyvern die without any reason to do so.
      They say they are monsters, and I say they forced a creature to be slayed without any reason, the monster in this scenario is not the wyvern. We get into an argument and I am pretty mad myself over this, resurrect the wyvern, stop time for the adventurers and take the wyvern with me.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting atop of a volcano. Some people are coming towards the volcano where I am at. The Wyvern is there with me and it feels afraid and prepares to leave.
      They throw spears at it that fly at really high speed and I stop them with TK then throw them back at their feet “Don’t take any more steps” tell them, one of the guys picks up the lance and throws it at me this time.
      It hits me in the forehead and just falls to the ground. The start to prepare their attacks towards me. I am pissed off still and then see a dagger in my neck. The red haired girl is here. I stand up and the knife slices at my neck, nothing happens.
      They all seem surprised, they were hoping for their weapons to do some damage to me.
      I teleport to another island within this game world and wait for them to try and pursue me, it isn’t far from our current location and even send them the map to get there quickly.
      The mage makes them all fly towards me and before they arrive I raise the water around the place. They break through with a lightning, good.
      Once they reach and prepare to attack me place them all on the ground with super gravity, the red haired girl seems to be asking me to stop, why? They are the ones attacking other living creatures without knowing why.
      This game is annoying and I want to end it, so prepare to do so right now.
      Tell them that they should all leave this place, as this will be the new home for all of the monsters, unless they want them all to be free from now on in both worlds.
      They refuse and so I cut the head of one mage “Rejection is not an option” I say while sitting down to look at them.
      They say someone else will beat me and I mention they haven’t been able to beat the three dragons yet, so how do they expect to defeat me? They try to say something again so just raise my hand, let the water fall and break the seal of all three dragons at the same time.
      The place trembles, are they strong enough to break a seal by Pinocchio? That would be fun, but it stabilizes after a bit.
      The people start screaming at me and ask me what I am doing, they have not yet realized that I am a much greater treat than all the dragons together?
      There is a mage dragon, a king dragon and a god dragon, white, red and black is the colours each one possesses and the first one to be encountered is the mage dragon.
      It teleports above us instantly and then looks down at us all, a flare of magic comes down on us all and everyone starts screaming loudly.
      I look up and stop the magic energy with a barrier, destroy it, enclose the dragon with TK and then make it fly higher. The pale face of the creatures FINALLY tells me they understand that I am more dangerous than the dragons.
      The dragon starts roaring loudly and the other two start coming towards us. I grab the mages on the floor and teleport in front of the mage dragon, then kill both humans in front of it. They are barely big enough to be the size of his eye. I can see the surprise in the face of the mage dragon “This is your world, I can crush you if I so wish right now, just go and live here happily, nobody will be able to stop you guys now” tell him and let him free, he leaves right away.
      Take the warriors except the girl since she has red hair, teleport to the dragon god that is coming our way and he stops right away then a claw comes swiping down on my face. It just stops there, makes no damage and I poke his claw out of the way. Damn these guys are big! Just the claw/nail is bigger than me.
      He grunts and asks me who I am “Someone making you free” I tell him, and let the humans fall in front of him, he eats them “This is a prison” he says, so I extend my arms and fold space then make this place its own planet instead of a prison “It is a connection now” tell him, he seems satisfied and leaves.
      Teleport the red girl to me and extend my hand, the red dragon comes at full speed towards me and I stop him with my hand, take the girl out and tell him he can kill all the humans in this planet. He is looking for blood.
      Apparently their kind ruled before since they were stronger “But ruling through fear isn’t good, this is why the humans hate you” told him, and obviously sealed them.
      He is mad and attacks me instead, I just block all his attacks. Once he calms down he says he won’t kill the humans but wants them back in their world and prepares to leave. I kill the girl for being annoying and teleport everyone else back to their own world. The connection is not lost yet, so some may come back here “Just kill them if they come” tell him. The dragon seems more surprised at me killing the girl “Also tell them I killed them all, don’t mind the animosity” and then just wake myself up.
    4. Day 7 of the competition

      by , 12-10-2022 at 07:47 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday December 7th
      Two lucids, not much sleep. Had dreams with simpsons. To journal later.
      In the first dream I was in a sewage, way too big to be the normal one in my country. Became lucid nearly right away and went out just to find myself inside of a town made out of cartoons. Start to fly and go towards the centre.
      Many different type of cartoons start coming together so make myself invisible then mind control them to go away and forget I even exist here, don’t get to do much before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am inside of a small house, it is white and a bit confusing because it looks like it is made out of plastic. Go towards some stairs that are close and become lucid, ah alright this makes more sense.
      Teleport outside of the house and wonder why I am in this place and prepare to leave then sense everyone coming towards me… ok that is not exactly nice. Try to make them all go away with mind control but for some reason most of them are mindless.
      Use scan and find the one controlling them and then make them push them out of my way. It only works temporarily… I can recognize guys from different series, including the Simpsons and they are still coming towards me.
      Even the guy controlling them lost his mind.
      Because of everyone losing their mind, just become invisible and prepare to leave flying when something strange happens… they start hitting each other and things go a bit crazy there. Apparently since they are all mindless puppets and lost track of their target it made them go mad with rage.
      Now that wasn’t bothering me, but the next thing that happens is that they all start to fuse with each other. It is actually quite a disgusting sight, you can see their bodies protruding purple tentacles with blood and what not and they are all dying.
      Damn, ok I can fix this. First of all return their minds to them, so they never again dare to attack me at the sight of what is going on while sane. The next thing that happens is that I reset their destinies deleting the one controlling their lives power over them, then reset time to before they started hurting each other.
      Some faint, some puke, they can’t take what just happened. Some may even die due to the shock. Once all of them are up and about again just leave again on my end by flying out of the planet and out of the universe. Apparently I was in a pocket dimension, that’s so annoying.
    5. Day 6 of the competition

      by , 12-10-2022 at 07:46 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday December 6th
      Already forgot.
    6. Day 5 of the competition

      by , 12-10-2022 at 07:46 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday December 5th 2022
      Today barely slept… again.
      Only remember one lucid at the end of the night. Was actually in the bathroom when I became lucid. Washed my hands, got out of the place and flew towards the location where the DC that I had been with before were at.
      Don’t remember their names at all but they were glad to see me.
      There was some kind of monster creature coming around which I did not mind, but it kept on attacking me instead of the other DCs so ended up crushing it with gravity and going around the place. It was like some kind of giant maze with a lot of people getting lost and dying to the monsters.
      The DC I was with kept following me since I kept defeating the creatures, and the traps wouldn’t really hurt me like the others who were dying.
      All in all, I had fun in the maze and only needed to kill one of the creatures, so that was good.
    7. Day 4 of the competition

      by , 12-07-2022 at 04:22 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday December 4th 2022
      Yes, slither away.
      I am checking something online, become lucid while doing so and… damn. I like dream online searching functions. Start searching for random books and actually find some stuff that is interesting about old kingdoms and conspiracy theories presented as if they were fact.
      Probably should stop reading stuff in dreams online, it would be better to be in an actual library.
      Once I am inside of the place teleport a book onto my hand and open it, not very interesting. Start to take them out while I walk through the halls of the library and review the titles then place them back using TK.
      Find some really good books about fantasy and some others about dream history. Bring a chair over to me and sit down, nobody seems to be in the place so it should be ok to just shamelessly use the hallway like this.
      Back to sleep.
      Those books were good! I am lucid already and want to go back, but then will be reading too much. Not sure what to do just teleport randomly and end up on top of a star… not good, they are too bright from up close.
      Fly somewhere else and end up in a weird rocky planet, it feels too cold.
      End up finding some snake like creatures roaming around and they are fun to play around with; follow them and they take me to a forest that seems as if it’s made out of metal, which apparently is because the leafs indeed do have metal. They use it in order to gather heat that will make it easier for them to do their own synthesis/metabolism by applying thermal powering of chemical reactions.
      While I am just looking at it like a dumb person see a shadow on my peripheral and then turn around just to find lizard men surround me, they look surprised but not scared which I find amusing “Hi” I say and try not to make any sudden movements.
      They look at each other and tell me something I can’t understand, so just try to ignore them and go back to watching the leafs when I get grabbed and they start to drag me. Prepare to get free and go back but end up waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am inside of a cell. Get up and look at the bars, they are… wide to say the least, easily slip through and just start walking casually through the place and gain lucidity while doing so.
      Some creatures come… OH! I remember them, this time they have weapons similar to guns and I get shot with some kind of liquid metal that is actually hot. I grab it and toss it to the ground then use TK to take their weapons away and keep on walking.
      They try to stop me but I just keep walking, find a door and since don’t know how to open it just slap it open and keep going.
      Another lizard comes by and tries to bite me, at the start it isn’t annoying but then it bites my head and I can’t see so end up using scan to know what they want.
      Apparently all they are trying to do is keep me closed since they don’t know if I am dangerous; make sure to leave the message to them in their minds that I am only dangerous if I get attacked and most of them back off.
      Except for one big guy who is flying in the sky and has some kind of robe and a staff. He holds both arms together and energy starts to gather around him…
      Yeah no, I want to go back to the snakes. Raise my arm and make the staff disappear and then there is a huge burst of energy above the guy, it is big enough to make it seem like a building is on top of the guy, but its luminous and may explode at any second.
      Keep my hand up and then use the energy coming from the building of light and make electrons out of it, then combine them and make atoms, then combine them further and make Hydrogen and Helium and make it snow around the place. Most everyone is surprised and think its cool except for the guy I just kind of humiliated in front of his people.
      Teleport in front of him then slap him onto the ground and teleport to the snakes again and look at them get up on the tree and slowly hunt down insects that get close to it, this is much better.
    8. Day 3 Competition

      by , 12-07-2022 at 04:20 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday December 3rd 2022
      Not much done, sadly.
      I am walking around on the street, become lucid and decide it is time for me to start talking to some people in order to accomplish some more personal goals.
      Prepare to teleport but there is very deep and loud snoring coming from waking life and can’t properly concentrate. Try to ignore it but it’s still there so ignore sounds from waking life just to feel a hit and then find myself awake.
      Back to sleep.
      Talking to myself basically on the mirror. Ignore the mirror and start to wash my face and then become lucid.
      Once I am lucid teleport outside of my house and over to another universe, try to find a crack in the place but it seems to be properly held this time. Oh come on!
      Since there are no cracks I got to make one myself. Raise my hand and start punching the thing a few times, there is no response so need to be a bit more serious. Continue to do so when I can hear some kind of sound and also feel someone coming close to me searching for problems. Use scan to fuse with the place and just fly around to a different location.
      This is cracked already anyways and then can hear a very loud meow… my cat wakes me up a few seconds after that.
      Back to sleep.
      I am with husband in bed, become lucid and decide to leave him there sleeping. Start flying and get out of the planet then slowly use Scan to move around and slither around a different location.
      Once I reach the new place, hide myself by transforming into a different person and hide my own presence then simply search for a good plane to be at and descend.
      Not much done since I can hear noises from waking… oh I know that alarm, since I know that won’t be turned off until I wake up and do it myself and won’t be sleeping after that decide to just sit down on a leaf in the middle of the forest. The leafs are big enough to have two or three people in them without breaking down so just don’t mind it at all and wait there until it is time for the inevitable.
    9. Day 2 of the competition

      by , 12-04-2022 at 08:59 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday December 2nd 2022
      Oh… sorry didn’t know he would go all crazy on us. Will fix it.
      I am talking to someone in my house, become lucid while doing so and start to ignore them, don’t want to be here any longer.
      SO just teleport somewhere else, try to go back to the same planet as yesterday but it seems the people are pissed at how I resolved things, so just summon a guardian for this planet and leave again.
      This time I am in another random universe. There seems to be a lot of weird women going in and out of the place, so just block them while trying to find a good place to be at.
      Don’t find anything too interesting so think about teleporting to a random location with humans when one of the girls strikes me from the back with a big energy spell.
      I just absorb it and turn around, smile at her and crunch her with my hair then fly towards a random planet in this universe… maybe not universe? I am not sure, end up somewhere not too far away from my original location and just float down to the ground.
      Now that I am on the ground try to remember my goals, I think summoning is the first one… or was it phasing? I want to do these in order but remembering is kind of hard. While trying to think start walking towards a small shop, get a cake slice and eat it, the guy asks me for money so create currency of this planet and provide it to him.
      Back to sleep.
      I am walking down the street, it is dawn and… oh yeah I am dreaming. Star to think about goals but gluttony gets the best out of me and I start to walk towards the shop from before, get more cakes and since last time I gave a lot of money to the guy he does not say anything about it to me.
      Now that I have gotten to eat more cake, need to think of ways to actually do my goals. SO the first one is to summon something right? Or was it to… control something. I can’t remember properly.
      So the first thing I do is create a few manga in front of me, select one of them. Yes, Inuyasha was quite fun to read back when I was younger. Now that I got it pick the book, open it and start to check its content. Naraku! That guy was a great final boss.
      Now, what was the reason he was so great? He had the ability to devour other yokai and get their powers and grow stronger himself. Touch the page an then bring him out of it, the guy is now in front of me in his casual white fox like thing he carries around.
      “Where am I?” he says while looking around, then prepares to jump out of the way to investigate when I stop him “You have been summoned by me” tell him, he is about to ask about the others such as Kagome, Inuyasha and Kikio but stop him “Do not think about them, they do not exist in this world” tell him and prepare to give him instructions.
      The guy tries to attack me, so just slam him against the ground, was my goal really to summon? Or was it to… phase first, then summon? Since can’t remember and want to check, decide I will be waking up and once I am back in the dream will see what to do.
      Before waking myself up, pick up Naraku and toss him inside of the universe of GOH with Mori Jin and the like, then keep going with my goal.
      Back to sleep.
      Checking my cell phone, it basically is weightless which makes me lucid and then realize that I fell asleep before checking the goals… oh come on!
      I will just do a bit of everything and will at least get ONE of them done tonight. Finally stop looking at the phone, drop it on the ground and look around, same planet as before uh?
      Start moving and prepare to summon something again, get the manga and prepare to choose a new character, but decide against it, because that was done already. Banishing maybe? Ok, but what do I do this on? A random DC from the location?
      A woman is not too far from me and maybe I could just banish her, but is that even good? Try to get over to her and a car is about to run me over, between letting the car get destroyed or phasing through just phase through it and keep walking.
      Once I reach the woman she stares at me since she saw what happened and starts running. Stop her with TK and make her come back to me and wonder if this is really the right thing to do. Then something hits me in the head, a metal bat apparently.
      Someone got afraid and decided to attack me, so funny! Push them out of the way using TK also and then just prepare to banish the woman before something traps me inside of a bubble. Who is it? I look up and see a man placing both of his hands to create the bubble. I touch it and see his face toughen as if he was applying more strength when I touch it.
      Start to toy with the bubble and the guy starts to sweat profusely, just keep going until he gives out and see a missile come my way. Jump towards it, grab it, turn around and send it back where it came from and see debris fly all around us.
      OH! Also had the goal to fight one certain type of creature, maybe if I destroy enough they will come and won’t have to go and look for them? But this planet is too small. Create something to the poison that protects me from before, but this time it will start attacking universes randomly, someone is due to either come or try and stop it, and if they can stop the new poison they should be strong enough for me to fetch a good fight, but wake up before anything can be done.
      Back to sleep.
      I am home, preparing some tea and being with family. For some reason husband is not home and I become lucid, use Scan since normally he is always close to me, even in dreams. Apparently I am not married in this version of my home.
      Anyways not important, go back to that planet where I was at before and just start to think about goals. Have been doing a lot of random stuff and not actually working on the goals I need to work on.
      When I prepare to do it something strange happens, and suddenly I see Mori Jin come out of a door to his universe. He says I need to help with the shit I dumped on his universe, what shit? He says there is a huge monster that has been eating everything in his universe and basically is now toppling everyone over and going to other universes because he got a part of his powers.
      Oh! Naraku? I ask him what the guy looks like and he describes Naraku perfectly. That crazy bandit still going about his antics in other universes uh. Apparently he is getting stronger by the minute and I find this all too strange, how did this happen?
      Naraku is strong for Inuyasha standards, but he should have been stomped hard in the GOH universe, how did he manage to even steal stuff from Mori? Read his mind and apparently he used actual evil tactics and took hostages, which let him have the chance to eat strong warriors and eventually steal stuff from Mori.
      Tell him exactly that, that he should be able to… wait a minute, did I not let him go seconds ago? Teleport along with Mori to his universe and see that time flows differently, in fact it is so different that in the few minutes he was with me Naraku has taken possession of everything in this universe to the point of just having a massive void.
      Reverse time to when Mori moved over to me and tell him to mind his own business, he should be able to win if he fought in earnest, but they are dumb like always and allowed themselves to get worn out and this is why they were losing, and restore them all back to their prime including to when they had the skills of the Jade Emperor and the Wi-Fi plus the blade of Tathagata and fully restore the body of Mori and also Satan, then leave to the other universe again.
      Once I arrive try to think of new things to do but already lost a lot of time with the Mori issue when I see someone showing up again, they are from neither Manga and just banish them casually out of existence since I want to… wait a minute, how did Mori get over to me? Wake up while trying to figure that one out.
      Back to sleep.
      I am back home, talking to niece and nephew. They are being overly annoying but don’t mind it too much and go to sleep inside of the dream, which takes me to the other world… oh, I was dreaming already nice.
      So once I am there preparing to leave. Quickly start flying towards space when I see Mori being thrown at me from a gate in worse shape than he was before, I grab him and can feel blood in his body “What happened?” I ask him, he says the guy grew way stronger than before and started invading other universes.
      I find this amusing and maybe thought it out loud because Mori seemed annoyed at me and said I needed to fix it “So Naraku is now a multiverse threat uh?”, Mori just gets weaker and weaker so I am about to heal him when a tentacle comes out of the gate and starts pulling him back in.
      I prepare to stop time in order to avoid this from happening when I see the left eye of Naraku glow in the darkness of the gate as one of the eyes of Mori in another universe whom controls time does. He actually blocked me? That moment of surprise was enough for Naraku to take Mori back and I guess kill him.
      This was actually getting me excited! Look around and see that everyone is currently not moving, including the wind itself. So I did stop time, but Naraku was immune to it! Damn, now I want to fight him and see to what extent he is growing stronger.
      For some reason he must think I am some kind of enemy since he took Mori away from me, he must have come to this conclusion when I reverted time and healed the guys, oh well.
      And the next thing I know is a huge gate opens above me and tentacles start coming down.
      I let them phase through me and then it goes directly to the world below me “Don’t, this world isn’t so bad” tell Naraku, but he continues.
      I stop phasing and grab his tentacles, then inject them with poison of my own and it starts breaking down. He then shots energy down at me which I stop by eating it and grab Naraku, bring him to this universe then fly him to space and smack him with a planet. It does nothing at all, he just eats it.
      Don’t know how he got this much stronger in such a short time, but I for sure want to continue the battle! Quickly let time flow again and disperse Naraku and me from the flow of gravity of this universe.
      He feels this one, as the galaxy we were on keeps on moving and several collisions happen while he is just there standing. He defends himself then gets enraged and throws several tentacles at me, they are still like his normal attacks.
      One of them however, stops time. I block that and fly towards him while creating a claw and cutting through them, reach over to his main body but can’t hurt him as he teleports out of the way and is met by a marble of energy right behind his head that blows him up.
      He starts to gather himself again and I punch him hard enough to blow his body across this universe. He then creates portals and attacks from different locations. I use teleportation plus high speed eating and eat his attacks. He then finds that he can’t actually retrieve what I have eaten and tries a big attack by gathering an immense amount of energy in his palm then throwing it at me.
      Eh, this will kill the universe if I let it go, so simply chomp it and then grab Naraku and fly way outside of the range of this universe, into a void of nothingness then stab him with my hair and place my palm on his chest and infect him.
      Naraku takes a lot of damage it seems because he vomits some white and purple blood with insects in it… ok. Cute. He starts to gather more energy and I prepare to block when he disappears through a portal. Prepare to follow through when I wake up into the home from before then wake up for real.
      Back to sleep.
      I am back home… not lucid obviously. This is annoying, family is talking to me, I am talking to them, they are about to leave and want me to go with them but I declined them.
      Once they are leaving prepare to go back to sleep and try to WILD, enter the same dream as before and wake up due to a family member poking me side “Come on Faby!” tell her and make her leave… wait, I am already dreaming, don’t need to WILD.
      Just teleport back to where I was at before and then a crack in space-time happens and a red-golden coloured tentacle moves at high speed towards me. Instinctively fly out of its way and grab it, then get a huge shock which actually surprises me, let it go and then two more come from behind. Grab them this time and send the shock back.
      Naraku is back, fully healed and stronger than before. His mask becomes a huge jaw that comes for me so I create several big crunches all around me that destroy his mouth, then see him leave again and come back, fully healed once more and again stronger, this keeps going several times until I finally get pissed off about this whole ordeal.
      When he is about to leave cancel the causality of his actions and bring him back forcefully and then start reading his mind with Scan, AH! That is what he was doing, he was actually going to other universes that already exist, manipulating time in it and then once he had devoured it would come back.
      Since I was inside his mind, he tried to attack my mind and ended up getting a huge backlash, just to be slapped down by me; he staggers some and then a huge barrier is created around me, it seems to be made out of water but at the moment of being touched it creates incredibly high temperatures and explodes, without breaking the barrier.
      The guy uses this opportunity while I am looking at the barrier to go away and then I am left with this huge barrier around me. Start to examine it and keep getting attacked by the barrier. Alright! Start by sticking out my tongue and stretching it towards the barrier and lick it, get a sample and then start to dissolve it and eat it just with my tongue while ignoring the heat and explosions.
      The barrier starts to slowly dissolve and I want it to be done faster, so increase time for my enzymes and just absorb the thing, then realize it is still active and starts exploding inside of me. Control the barrier and fully absorb it into my body.
      Once I am done prepare to look for Naraku when I see him flying down at me, good job! He got strong enough that did not see his obvious gate open up. It seems like his teleportation is much smoother now.
      I block and this time get slightly sent back, also his punch has enough strength that even though I had moved him so far away from the other universe it starts to crack and basically all life on it gets extinguished.
      He is mad I still have time to be worried about that universe and his palm opens up, some kind of black hole forms in the palm of his hand and he tries to strike me with that, so I strike back with open palm and send him flying while restoring the universe and prepare to properly fight him when he disappears again.
      He appears again from behind, block his attack with my clothes and then create a stasis to prevent him from just running away. He blocks the stasis and is about to leave once more, so grab his head and create a link between him and me, place my head right on his and throw him back a bit then clap my hands quickly and teleport us both to a new location.
      This is a multiverse system I just created so he stops destroying shit randomly.
      He is about to analyse the world and a way to escape the link I created between us while I take the time to make a barrier around this system and block his attempts at escaping, also create several self-repairing seals.
      He is enraged and the next thing I know is he is behind me and several dozens of the red-gold tentacles he had attacked with before are coming towards me. Except this time, they are strong enough that them just moving towards me is ripping apart the fabric of reality of this space.
      Grab one with both hands and start to cancel its power, then all the other tentacles come at me at full speed. Take out tentacles out of my hair and block and attack them, diving my hair through his tentacles and going for his body. When I reach, he is no longer there.
      Use Scan and locate him not too far from my location so teleport next to him and punch him, send him flying back then teleport again in front of him. He spits poison which I eat and then grab his head and start to inject some of my weird energy onto him. He absorbs it readily and finds out it is infested.
      He is good at poisons and tries to fight it off, then his body starts to decay and this time he is the one who claps. Apparently this is a cleansing technique he learnt from a universe he has eaten already. I know that technique, annoying little bastards.
      He realizes I get annoyed and once again claps his hands and does the trick, I just let it wash over and make it all darkness, then send it back at him. He tries again but can’t fight it back this time. Starts flying away while attacking with his normal poison tentacles.
      I follow suit and destroy them on the way, his poison is slowly entering my body and just at the same time I am letting my cells decode it and create an antidote to fight it off, while that happens stop destroying them and just phase through them.
      Naraku starts to get more and more afraid that he will lose and tries to escape quicker, but is met by the barrier and the several seals placed, which make him jerk back to me. It seems he finally realizes there is no longer any way to move out of the way and tries to face me directly.
      He tries to eat several of the universes in this system, which leads to his clones being eaten instead along with the universes, then being condensed into one inside my body and devoured.
      He tries to fly out of the way, so teleport in front of him. This happens several times and I assume he is out of tricks so grab his white fox mask, he replies by trying to claw my hands off and fails to do so. More of those weird tentacles come at me, stop them with my own hair tentacles and destroy them then dive my hand on his chest, take off his mask and eat it then shock him.
      He hides his face and grabs as much malice as he can from everyone he has killed as of right now. I place my head next to his and kiss him to absorb it all faster and also let him have a taste of my own curse, the guy tries to shake me off violently, some kind of golden light gathers around us and millions of weird lightning start to strike towards me, but it makes no difference. Once I am done with the curse, start to devour him from the inside out. That was fun.
    10. Day 1 Dec 2022 Competition

      by , 12-04-2022 at 07:10 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday December 1st 2022
      I don’t remember, so will just spam.
      I am talking to my boss and not very happy about it, become lucid while doing so and decide to ignore the guy, there are way more important things to do right now. Teleport over to a new world and start to think about what I must be doing right now.
      Remember vaguely something about a different competition than normal but don’t remember exactly what I needed to do. Currently flying in the middle of space out there in Lyseno, not exactly doing anything. Teleport outside of my PR and just start wandering space, taking this loneliness to try and think and remember, but nothing comes to mind.
      Oh well, since I can’t remember will just spam abilities and something may actually be what I needed to do… unless its highly specific? In that case it won’t work.
      Use Scan to find the planet that is closest with life, but it seems primitive and not funny at all so start looking for a planet that has living creatures but nothing I would like to be working with.
      There is one really distant from my location where a bunch of tribes that seem to be human are starting to gain advantage and want to basically seize everything for themselves, so could go there and stop them, that one sounds good.
      Its only a few hundred light years away, so fly quickly over there and reach before the dream ends.
      By the time I get there the civilization is way more advanced… oh yeah, I was just collecting visual images rather than essences, which means I was watching the past of this place, and now I don’t like it as much because that tribe was really able to seize stuff… GAH! Decisions, wake up before I know what to do, still flying somewhat high.
      Back to sleep.
      I am inside of a crystal cell. Get up and hit my head with the top of the cell… damn! Also realize I am abnormally heavy so I must be sleeping. So… how did I get here? Better use Scan properly this time to figure out the reason.
      OH! They saw me fall from the sky and sustain 0 injuries so obviously the right thing to do was to imprison me in this weird cell that was barely enough for me to be inside of since they didn’t know how strong I was.
      Oh well, not like it will do anything now, some guards come saying they saw me wake up when I just casually stand up straight, break the cell and then start walking out of the way, thankfully nothing seems to be lost from my clothes.
      Everyone seems surprised and they point some kind of laser gun at me, the moment they do I control wind and take off their arms, so the laser guns just fall directly to the ground while I keep walking.
      It seems I was trapped in some kind of tower. Walk to the nearest window, touch it and then just jump down. Once I am down from the place start to search for the head of this empire when someone fetches me from behind.
      They feel friendly so don’t do anything at all with the person, just let them take me along for the ride.
      Apparently they wanted to save me but there was no need for that, from what the girl who is running and grabbing my hand is thinking. She somehow realizes I am reading her mind and stops in her tracks, then tells me it will be faster if I just see the location and take us there.
      I comply and teleport us both to the location she is thinking of, this is much more nature oriented than the place I was on before, full of crystals and technology and people I wanted to kill and destroy.
      The girl says this is their hideout and they saw me too, suddenly appearing out of nowhere and then falling. They assumed I would wake up and free myself and they wanted my help.
      Tried to ask them why they thought it was a good idea to talk to me but woke up at that point.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on a moss bed, become lucid near instantly and get up. I like this place much better, there are no guards, a bed made of moss, a lot of flowers, trees and what not all around us. But I feel like this is a dying forest.
      While the people who brought me here decide to show up start to think about my goals, I know that one of them is advanced phasing and I think another one is summoning so will do that.
      First thing first though, expand Scan to all of the forest and just as I had thought, the forest is dying. It seems to be alive and is being eaten by the constant technological development of the people from the city, since they use the life force of the forest for their own life style.
      What I do is simple, give the forest a means to defend against this usage and cut off all current cycles and connections done, which makes it shine brighter in a glowing green light than it was on before.
      I think this alerts the people who had been with me, because the girl comes inside instantly and then grabs both my hands, saying she made the right decision. I shrug and take off my hands off of hers and tell her that I just did what was right, and need to get going.
      This place, despite being open in the forest area is still a room with proper walls so she leads me to the door and asks me if this will be enough “Once I kill everyone in the city” I say, and just keep walking.
      Apparently they are not very happy about this and some of her friends come along and they try to stop me, just jump over their heads and land on a mossy rock a few hundred meters ahead of us, they start following but are too slow.
      I know they can use some sort of magic but try not to.
      Not too far from there, find a huge boulder, as mossy as the one I landed on. I really like this place, you can see the tiny micro blades or leafs of the moss, the tiny “flowers” and what not, it’s all so beautiful.
      Then I hear these guys actually used magic in order to get here faster. Too much trouble to explain to them I don’t care about their ideals and will just kill everyone, so instead of talking to them decided to do the first task and simply keep walking. They seem confused since there is this huge boulder but just phase through it while still walking, then start floating until I reach out of the boulder and am floating quite high. Didn’t know that thing was THIS tall, tall enough that now I could see the city in the distance.
      Start flying towards the city but can hear noise coming from the waking world and decide to lay low, and end up waking up before I can do anything else.
      Back to sleep.
      I am walking down a strange forest. Get distracted by the glowing flowers, by the long vines, by the tall trees, the cold climate and the mossy floor as well as the evergreen leaves that seem to dance in the air.
      Once I stop being dumb and distracted and regain lucidity remember I have to hurry up… given the amount of noisy coming from waking life, will end up waking soon and don’t have much time.
      Try to remember the next goal, I think it is summoning and then de-summoning or something, so float again high enough as to see the city, then start flying towards it.
      Once at the city start getting shot with the lasers, just ignore that and raise my hand and start to gather energy, then draw a magic circle and summon a giant machine on top of the city, that will make the people in the city understand technology is bad right? It starts to rotate and gears moving loudly can be heard, the thing starts shooting everyone inside of the city that basically agreed with the drainage of the life force of the forest. Connect it to my Scan in order to make sure I get everyone and once they are all dead prepare to banish the machine but then the noise gets more annoying and end up waking up.