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    The world of Lyseno

    There is a new beggining, and this time the new world I set myself at will have no more restrictions or duties.

    1. Comp day 14

      by , 03-16-2023 at 06:45 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday March 15th 2023
      Not much was done today besides being online in a lucid. I found really interesting websites and books online so spent a good amount of time reading. Nothing too noteworthy.
      There was an issue with a website being raided but just banned from life the people annoying us and when there was an issue due to the disappearance just automatically teleported anyone that disagreed inside of a wattpad story that I found online about weird ant creatures enslaving humanity. Adding new characters made it more entertaining for sure.
    2. Comp day 13

      by , 03-16-2023 at 06:44 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday March 14th 2023
      OH! Uncle you are sexy.
      I am home reaching out to the kitchen. Become lucid and just create a cake in my hands then teleport over to another world and create an apple and start eating it.
      As I keep moving around the house also drink some water, jump out of the house and start flying towards our volcano and sit at the top, watch the sun set and that’s all I do for that night.
      Back to sleep.
      I am talking to husband, become lucid while doing so and then decide we have talked enough. Tell him to go about his daily business and teleport myself to another planet.
      The first place I get over to is not really that interesting and just teleport again to a new location. This one seems better, it has huge oceans and interesting underground mazes that I would like to explore.
      So do just that; first thing I do is teleport to some kind of underground maze, it isn’t exactly closed off to all types of light though, some of the rocks reflect it nicely and you can actually see light on the place, which has allowed for certain types of plants to grow here such as moss.
      Not only that, due to the underground set up it gets a natural fountain of water; there are quite a lot of holes all around the place that have water falling through in a beautiful mini waterfall system that gives birth to a not so small pond with lots of animals. I am mostly interacting with such creatures and investigating, grabbing the moss and just chilling there before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      Reading something online. Become lucid and decide I will not be on the computer anymore and teleport back to the same location I was on before. Keep on enjoying the place and walk around.
      As I am exploring see a little kid fainted on one of the water openings blocking the water. First move him out of the way so he doesn’t block the water anymore but then think that leaving a human alive in this place will make it dangerous and he will potentially kill many creatures while trying to leave so pick him by the collar and teleport outside of the place along with the kid.
      The kid had fainted so it was alright, the issue came when I came out and a bunch of people came over to me and told me that this kid is actually their family member and thank me since he had gone missing like 2 weeks ago along with his uncle and they thought the worst had happened.
      Use Scan and the kid is actually healthy and there should be no problem, prepare to leave when they invite me inside… annoying! Tell them I will be leaving instead but they insist and the bad part is that I feel like will be waking up.
      Get invited some tea and also scrambled eggs, the people living in this house are filthy rich but the house is somewhat poor looking and seems to be falling on some places wonder why. Allow myself to wake up while sipping my tea after finishing the eggs.
      Back to sleep.
      I am on a bed, become lucid while getting up and realize I must have fallen asleep in the dream while awake and they moved me here.
      The father thanks me again and says he is glad that I am ok, but he is still worried about his brother. They ask me if the brother was anywhere on sight and tell them no, from what I saw the kid was alone and must have wandered for a while to faint.
      I see the kid come by and say thank you to me, it seems he has changed clothes and is now awake, he is very happy that he got saved and sorry to have followed his uncle without permission.
      The parents start to scold him and then I prepare to leave when the father stops me… they take me up where they show me where one can enter to the cave system which is part of the house and falling due to the excess in water and ask me how I got there in the first place. I tell them that I went there from a different location and the father tells me that is bull. Ignore him and just mind control them while I go to the bathroom, go over to the kitchen and finish my tea and then prepare to leave but some loud thud wakes me up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on a table. Become lucid while getting down and remember about the people I mind controlled… damn woke up before being able to dispel it. Go back up and dispel the magic then prepare to leave when the dad grabs me menacingly.
      I just sigh and think that it will be fixed faster if I just show them. Use Scan and tell him he doesn’t knows everything about this location then go over to one of the walls that is half destroyed giving to a 10meters fall down to the caves and make it fall by pushing it, then tell him to watch below, where he sees one of the rooms actually connects to the caves but it can’t be seen normally unless the wall was taken off.
      The wife complains about the state of the house since it fell off so easily, but I just used more strength than humans can use. Tell them that I will go look for the uncle since they can’t follow me because of how deep it is and jump down. They tell me that the uncle will take me for my reward once I get him.
      I go down and prepare to go into one of the holes when I see a hot guy around 35 or so. He is around my height, has blonde hair but a beautiful brownish skin colour. Ok I am interested.
      Go over to him and he greets me excitedly from one of the holes on the wall “How did you not get hurt, are you one of them?” he says, scan the location and see there is a tribe of people with magic, tell him that I am from a different location and he just says ok while jumping down the hole.
      There is a lot of water that splashes and it gets my clothes wet, think about taking the water off but the guy is hot so I just keep talking to him. I show him a few creatures and he tells me he knows them, but couldn’t get close to them.
      I touch them since they are kind of afraid of me and explain a bit about their biology. It seems like he is especially interested in the red salamander that is twice our size, but it is pretty much harmless. Only thing it eats is moss and lots of water from the wells. He is super amazed and asks me if I want to go with him to his brother’s mansion in the sea “No, I don’t like him” tell him, he chuckles and says that’s understandable.
      He also mentions there are even greater creatures at the ocean where he is at and I don’t need to talk to the brother, which I agree with. I grab the guy and prepare to go flying but he actually freaks out a bit and falls down. Oh come on!
      He goes on to get on a flying motorcycle and asks me if I need a ride. Decline it while flying over to him and taking off his shirt “Maybe you need one” tell him and follow along.
      We go over to the sea, it is quick since his flying motorcycle is super-fast and so it’s only like 10 minutes of travel, he complains that his machine can’t catch up to me flying though and he starts flirting back.
      We talk for those ten minutes of travel and once we arrive he directs me towards the sea/ocean and tells me he will talk to his brother. Wait for him hovering above and then his brother comes up.
      He wants to give me a reward which I decline again and the guy stubbornly goes inside to get it. I start flying towards the coast and the brother follows along and then gets on a boat as I go deeper into the ocean.
      The next thing I know is that I want to watch from close but always have that dread of the sea. Fly down and first adjust my lungs to be able to breathe underwater; it feels weird having such a liquid instead of gaseous object go through my nose and over to my lungs and it takes a while to get accustomed.
      The brother without my knowledge was next to me on his boat. Then I feel something on top of me, so fly out and see that it was his pants… “You are underwater” he says, I am drenched obviously and I am a bit confused, but his half-nude self is entertaining enough “Why don’t you get undressed, before you get sick due to being overly wet”, not sure if that was an invitation but then I feel several creatures coming over.
      Between sex or just making out with a random hot DC and fighting the fight wins 100% of the time. Tell the uncle to get lost and he asks why while a giant squid jumps out of the water and lounges at me, I block its tentacles and when it tries to stab me with its hooks they just break and only manage to damage my clothes.
      I just heal my clothes and toss the squid away then teleport the guy away from us and tell him to get lost again “At least tell me your name” he says “Hukif” I reply while moving the water to force him out of my way as I go deeper into the sea and then go inside water and reach deeper into the ocean.
      A giant fish creature comes at me from the side nearly eating a boat so I punch it out of the way and then prepare to attack again when I feel something beneath me coming up really fast. Damn these waters are DEEP, and we are only a few kilometres away from the coast.
      I look down and only see a giant shadow getting darker, so look from above using Scan and see a small ship, me on the water and something that looks like an eye. I am around 1/10th of the size of the iris. The thing turns violently making giant tides move everywhere and I go back to controlling my body with a single consciousness.
      It starts trying to eat me and while it does so I use a mix of teleportation plus super speed to eat the creature before it gets the chance to bite me. The sudden disappearance of the body and the speed made a huge explosion underwater happen and then it came back down from all locations, filling the void the creature left behind. I tried to create enough barriers to protect non hostile creatures. Why I got attacked by the top creature of the ocean is beyond me, but it always happen and it was quite entertaining.
    3. Comp Day 11

      by , 03-15-2023 at 07:52 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday March 12th 2023
      Cat kingdom? I can’t fight them.
      I am talking to someone in my room. Become lucid while getting up because nobody should be there and then teleport over to a new planet. Prepare to leave because the place looks boring but Scan tells me people are trying to fight off an unknown enemy and this gets me hooked.
      Instead of leaving, start helping humans to search for this enemy. Stop Scan so that I can also enjoy the whole experience; start talking to different DCs as they all seem worried about it.
      Get enough information about some kind of conference that will be held where this unknown enemy will be giving their demands and so plan to join it in on the conference, in the meantime go purchase some food, a cake and some bread and eat it before waking up.
      Back to sleep.

      I am home, become lucid while walking out and then teleport back to the other world. Not much that I can do as of right now since it is still some time before the conference. So instead go over to a hotel, create coins before entering on my hand and then enter and pay for one night.
      The place is… not the best place. Its half destroyed, the bathroom was disgusting, filled with poop everywhere and it wasn’t a pleasantry to get things done in there so just teleported that stuff out of my way and cleaned a bit by using water control and then just forcefully flushing.
      Go outside again, create more money on my hands and go eat at a restaurant and while eating there ask the waiter at what time the whole thing will start, that is when he lets me know… it won’t be until next week I read the papers wrong damn!
      Back to sleep.
      I am home, checking something online. Become lucid, close down all of the browsers and then teleport back. I am annoyed and as such don’t want to wait.
      So what I do is go to the place where the conference is going to be held, control time and make it be 1 week later by fast forwarding the life on the planet.
      People sit next to me, fast forward again time to avoid the talk and then before they finish get back again, talk a bit with the people next to me, telling them how I will be protecting the planet and what not.
      Next thing I know is I see the head of the presenter fly up into the ceiling of the theatre. People start screaming and something comes rushing at me in ninja clothes, small… fluffy! I stop its pointy weapon with my fingers and then raise my other hand to block claws, a ninja cat.
      Ok, there is no possible way I will be fighting and killing them. Some people see I can obviously react in time and defeat them and start screaming at me to do something, I do. Create a wind wall behind me as a kitty tries to stab my neck and then push him out of the way. Once I am done with pushing the kitty out of the way make myself ethereal and start phasing through everything and watching them how they start taking out humanity. Some humans hide and try to be sneaky, but kitties end up finding and killing them. Wake up before finishing the whole thing but that’s ok.
    4. Day 10 comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:24 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday March 11th 2023
      I owe her, so will do layered playing.
      I am home with husband, become lucid and exit our room and then… things change, I am still with husband but our room is now inside of a version of an older house where every member of our families live together.
      Quite annoying, since we are a lot and the house is small, meaning everyone lives in single rooms with their whole families except for my older sister that for some reason was able to get a house next to us.
      Mom comes by and I prepare to teleport away but remember today is her birthday in waking life… so I kind of don’t want to leave her but also don’t want to stay here, not sure on what to do decide to do layered adventuring.
      So then go sit in the bed inside of my room. Husband is pissed off and says he wants to do something about being here all day and since it seems nobody will bother me on my end besides him decide to make things right.
      Teleport as much money as possible on a small box below the bed that I just happened to create that moment and tell him we should be leaving this house, that he can take care of it however he likes.
      He asks me how he will do that, so tell him to check the box with our savings, he sees the money and gets out happily, in search for a new house. In the meantime, try to decide whether to use a phone, computer or TV for my stuff.
      Pick the phone that is on a small table next to the bed, unlock it and then start browsing online. Find something interesting and summon the guy from the ad onto the dream, but he will be annoying so while he is still confused banish him and keep browsing before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting in bed, get up and become lucid. What should I do… oh! There is a room next to mine, enter it and turn on the computer. Someone was watching an episode of R&M.
      Place my hand on the screen and teleport inside of it; once in that world see a bullet come my way, it just strikes me in the face and nothing happens which makes some people shot me even though nobody had realized I was there a second ago.
      I keep getting shot plasma that at the start makes my clothes melt away so fuse with them and end up being pissed because its blocking my vision. Use scan and find the guys shooting at me, then control the ground around me and spike them all to death.
      Once I am done start walking, move the rubber that fell around and start looking, it feels strange looking like my waking life self while everyone else looks like cartoons so transform myself into cartoon form when a portal open next to me.
      Teleport to another planet and watch from there… and another portal opened up next to me, so teleported again. This kept going for a while and I kept teleporting between the two planets until Scan detected the guy was going through the portals in the locations I had been at to try and find me.
      So just teleported to another galaxy and watched using Scan, they got mad I couldn’t be found and started screaming at each other that someone got what they needed, then the kid kicked some kind of crystal and realized that it was there all along, there was some suspicion but nothing too interesting going on so just ignored them for the time being.
      Back to sleep.
      I am inside the room, get told to leave by one of my brothers and do so. While walking out become lucid and once lucid prepare to go into the same world again, but now I need to investigate how to enter the world without the other computer.
      In the meantime, mom comes and I give her some gift, bide her out of the room and then she wants to talk… ok, split my consciousness and leave one here talking to her, and another one teleports to the place I was on before.
      Things did not go quite as planned as end up teleporting where I was at before and the same guy from before was there… Rick, annoying fella.
      First thing he did was shoot me in the face which again did nothing, they panicked for a bit, he seemed to be a bit drunk and was going to watch his reaction but the other me got a bit annoyed and overwhelmed which made my reaction slow enough as to get hit with a rock.
      On the other me took care of things, went to wash my hands and came back alone, so now could go into only one consciousness.
      Once I am back remove the rock and then attacked one more time get attacked by Rick and then a portal opens and more rocks fall down on me. Teleport behind the guy and tell him to stop being so annoying and at least talk, the kid already left and the guy keeps attacking me with everything he has, nothing doing any damage and me just teleporting next to him instead.
      Once I am pissed off enough stop his movements with telekinesis then grab his shoulder and tell him he will regret making me angry.
      He says there is nothing I can do that will make him an angrier person than he already is, so use Scan to find both his loved ones in every part of the multiverse along with all of his enemies. Then transform my hair into tentacles and open portals and make them go through.
      Start killing and setting up infectious viruses that evolve and hunt down anything with a similar system, effectively destroying every single version of his enemies as well as his loved ones, make sure to let him know of this by sharing Scan with him.
      The guy starts tearing up first, then he goes into further rage. Oh, how wonderful. I erase his weapon and then erase any signal of me existing in this world besides this image he has of me, before letting him fall to the ground and teleporting back to my place.
      Since I was mad went over to the kitchen and grabbed some cake, as well as preparing some food and getting some more stuff for dream mom. Finished eating and went to the bathroom before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on a chair, get up and become lucid. Once lucid start going outside, look at things fly a bit and then come back after I finish. Just went out to do Scan and check on dream husband, he is doing fine and is already looking into different houses around the place.
      It is still early, so probably he won’t be coming back until it’s too late for me to talk to him again due to waking up for the day, which is fine really since that was the idea. Also get party like stuff for others so they stay outside and then go back inside.
      Try to search for another good place to be at, but nothing comes up.
      End up trying to search online, by connecting the analogue TV to the internet forcefully using powers, rearranging its system, but even though I do get online don’t get anyone because family comes over and wants me outside. I refuse because I am not feeling ok and wake up before I can do anything interesting.
      Back to sleep.
      I am browsing on my phone, its heavier than normal for being mine and so I become lucid.
      Some family members are there watching me since I said I was feeling ill… try to talk to them and while doing so turn on the TV.
      They don’t seem to realize that I changed it to a smart TV before which is fine, until someone points out the series are not for normal TV antenna and see that it is online stuff.
      I prepare to say something but they just assume I purchased it; alright then. Most of them leave and while they do so we are watching an episode of Wednesday that has not come out yet.
      What they are trying to do is summon someone that was killed thousands of years ago, a super witch basically that can do basically anything that she wishes to do in terms of elemental magic and would help them to take out the anti monster people that are trying to use military level force to defeat those who are well, supernatural creatures.
      The plot is a bit interesting so I make my body speak while watching not to miss anything and decide to try something new. I want to affect that other world without being there so do just that.
      Expand scan through dimensions and multiverses until I reach the desired one, then make it so the TV show is connected to it directly and slowly give directions to the characters while making the connection in real time.
      They have to go through a few towns and arrive at a place that is in a well. That well is not a normal one either, as inside of it is the key to unlock the creature if done by a witch, which Wednesday is.
      She goes inside the well to avoid the gunshot now that she is alone and is trying to hide herself.
      The next thing she knows is that it is morning and she is in the middle of an open area.
      It seems like the military half knew about what she was going to do as they are already at the top of the location preparing to attack her, but she starts the chanting and I make it so she summons me instead.
      Since I am having my consciousness split up half mess up and they start summoning the previous original creature which is gigantic and also me, so I fuse with the creature, take over, kill it and then appear as a giant and then slowly take my normal size.
      As soon as I am back on my original body see that I spawned in the middle of a mountain instead of the plains and start slowly talking less in my other body.
      The military shot some tank shots at me, which I stop with my hand and drop the giant bullets. Also a missile comes my way which I just casually eat while looking around to see the plains with Wednesday.
      Jump over to her and make it so my landing is gentle and does not kill her. She says she needs help to kill, not for me to just block everything. I extend my arm back where the army is coming from while looking at her and crush everyone down with TK, including helicopters, jets and tanks as well.
      She says that was a pleasant sight and then thanks me before preparing to leave. I make her start singing instead and then summon a meteor at the other side of the planet to wipe out some of humanity while placing a protection shield around non humans, it’s quite a sight and she seems both happy and afraid before I wake up.
    5. Day 9 comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:24 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday March 10th 2023
      Only slept for a few hours.
      The only lucid I remember, was with family members whom were trying to force me to stay. It started in the bathroom, it was disgustingly dirty so I teleported all of the poop out, controlled the water to forcefully flush through it by drilling the stuff that was still inside and then did my business, went out and saw some annoying people I dislike.
      I knew my dream wouldn’t let me kill them easily but tried anyways, swiped my hand towards them and a huge explosion took out the city next to them, but they just came back.
      Crushed them under super gravity but they came back… just decided it was too much trouble and just flew faster than light outside of the planet and the solar system. They kept teleporting next to me and being a bother. GOSH!
      I was pissed now, so just teleported over to a new universe, but they were slowly appearing there too, so I took my time to wait for them and then ate them both, sealed them inside of me and waited for them to die inside of my stomach.
      Once that was done and to take away the bad aftertaste, went over to a random store in this planet and asked for some sweets before waking up.
    6. Day 8 comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:22 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday March 9th 2023
      Don’t actually remember.
    7. Day 7 Comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:21 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday March 8th 2023
      I do like giving classes, it’s fun.
      I am talking to myself. Just enjoying the day because it’s such a good one. Also become lucid and decide I will just be watching today. End up flying over to the nearest mountain and find… quite a beautiful scenario with waterfalls and the like. Teleport on top of the waterfall and start playing with the water, as in making the waterfall split in two and the like. Don’t actually get wet myself, but find it super fun.
      Back to sleep.
      I am with brother, become lucid while talking to him and tell him that I need to leave, teleport back to the mountain and then keep on playing with the water by making the waterfall go up.
      When I do that, something comes from within the forest we are on and strikes directly at me, I block with my hand and get sent flying back; nearly crashing onto a tree but stop myself in order not to destroy it.
      Some kind of white ram… no, it is white and fluffy like a ram but it is a different kind of creature. It comes straight at me again so this time tap its head and make it dive onto the ground a little bit, just enough to stop moving. I grab its head and rise it to match my height, it growls at me and then just runs away.
      Follow it by flying behind it and find myself crashing against a crystal wall, going through and activating an alarm so just repair the thing and teleport outside of the place.
      Back to sleep.
      I am with brother again, preparing something to eat. Start eating and become lucid; once I am done teleport back to where I was at before and then find the crystal wall.
      Touch it and then start using Scan to find why this thing is here.
      Apparently in this mountain range I am on there are a lot of different creatures that are dangerous for children, and someone had the super bright idea of create a school in here and protect it with this giant wall.
      Teleport to the entrance and quickly mind control everyone into thinking that I am a new teacher, because I want to see the inside of the place and why the school was built in this location.
      Some people greet me and tell me I have to fill in some paper since I am a new substitute teacher, did I min control them wrong? When checking everything is right, the issue is that I didn’t take into account all teachers were in place and I was just there… like an extra so it makes sense this is what everyone thought about would happen.
      End up going to the principals and talk to the guy, he says I can go and check some of the classes going on right now and see how it is going but wake up before being able to do so.
      Back to sleep.
      I am looking at some kind of bridge, become lucid while leaning to see better and once lucid realize this is the same school, the principal comes out and says I should really see some of the classes even if I am starting tomorrow helping some of the teachers and directs me to one of the rooms.
      They are doing a test, 9 or so year old children are doing a math test based on the creatures outside and they are trying to make a simple calculation of the speed these things move at; the teacher there reminds me a little bit of one of my sisters and I check the content.
      Learn it and once I have memorized the equations and the test start to go outside but get stopped by one of the kids, they want me to fully explain everything since they all just finished their test time and the other teacher agrees.
      I explain how the triangulation of the location and the movement of the creature can be calculated using some simple maths, given that it has moved linearly twice, and they can just divide the distance between the time it took the creature to get there, and using that, they can use the distance between themselves and the creature to know exactly how much it will take to get to where they are at if its moving at the same speed.
      One of the children says what if its slower due to the trees, if they can be lazy, I reply they need to hurry further then, in order to set up a trap and be able to get themselves to safety since they will have extra time besides their calculations. The teacher seems satisfied with my other explanations as well and I can finally go outside.
      Once outside, start watching through the wall and see all sort of creatures, some that can go in and out. Those are harmless though and one of the kids is trying to pursue it, did class end already? I also follow through and trap one of them, it attempts to teleport before I reach so teleport next to it and grab it, which causes a commotion and the kid is about to tell on me when a giant white creature like the one I stopped before shows by jumping, it’s as big as the trees.
      The kid gets mesmerized by it so I can teleport on its head and see that adults have red and blue strips on their faces, they look so cute! It tries to take me off so I just make myself intangible and go through it several times as it tries to get me off and failing.
    8. Day 5 Comp

      by , 03-07-2023 at 06:44 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday March 6th 2023
      Not much done.
      Mostly NSFW stuff done throughout the night, 4 lucids, in all of them was talking to DC and basically making out at times with them; that happened because dream husband was there, no sex but kept following dream husband around because he kept nearly getting killed… besides teleporting him a few times to safety and then using mind control to take him to a safe place didn’t do much. Was kind of mad, and realized this is MY version of “you cheated on me in your dreams, I am mad at you in reality” thing; so also took a few minutes to calm down before waking up and avoid being angry over something that happened in my dream.
    9. Day 4 Spring Comp

      by , 03-06-2023 at 07:54 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday March 5th 2023
      Oh come on, problem after problem!
      I am home going to the bathroom, become lucid and… still take my time. Finish, wash my hands, teleport to another planet and end up falling from the sky again. Fly down quickly and land somewhere nearby to a town.
      Don’t see much happening and the town is an ant town, no humans on this planet and the place looks wonderful, I like it. Teleport to various locations and enjoy nature some.
      A volcano is about to erupt, so control the fire and make it settle down while liberating the energy onto the atmosphere before making it go dormant again, don’t want it to destroy anything. Do let the nutrients fill up the area as if it had erupted though, before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on the bed, get up, become lucid and decide to teleport to another planet.
      Again find myself in the sky, so fly down and then feel heavier than normal even for dream standards, apparently this planet is either very dense, or very big.
      Check with Scan, the planet itself is very big, nearly Jupiter level, its exosphere is incredibly big and it’s so massive that there are moons in the atmosphere, which is impressive on its own!
      Go around walking, some humans which don’t bother anyone so don’t plan on talking to them; find a few other creatures that are intelligent so fly from one mountain range to another and land next to some kind of giant insect civilization.
      We talk telepathically some and the insect civilization tells me about this imminent danger to the whole planet coming from one of the moons.
      Oh wow! We talk for a bit and they explain that humans started working with magical forces, this is why there are so few of their species as of right now. The magic they tried to use was dimensional magic that made one of the moons create alternate dimensions inside of it, and they are collapsing on each other as the dimensions are dying and taking energy from the dimension on top of the next one, and once the last one collapses, it will collapse everything including this planet.
      I asked them if they know this, why they have not acted upon it? The insects tell me that they tried but the magic was created for humans, so other species get killed and transformed into energy unless they are strong enough to resist it; was about to ask why they are telling me this when one of the insects points at me and says “You are strong enough to resist it”, implying they don’t consider me human.
      I agree to help them since this planet is super cool and want to see a bit more about it. They tell me that the dimensions normally would not be collapsing, but humans are stupid creatures and their magic was incomplete so now it is an issue until someone goes down to the deepest levels and manually fixes the issue.
      They offer me some meat food that truthfully looks disgusting but is actually quite good, we continue talking for a bit and tell them that I will be gone for a bit and will come back to take care of the problem with the moon.
      Back to sleep.
      Am resting on top of some leaf bed. Get up and become lucid just to see some big insects come inside my room and ask me if I am ready.
      I take the liquid they are giving me; it is a bit sour but good. Get out of the house and they take me to their elder. Ask the elder which moon has the issue and he says it will be here in a few months, given how long it takes the moon to travel around the planet so just mention to him not to worry and start flying before using Scan to find the moon I need in specific.
      Once I find it, teleport to the place and am on top of the moon, it’s at cloud level and its super massive compared to the clouds, it’s like someone placed half the earth planet somewhere in the sky and let it float there to be found by someone.
      Anyways I go down and find myself in an array of mountain ranges that have no life whatsoever, seems like I got to the wrong side, I am also pointing my head down towards the planet because when looking up see the ground. Start flying again and move quickly towards a place that has civilization, or human buildings since based on the information the insects gave me humans made the problem happen and it must be human buildings that are close to the dimensional rift.
      I go over 1/4th of the moon I am on before finding a city with sky… well… tall buildings, since the sky is pretty much everywhere you look at.
      Anyways get down to the building and get pointed at by guns, people shot at me so just stop their bullets mid-air with TK and force them down where I land at then tell the people I have come to help.
      They tell me they don’t need my help so create a gravity barrier and force everyone down “You don’t have a choice” tell them, and start walking while using Scan.
      In one of the big buildings that is now completely in ruins, there is the entrance! Start flying towards it and some woman starts screaming.
      A young girl comes out and looks out a broken window on the building, she tries to point a gun at me so teleport it away and then keep flying towards the place.
      Once I reach the location of the orb that has the entrance the woman from before, now free from my spell she has come up running as quickly as she can to protect the girl. I am just talking to her and asking what they are doing there.
      The woman finds me talking to the girl, whom I find out is her daughter about them knowing the issue and trying to fix it, but being unable to do so. Apparently everyone who goes in is unable to come back, worse yet, when they created the place it was meant to be a training ground where time goes by differently, so they are expecting everyone inside to be dead by now since too much time would have gone by.
      Albert, the husband of the woman may still be alive but an old man, they want to meet him again, tell them I can fix the issue if they allow me to go inside but they keep refusing, tell them I will go inside anyways since they do not have the power to stop me, and they agree.
      They tell me a team of people will go with me, since they were planning to go in a week and ask me if I am ok with waiting… just tell them to do it right now if they want the planet to be saved. They bring the team, 1 girl and 2 guys whom obviously dislike me.
      Get prepared to go in when I wake up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am on the ground, get up and dust my face while becoming lucid. Did they just… throw me down the building? Jump all the way back to the place and land next to the broken window, making a shockwave make everyone fall.
      Since now I am pissed just go over to the orb, they start shooting me and I just receive the bullets but no damage, use TK and make the people that were selected to come with me forcefully come to where I am at, grab them by the collar and place my hand on the orb that is in the middle of the room.
      It starts flashing in blue and purple light and the wife of Albert screams “Bring him back home” before everything turns white and I am on the ground AGAIN.
      Get up and dust my clothes and see the other three people next to me, one is running towards some light, we are inside of a giant cave and there are some dim lights in the distance, some water close to us and sounds of people. The girl gets up and tries to fight me so place her down with gravity, the other guy just says he will guide me.
      We walk towards the others, whom now have guns in hands and are preparing to attack me but see the other guy get in between us “Bullets do nothing” he says and the one who told them I am a menace confirms it.
      They tell me that we need to go inside, so the rock that I was look at moves, or opens. It was just a door camouflaged to look like a rock and inside we go.
      The place looks like a building inside of a cave, with lots of light bulbs and people coming and going, at least can count 200 of people around me.
      The general comes over “Albert?” tell him before he says a word, he says yes and asks me how his wife is doing “She is fine, waiting for your return after a year”; he looks up and says “a year” yeah I said that already.
      He turns around and tells me to follow him while explaining for him it has been already 320 years, so that means time goes by 320 times faster in here than it goes outside. They seem to not age in this dimension at the same speed they do in the other one and he tells me they have a lot of problems.
      The guys are talking about how food is scarce, they can’t go out into the dimension due to the demon lord and the creatures that are killing his men; while he is saying that I casually summon food and water around the place to fill in the containers for it and keep walking with him all the way to the door. He turns around when he hears people scream in joy and sees everyone is forming in line for the new food supply.
      The guy tears up a bit and says thank you then turns around “Can you do something about the dark rain?” he says, I say yes and ask him to give me a bag of rice, he doesn’t know what a bag is neither what rice is.
      They have guns made out of metal, but don’t have plastic? Alright, that’s ok. Tell him what I need and he brings the bag of white rice. Ask them to point me towards the door and how to open it, he then opens the door, or first door. It seems like it is a system where automatic doors open up, then there is a second row of doors that won’t open until the first has closed down.
      As the first one is closing Albert says I won’t survive even a minute and then the second door opens. Did he try to get me killed after me giving him free food and water? Wow, what a nice husband he must be.
      Walk out and see a yellow star giving off light as well as a very clear sky save for a giant bat-like creature which I guess is the demon lord and also see… one cloud made out of darkness come over to where I am at.
      So is that the dark rain? I open the bag of rice expecting it to move slowly then see the stuff coming down at me at super speed, damn need to hurry up!
      Throw the bag into the air and then with TK move all of the rice around me to create a barrier and see small 3 or 4 CM long black creatures hit against the rice, they can’t come in and attack me directly so the rain dissolves and then goes around me and tries to attack from another angle.
      I rise slightly using TK also to make the circle go below me when the black creatures come out of the ground too but can’t hit me.
      Move the wall of rice a bit farther away from me and start moving my hands alongside the rice as if I was controlling it with my hands, expand my vision to be 360 and start dancing around with the rice and making spears out of it combining it with TK.
      Slowly but surely my rice spears start crushing this black rain down, 3 or 4 minutes later there is more rice than black rain next to me and the creatures start leaving so I start moving the rice towards it and crushing it as its flying off onto the distance, once I Make sure all of them are dead retrieve my rice and plant it around me, forcefully making it grow so people can use it to feed themselves.
      Go back inside and everyone is speechless and there is a large line of people in front of the door looking at me “So now what, where is the next entrance?” Albert isn’t even there anymore so they just point me towards a building and I teleport to it then find myself sucked by the new orb… damn.
      Back to sleep.
      I am next to a mansion. Become lucid while getting up. This place looks really luxurious and doesn’t seems to have the same issue as other locations? SO there may be an even lower level somewhere here.
      Scan to find the new orb and prepare to teleport there when some rich children say that a bum is on their house. HEY! I am not that dirty, just normal? Oh but they all have sparkly clothes.
      Use mind control to force them all to recognize me as a part of the student body in the building where the orb is at that leads to the final dimension. They are ok with taking me there for two reasons, one is because they are also students there, the other is because they don’t want a dirty mutt in their house and arrange for a carriage to come pick me over along with the others.
      One of the girls says she is sorry for her family and the boys sneer at me and say I am polluting the air around them “Sorry, I happen to do that when I am next to trash” tell them, the girl who apologized laughs and the other two get furious but can’t come up with something better.
      It is boring and I wake up before we arrive…
      Back to sleep.
      I am inside of a big classroom… no I don’t want to be. Get lucid while going out and decide I will not be taking any classes. I made myself look younger before but just go back to my normal 20’s appearance and start looking for the orb.
      People don’t bother me since some students are as old as me and so don’t have much to worry about. A girl tries to hit on me while I am moving around the place so decline her and tell her I only like guys and keep on searching.
      Find a hint that it’s on the lower floors and try to get in one of the elevators and hit down… which takes me up. Use scan because that makes no sense and apparently the elevators here have the dimensional direction, down is going up towards the higher dimension while down goes up towards the lower dimension, alright?
      So find a guy once I come out of the elevator that wants to get in, I won’t be using that thing again so mind control him into telling me where the stairs are at and start going down.
      As I do so end up bumping onto a guy who saw me with the other one before and wants to ask me out… since he heard from the girl and what not, how did this run so fast? Only been here for like 20 minutes.
      Anyways try to decline him when he comes over and kisses me… push him out of the way and tell him I am busy and have a boyfriend already, then keep going down.
      That made me mad, also figure out I need to go to the bathroom again so do just that and find one close to the orb. It isn’t very well kept as most school bathrooms are but that’s ok.
      Close the door, manipulate the metal so it closes and then summon something to keep it closed and take care of my business, 3 minutes later an older guy comes by.
      He says it is forbidden to have relationships outside of the school and he will have to look me down real deep, disgusting. He then mentions that he will need to open the door so I just grab it and finish my business, the guy gets super angry and tries to force it open and several people see me come out of the bathroom which is a bit annoying.
      End up being really annoyed so once I get out turn back time to before I went into the bathroom, observe where the guy came from and see he is the issue in this dimension because he keeps sexually harassing all students like he wanted to do with me.
      Just walk over to him, snap my fingers to let time flow again and smash him against the ground enough times he dies, then move the ground so that there is no blood and it looks like a normal floor again before tossing him to the side and crunching him on himself with super gravity.
      Right after go into a series of rooms and find the orb that I need, so go inside.
      Back to sleep.
      I am walking down a super rundown street, light is scarce and reddish and the place looks abandoned.
      Become lucid while walking and… oh, the final stage. Ok this looks like the worst out of them all. And most likely the reason why everything started to fall apart.
      Go around asking why things are like this and nobody wants to talk to me.
      A woman and her 6 years old kid pull me aside and try to kill me to get meat, which I give them by creating it in front of them.
      Once they have eaten ask them what happened and they tell me that in this final dimension creatures are created once something dies but the food is always less, because the creatures that come out are smaller than the ones that die.
      They are monsters, but smaller. I think this makes no sense and go with them towards a place that is lower down the ground than the rest of the place and has small abandoned houses with no windows or doors, all made out of rock.
      I go inside and the kid says his dog died not too long ago and indeed do see a creature come out that looks like his dog but weaker… and small. So this is the reason, they kept killing things as soon as they came out! But looking at the dog it isn’t even alive, just something made out of energy that is growing up.
      I let it attack me and hit it with a sword I summon, but don’t kill it. Hit it with the side with no sharpness the dog starts growing up quickly into a bigger creature, check to see if the monster is alive or has feelings or anything but it does not, just is there as an energy form.
      Once I confirm this, let go and as it lounges at me turn the blade around and cut its head off, the thing falls to the ground and it becomes a dark smoke that ends up dissipating and several other creatures come out on the town, this time harmless animals, chickens that can actually be eaten. People get overjoyed and start coming over.
      I create several other foods alongside and tell them not to kill the chickens and allow them to give them eggs and reproduce; people agree and also tell them NOT to kill creatures right away, to wait until it grows further.
      People agree, everyone is happy and the star of this dimension starts lighting up brighter and the dimension gets restored. I then move over to the next one, not even a minute has gone by and just teleport to the mansion where I go up again.
      Teleport next to Albert and tell him he will soon see his wife, but I am about to have to leave, he says they can kill the demon king since the greatest danger to them was the rain I destroyed.
      He thanks me before I wake up, just teleport out of the cave and back into one of the buildings before waking up.
    10. Day 3 Spring Comp

      by , 03-06-2023 at 05:08 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday March 4th 2023
      I don’t like you.
      I was at home about to prepare something… but everything was so heavy. Become lucid and decide I need to go to another planet to prepare food and taste something a bit different; but then how will I get food… want to go shopping.
      Teleport again, this time try to reach out to a planet that has a family similar to my own but with a dead version of me they don’t know yet about and do find the place!
      So once I arrive, try not to teleport inside since the me dead they don’t know about died a long time ago (Back when I killed all other alternate versions of myself); knock on the door, give them a full discourse of what happened and why I was unable to come back for years. They buy it and I feel like will be waking up, so tell them I need to go and rest before anything else so that I can wake up and not arise suspicion.
      Back to sleep.
      I am talking to a family member, become lucid while doing so and remember my goal… to prepare stuff that is only possible inside of a dream! This place has some very unique birds that are already domesticated and I want to prepare an omelette with that and some fruits, so ask one of the sisters in this world to bring me to the market.
      They take me to the nearest market and I purchase plenty of stuff while creating coins of the currency of this planet in my pockets. We talk for a while, tell them some more about this fake trip and that will end up leaving soon again but wanted to come visit and prepare some food. Also tell them have been sleeping poorly and what not. We get back from the market and they open the door.
      We go inside, I turn on the stove but still need their help to get to the right place. This house is nice, a back and front yard, the kitchen is a single big rectangular room and the bathroom is outside of the restroom, it has many entrances and also the places for sleeping are all together, feels cosy.
      Prepare the eggs in an omelette of fruits, add enough salt, also teleport some spices from other planet and use them, increase the fire using fire control and control the temperature by absorbing heat into the wind next to it to make a better meal.
      It takes me roughly 20 minutes to finish the preparations but am about to wake up, ask family to serve things as I go sit down for a bit while I wake up.
      Back to sleep.
      Am talking to myself, get up and become lucid; rub my eyes and remember my goal, get out of the room I am on, pass by the bathroom and get over to the kitchen, they are nearly done serving. Also figure out that should get the layout of the place and start using Scan while walking around.
      Not too far from here there is a school that is abusing children by forcing them to learn how to use their powers in a hierarchical system that forces them to fight and sometimes kill each other which I don’t like, for one they are making humans stronger than needed and for another nobody should abuse children.
      Take a note to go there once I am done eating. Once they finish serving feel like I am about to wake up again… no! Talk to them, ground myself to stay in the dream for a little bit longer and eat to my heart’s content, also get some sauce that apparently isn’t common on this planet by teleporting it from another planet and mixing the ingredients by creating a mini tornado and then just teleporting the content inside of a recipe and placing it over the table.
      They get surprised since they have never tasted anything like it, I just continue eating, lots of sauce added, some water with mango, pretty cool flavours all around. I am very happy about the results before waking up for real.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting in a dimly lit room. Become lucid and get out of the room, tell family I have to leave and hurry outside then leave the body I am on and go inside the body of one of the kids at the place.
      So far he has been named the weakest but his skill is quite good, eh can gather information and layer it around himself to predict actions in the immediate future.
      I go over as him and take classes as the kid, he is asleep in the meantime.
      Take notes, talk to the teachers, they seem to be impressed by the kid making more progress now than he used to before, I also refuse to let him be intimidated by the big kid in the class that has a skill that allows him to grow larger and stronger; albeit his skill is better oriented for fighting and has a much better body structure and height than the one I am controlling, they are not allowed to use skills outside of official battles and as such don’t worry too much.
      When the teacher comes back, he seems annoyed at me, since in the last test he made I got higher grades than some of my classmates, he keeps trying to pick up on the kid I am controlling but keeps failing; before leaving he says he needs to speak to the principal and will get back to us which is nice since I need to wake up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting in a wooden chair, become lucid as someone pushes my head down because it’s going in slow motion due to how heavy we are… being lucid fixes the issue with being in slow motion but then I get my head slammed against the chair and since this is not my body get actual damage.
      There is some blood and I heal myself before turning around so nobody realizes, leave a small red mark and the kids body instinctively started to cry.
      The big guy is there smirking at me, because he can’t believe I tried to defy him or his group, so tell him he couldn’t beat me without his powers and make him want to fight me.
      The friends of the kid come over and tell me something bad is happening, that the teachers are talking ill about me for going against the hierarchy and that they want to expel me, they tell me to just accept the beating in order to stay in the school to which I tell them that will not happen while getting ready.
      The other kid is getting ready and the teachers are on their way back, teleport some trouble makers from another country to force the teachers to lose time with them.
      The guy comes at me super obviously; he is running with his hand raised to punch down (The kid is like 1.3 meters’ tall vs the enemy who is like 1.5), as he is running just stand there and once I see his punch come down step to the right side and raise my leg to kick his chin as he was coming down.
      He tries to alter the trajectory of the fist but gets kicked first, rebound the leg back down and stomp on the ground jumping above the guy, avoid the punch and just kick him on the head and hop next to one of the wooden chairs.
      The guy gets mad and comes charging at me again, so this time move towards the front jumping and smash his nose with my head then as he steps back grab him by the collar and let myself fall with my whole weight and pull him down, as he is starting to trip take a hop to the front and kick the back part of his knees, forcing him to kneel down and then kick him in the head a few times, he ends up in the ground.
      That should teach them that skills are not everything!
      Prepare to leave the place since I feel like I have won when some of his friends literally uh… attack one of the kids holes, apparently there was also SA which the kid knows of. I grab their hand and jump out of the way super angry, wanting to kill them when the other kid slams me using his powers, which throws the body of the kid against the wall and across a desk that gets broken… the kid faints before I can force him awake and falls to the ground, and the other kids seem to want to SA him but I wake up before I can stop them.
      DEILD/Back to sleep.
      That won’t be happening while I am here!
      The kid is still fainted and his friends come, when they call him as the others prepare to SA the kid I forcefully wake him up and get him dressed of what little clothes he lost.
      The other kids come to his aid but are pushed aside by the big guy, I place my fingers on his nose and then pull him down and slam my head against his nose again, this time he is bleeding profusely.
      The teachers come by and I accuse him of using his skills outside of the school regulations but the teacher says he is allowed to do so, because the teacher gives him permission.
      The kid then goes on to attack again so I use the skill of my host and avoid then try to gouge one eye out but fail to do so because the teacher kicks my host out of the way before I can fully take the eye out. I protect my host and he smashes against a window, some glass falls down and cuts him down.
      The teacher asks the other kid to use fusion powers, and he absorbs his friends, turning into a giant that can control all elements at will, so ask the friends of the kid to help him and this allows him to also partially change information.
      Normally he couldn’t use his power for more than become a mist, so the other big kid tried to hit with thunder.
      I change the humidity of the place and then redirect the thunder and humidity towards the big guy whom now gets electrocuted.
      The teacher then does something that opens a door, the big kid runs towards that location and I follow suit in a form where I am a 2d creature. There are paintings that move all around.
      Some kind of deity was sealed in here and they have been trying to unseal it. They do it now using the fusion of the big kid and mine, which pretty much kills half the kids in the other room and takes away all of the force from the ones next to the painting that were fused and nearly kills the host and his friends who are weaker, if not for the fact I protected him.
      Some kind of clown like creature starts hoping around the paintings and laughing at all of us, the teacher seems to be overjoyed and the kid I am with is fainting.
      The creature finally comes out of the pictures and transforms into a child himself, but obviously also a deity given by his power levels.
      The wind around him is pushed over and that hit will obviously kill my host and his friends.
      So finally get out of his body and stop the punch of the deity with my hand and create a barrier that protects my host, the rest of the building gets clown apart killing the assholes that I was fighting before and hurting the teacher. Teleport a giant stalactite above the teacher and move it with TK down to pierce his stomach and make him die a painful, slow death before turning to the deity and tell the creature to stop or I will devour it.
      The thing jumps back and then two meteors come crashing down, the clouds above me dissipate from the heat and so I create absolute zero next to it, reforming the clouds and creating ice spikes all around the meteors that then get shot towards it, making it just small rocks.
      The creature seems perplexed but still confident. The air around us turns black and a mist comes towards me, I teleport in front of him and touch the mist making it toxic to him and then push him back with super gravity pointed outside of the planet; the deity then becomes a 2d creature to escape and moves towards the kids again so grab it and look at it completely confused as to how I could get a hold of it, it tries to become immaterial but still holding tightly on to it “Told you to quit while you still had the chance” tell the deity as I get it towards my mouth and start munching on it, and seal it inside of my stomach.
      Once I am done teleport down and restore the time of the place to before the explosion, but keep the teacher and the bullies dead, everyone else is told they are dismissed to go and never come back; since this was the only project to ever be created for kids with powers kill all the heads of the project and anyone who knew about it, also make sure the kids understand how to protect themselves and avoid having the same project being born again and give some creatures on the planet the ability to fight off humans if needed before waking up.
    11. Day 2 Spring Comp

      by , 03-06-2023 at 05:07 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday March 3rd 2023
      Actually forgot to journal and the day was chaotic, also went to sleep at 3.40am and woke up 2 hours later, so only remember now being lucid and eating something, scrambled eggs if memory serves before flying towards a mountain.
    12. Day 1 Spring Comp

      by , 03-06-2023 at 05:02 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday March 2nd 2023
      Poor sleep and poor dream control.
      I am walking around the house, become lucid and decide it is time for me to do something else.
      Teleport to a new world and just fly over a town, for some reason I do not like the place and don’t want to go down there.
      Keep flying, use Scan in order to see what the people are in there like and the reason why I didn’t feel comfortable is because they keep killing species in cruel ways.
      The next thing I do is control the people from afar using TK to close down their wind pipes and make them all die of suffocation; once I know none of them is still alive prepare to go down but wake up before being able to reach the ground.
      Back to sleep.
      I am going to the bathroom; become lucid while doing so and teleport over to a new world and end in space… try teleporting a few more times and keep arriving to different locations but none of them are in an actual civilization or even a planet, just random places in space.
      Not sure why this keeps happening and can’t figure it out before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am walking down a forest, become lucid and decide I want to go somewhere else; first of all though check if my teleportation is working properly and teleport to a random planet.
      It worked, so good for me! See a tower in the distance and teleport in front of the place, right at the entrance.
      There is a big wooden door and people guarding it that try to impale me with spears as soon as I come over, they just don’t do any damage as I walk towards the tower and rip the door off and throw it behind me.
      Start going up the tower and wonder how many floors it is, so start counting my steps through the stairs, 247 steps… why am I even counting if I won’t know how tall this is? Will check once I wake up. As I reach the top see the sun coming up, and it is actually a cool sight. The only bad side is the people screaming at me from below, so make a fire that burns them all near instantly as it goes down to enjoy the sun sight. Or star sight or whatever, not much besides that is done.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting in the grass, get up and become lucid while doing so. Once I am standing and lucid wonder what I should be doing now.
      Fly a bit and watch around just to see that there is a cool river not too long from me, so start walking towards that direction.
      Once I reach a girl comes to me and asks me where I am going, try to ignore her but she keeps pestering me so go towards a road that is going up a mountain that is next to the river, the girl finally stops following me at that point.
      Once I reach a certain height, the road becomes a cliff that goes directly onto the river and at the other side there is a plain; since the girl is now gone just jump over the cliff and land at the other side of the rider; a shockwave is created so use time to reverse the damage and sound before it reaches anyone and sit down next to the river; take off my shoes and socks and start playing in the water before waking up.
    13. Of course one power is enough!

      by , 03-02-2023 at 06:54 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday March 1st 2023
      Even one power is too much for normal stuff.
      I am sitting on a weird table, get up and prepare to leave the room I am on and become lucid.
      Once lucid prepare to leave and do my normal thing of invading worlds when someone comes up to me. We talk, the person dares me to prove to them that having powers actually means anything, they say I wouldn’t be able to do anything to change the world.
      I ask if I can use teleportation and they say yes, so take that opportunity.
      (There were 4 more wake ups, but will just explain briefly)
      So first thing was get a high class job, used teleportation to mention stuff that was important to the guy who was doing my interview, then made myself important by getting information using teleportation on their customers.
      Once I had enough info, was approved to help with a building but they did not have enough resources. Thankfully I know how to make bricks out of mud, so used teleportation to make them as they were showing me the building and telling me I had to work in there.
      Also managed to talk to the people on the place and get a working environment set up while going up the stairs, because the newbies did not feel like working in a place that was mostly destroyed.
      As we were going down once the tour was done, repaired the broken stairs and rebuilt the place to be much better, the recruiter said he knew something was wrong with me and took me down immediately.
      I see a helicopter coming down and people pointing guns at me telling me to stop in a language I could not understand. Just ignored them while moving towards the person in charge, got shot and just moved my hand to teleport all the bullets to the heads of the people with guns, once they all died while shooting moved all their bullets to the heads of the ones in charge around the planet and got next to the guy who was now the sole survivor. He was speechless.
      Just got close to his ear and told him he would follow the plan I had devised for them with my working teammates and that they would never again see nor try to find me, he understood right away what it meant and everyone agreed to obey me once he tried to call his friends and nobody responded. Allowed myself to wake up at that point.
    14. Demons are fun to tease.

      by , 03-01-2023 at 04:38 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday February 27th 2023
      Yeah, I know you!
      I am home, everything is super dark. Become lucid while talking to mom and then she says something about needing to go grocery shopping, tell her she does not need to do that because I already filled her fridge.
      She goes to check and sees it filled, teleport out of the way before she questions how I did it at all and just end up in another planet.
      I recognize the signature of energy coming from a different planet from the one I am on right now so prepare to teleport over there when I am pounced by a giant creature made of metal like scales.
      It tries to bite on to my flesh but can’t actually cut anything at all, toss the creature away from me and then prepare to leave when it pounces AGAIN at me. I glare at it and let it know that if it moves I will kill it.
      It freezes mid-way and just stares at me, then gets down and just gets in a resting position while I start flying, still on a night sky.
      Can see a star not far from me and then once I am far away from the planet start using Scan to feel as far out as I can, want to revisit that place, I know that it was someone important that is not very easy to find, or more like I am not someone who visits them often enough and so should be doing that right now.
      Once I get a good feeling of their energy signature teleport over to that planet and finally figure out what was wrong. The poor guy is currently sealed and I Don’t know where exactly.
      His signature is all over the planet and it is the same amount of energy in the whole planet so can’t exactly pin point it, prepare to go about it by using scan but it seems like the memories of him existing are gone which makes things more difficult… will have to do a more specialized research based on missing or changed memories and go from there to find the guy.
      So far, I have been standing on a cloud and it seems someone notices me, as a Thunder attempts to strike at me and I just teleport down and change a bit my appearance as well as my clothes to fit what is normally used on this planet.
      How long has it been since I visited them? A few hundred years I think, based on what I read from Scan but it is hard to tell based on how much I travel around.
      Look at the location I am in, an abandoned house or school like place, it seems to be half in ruins from the looks of it but Scan tells me that the place is still in use and very regularly so, just not at this time of the night, unfortunately feel myself waking up and just let it happen.
      Back to sleep.
      I am walking alone in desolate hall, become lucid while walking and decide that I should stop walking and should start working on finding what I came here to find.
      Except that some people see me, they seem to be monitors. AHA! So this is actually a school, guess I was too focused on finding the guy and forgot to check the contents of the place.
      Prepare to place the girl to sleep with powers when she points at me and a fireball comes my way. Push it down to the ground and look at her a bit confused, she then tries to shot again and the same thing happens but this time I throw it to the side, destroying a bit of the school property.
      She gets mad and says that I should not be destroying her school “Just be quiet, I am a new student” say, since I made myself look younger before it should be ok to lie.
      She says there was no order to get a new student and asked me where my clothes where, so quickly used teleportation to get the robe and uniform on me then told her that if she didn’t mind showing me my room I would be glad to stop being a bother in the hallway.
      She says it will be fine but she will need to check my identity since I arrived so late, when some kind of ogre comes at us charging and is about to fully tackled the girl to oblivion; instinctively reach out my hand and stop it on its tracks then slap it to the ground making it faint. The girl seems surprised about what I just did and we are about to discuss what just happened when I wake up again.
      Back to sleep.
      I am talking to myself sitting across a room, it is super cold to the touch and prepare to get up when I feel myself heavy, a right this place.
      Get out of the room I am on and see the girl pointing at me and she is talking with a much older woman, they come to me and ask me how I was able to physically detain the ogre instead of using magic “But I did use magic” tell them, it is quite simple.
      Magic is but energy, and that energy can be wrapped around our bones, muscles, nerves and cells in order to increase our power output, they seem surprised and say nobody does that.
      The older lady who is obviously a teacher knows that it is true, but not many people do it, and it is mostly just recorded as history but with nobody being able to teach it; explain slowly to the teacher and she seems to get the hang of it.
      While explaining also use that time to extract information out of her in order to know what I need to know about the guy who is sealed, she has some information, some mages war broke out and they are trying to unseal this demon because he is the key to being able to move over to the other dimension, where much more powerful magic is available.
      They are dumb, since that is not more powerful magic, but rather just more skilled mages that will completely obliterate them in a few seconds the moment they can come in, sadly the explanation took way too much time and I wake up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on a cold room, the sun is coming up so that is a good start and will be feeling warmer soon, get up and realize this is the same dream as before.
      Alright, so I am still in the same location that is both good and bad, I need to find the location of the demon.
      As I am coming out of the room hear an explosion that is coming from the right wing. Apparently the guy who wants to unseal the demon is attacking the school, they must know something that I missed before. Teleport inside of the place he is attacking and find a good stack of books.
      Start reading them as quickly as I can, or at least their titles to find some kind of clue but that is not helping. Use then Scan to go over them faster and find one with some info on sealed demons.
      Unfortunately, when I open the book to read it get slightly disappointed, because in order to prevent this information from being leaked instead of writing it down, it only has a list of names of people who may possibly have the information required! Alright, this is annoying.
      I spent half an hour reading books with Scan and actually reading them… also the guy outside kept sending attacks that I had to guard the place against in order to read in peace. End up waking up before I can do more than that.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting atop of a tower, become lucid while trying to get a hold of something and once lucid decide to just jump, but then remember the book from before.
      It had names, so now just have to Scan the whole planet and find who is actually in charge of the info by going through their memories so I can find the seal! Pretty easy.
      At least until some guy throws down thunder at me again… so the guy trying to unseal the demon is the one with the thunder? He does it again and it keeps me off balance and makes me fall, which makes it harder to concentrate on gathering the information I need.
      Teleport in front of him and push him back, he puts a cane in front of me and actually resists then see him chanting something, so raise my hand and create a magic sigil in my finger, then throw it at him as a giant fireball goes his way, the guy seems surprised but his thunder this time is bigger and he manages to block it, teleport in front of him and this time hit him harder.
      He tries defending with the cane again but just flies down towards the ground along with the broken cane and ribcage I just gave him as a gift; see him splatter a lot of blood and die so just teleport to the place I found where the woman who has the info on the seal is at.
      It was actually a nice, cosy, quiet place that had a lot of people that were not into magic all around and were selling vegetables which I actually wanted to taste, many were plants I had never seen before; there was also a nice kiosk to rest over at… oh yeah my goals. Prepare to go towards the woman and she reminds me a bit of my mother.
      Try to talk to her but she is busy with a lot of customers so have to wait, end up waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sleeping on the ground, sitting. Get up and become lucid then dust my legs and ass and look around, the woman is still there but she is about to close, damn!
      Why was she open in the middle of the night anyways, and why is she preparing to close as the sun is coming up? Go over to her and she says she is not attending anyone anymore “I want to break the seal” tell her, she is taken back and just looks at me in disbelief.
      I repeat what I said and she says she heard me, says she will be closing real quick and will need some herbs to be able to do it and then gives me a list as she hurries to leave.
      Use scan to find where exactly the stuff she is asking me for is going to be at and then go around the corner and teleport right in front of the store that will have the herbs, tell the woman what I am looking for, the specific names the woman gave me, one of the herbs is obviously poisonous but from what I can read if you heat, the poison will be cleansed and it will be pretty good.
      She asks me why I need those in specific and tell her a family member needed these and I am just doing their bidding, she says ok and asks for payment so create the currency of the planet in my hand and hand her over the money.
      Apparently I have a big one and she has too much so I won’t be able to get the stuff or will need to abandon my change, which I gladly do and tell her it is ok. As soon as she packs my stuff in a cartoon paper I take it and teleport back and see the lady closing her door and preparing to leave.
      Touch her in the shoulder and she jumps and says I took too long “You said to bring it before you left, and you are still here”, she asks me how I got it so quickly and then says she will not give me the info I need “Oh no, you don’t need to do that at all” tell her, she seems confused.
      As she is looking confused at me and trying to figure out things, just push my hand breaking her metal enchanted curtain and grab the thing with the seal, it is just a simple book that needs colouring in the right order and that will make the guy appear and break the seal completely “You made a deal, all I needed was to deliver and will be taking the stuff you promised, I am not a thief after all” say to her and start walking towards the kiosk with the book and making some colours appear on my hand while opening it.
      She tries to stop me a few times and says I must not, that he is way too dangerous, KeΦil Arni is a demon that must not be summoned or freed from his prison.
      She then tries to use time magic on me which I just break casually while continuing to colour the thing, but feel like I will be waking up soon before finishing… damn no! Place a barrier around me so the woman won’t be able to stop me and while waking up keep reading his name so this time I won’t forget it by the time I wake up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am back inside of the barrier, become lucid and start working again on colouring. Once I finish the thing starts to glow and then the barrier breaks as I can feel the door to the other dimension open up.
      The woman with me starts to panic and quickly runs away. I just stand up (was on a sitting position) and dust myself again while looking up at the seal that is breaking apart.
      Once it finishes breaking, the demon comes up. He has a funny face just like I remember and he quickly gives me a frown upon meeting me “Hey there Kil” tell him “You know that is not my name, human” he says annoyed and prepares to leave.
      Create a seal that won’t allow him to leave until we have talked and force him to stay “You may want to sit down” tell him, but he is much taller than me, only place where they got big enough chairs at is in the kiosk, and they are not chairs but tables. Alright, teleport us both over there.
      He actually does sit down, and I sit in front of him in an actual chair. He looks down at me “You look different” he says “You know I do more than just look different” reply back at him “Your real self is still the same, why is this one different” “You know me, crazy and all” reply.
      He keeps making statements and I keep replying with statements myself until he finally drops a question while we are talking about me getting banned by other demons in both realms “How did you manage to…” he stops immediately and looks at me, smiling back at him “Oh, thank you for asking I do appreciate the sentiment and will fulfil my duty to reply back and expect payment on it” tell him, explain what happened in as much detail as I can while also sharing the information mentally.
      He is obviously distressed about the whole situation and is not happy that I managed to bully him into this situation “So here is what I need as payment for that information” tell him, he sighs and tries to break free but can’t “I want you to not ban me like the other demons, that’s annoying as hell” tell him, he seems surprised but that isn’t a simple task, he says “You are a dangerous creature, this may be too much payment” he says “Oh, but now you know the name of a few superiors of yours that you did not know about before” tell him, he is again annoyed and angry, he gets up and screams and tries to make me afraid with his demonic presence, so I make him sit down by force using TK and the quickly goes back to normal “I could have killed you when showing disrespect to the one who did you a favour, you know?” he knows where I am going with this, while I break the barrier off “But I did not, oh would my request be too much to ask for as payment for saving your life?” I continue and jump off the kiosk onto the ground.
      He follows suit “You are not going to be banned to speak to me in either realm, but I will not make any contracts with you, simple talk is all we will do and I will lie whenever I see fit” he says “And that is perfectly fine for me, didn’t break your seal just out of the goodness of my heart, we have a lot of things to talk about and will be asking how to speak to you in my realm, no recordings I know the rules” tell him, he agrees and asks if he can leave now “Until we meet again, please look forward to it” say to him and let him disappear.
      Now the only issue is that the mages on the other side saw the opportunity and are already preparing to kill all the humans on this side.
      I am going to wake up in like 5 minutes and from what I can gather using Scan they are preparing their forces. This planet has way too many humans but the ones on the other side are annoying and I will be exterminating both, or at least kill enough of them in order to make myself comfortable that other creatures will be protecting the planet. Anyways both armies will be ready in about an hour so just allow myself to wake up without a worry.
      Back to sleep.
      I am back to the same planet from before, this time resting on the kiosk and become lucid super quickly.
      The issue is when I get up, the war has already started… and they are destroying the damn landscape! But Scan said… oh, I am still inside of the time barrier the woman made and then I broke, so been here for a few hours already, how long did I stay inside talking to the demon then?
      Break the barrier and then see a spear flying my way. Let it hit me and then just fly over to the location where the dimension barrier was breached and quickly close it down, they are causing too much damage.
      Once I close the place quickly use a vine trap in this planet to kill anyone who is annoying using Scan and then make the star shine brighter and choose some creatures to protect the planet from creatures such as humans.
      Once I am done teleport to the other planet and first kill the people from the original place, the ones in the other planet think they have won and ask me if I killed them as a way to show we are surrendering.
      I start scanning this world and ignore the guys, one of them throws a spear at me so just grab it before it reaches while still doing Scan to know whom I will be killing and whom will be staying alive and which specie from this planet will become its new guardian.
      Some new spells start coming my way and just block them, find there is a dragon-like creature that the people from this planet have subdued and they have a weird relationship with humans; they respect their power but despise their actions, seems like a good one.
      A meteor starts coming down, finally notice my surroundings since I was mad at them throwing a small meteor down at me (only a few kilometres wide), so start flying towards it and hit it with a fireball that melts down some of the meteor then insert a virus that melts other elements in a similar way, the meteor quickly loses force and a big river of magma is flowing down from where I am floating on falling towards the desolate area below me.
      One of the guys raises a staff and a huge wave of energy comes my way, so use the same infection and this time make his energy wave become a wave of energy that gives force to plants, so teleport seeds over to the location from a different planet, they are heat resistant and thrive in places with high volcanic activity or insane heats, which seems to be the case for this place.
      The seeds fall behind me from the portal as the energy is absorbed by them and as they get closer to the ground with the lava they start sprouting and growing slowly.
      One guy gets below me and shots a huge ice thing from below, so I make the plants grow bigger and redirect the heat of the lava towards the ice, melting it near instantly as they wrap around me like an egg for the bigger ones and the smaller ones take root on the ground; the once desolate location is starting to look good.
      Some more guys are starting to come, so this time I teleport in front of the guy who shot the ice at me and take off his shirt with teleportation, grab his arm when he tries to move the staff and blink to create a huge gravity field that brings everyone with the same type of DNA as him down, which is basically all the human-like things on this planet.
      Once they are down start pushing my hand down the guy and absorbing his DNA code with my body and enzymes and then create a new virus that will target them, take my hand out and let him fall to the ground dead.
      Make the egg from the plants where I was at grow enough that they are giving out their giant flowers, and then fuse my virus with their pollen. It is already set up so only like 90% of humanity will perish, before setting up a strong wind that makes it start blowing through the place; the guys next to me start dying from the symptoms right away, bleeding profusely and letting their blood become food for the plants while their flesh will stay in good condition for other animals to eat in the meantime; once I am done, just allow myself to wake up.