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    The world of Lyseno

    There is a new beggining, and this time the new world I set myself at will have no more restrictions or duties.

    1. Friday June 9th 2023

      by , 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Ah, too many people here.

      Am walking around, become lucid while going the corner of the street and then see a lot of dogs come by. That scares me and then they start barking at me. My ex-phobia doesn’t helps but thankfully it’s a dream so just crush them with gravity and once they start to whimper let go and look at them run away.

      Teleport out of the way and end up on a city, I don’t like cities. Jump down and fall on the ground forgetting cities at night are filled with people, and everyone is now looking at me since I am completely fine unlike the concrete around me… damn.

      People start screaming and some cops come and point their guns at me, what? So when someone falls from the sky and may be hurt, your first reaction is to point your guns at them? I look at them in disappointment and then they start opening fire… yeah no. Stop the bullets with gravity making them all go down to the ground, take the guns with TK and then push everyone back with wind blades.

      That kind of kills them, but it’s ok they started attacking first. Some more cars are coming my way a few kilometres from where I am at so crush them also with gravity before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Walking around the street, become lucid… once lucid get mad, I am still mad about yesterday. Want to kill so many people right now. Keep walking to cool down and let off some steam, while doing so end up finding some people so just teleport to another quieter street.

      While walking realize there is a huge wall, so this seems to not be a street… people are coming out, a lot of people. This is a “vecindad”, it seems. Meaning that I will get even further annoyed. Teleport to the roof before people realize I am there and just jump through a few roofs until I reach the end of town.

      Jump and then do an air jump, this time hitting harder so I can reach further up, over to a forest and just sit down to relax and meditate before I wake up.
    2. Thursday June 8th 2023

      by , 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Already forgot.
    3. Wednesday June 7th 2023

      by , 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Reading is fun.

      Am on the phone, become lucid because it has 0 weight and then just decide to browse for future mangas that are upcoming… but then decide against it. Toss the phone aside and start flying towards a volcano that is close to our house. That guys been giving trouble so far and I want to go watch it.

      End up getting blurry vision while flying over there and start to fall down… damn I really am weak right now. Settle down on the ground and start to meditate, once I am feeling better get up and then something comes down crashing.

      It is an airplane, it crashes in front of me but manage to grab its head and stop it. Don’t do much besides that before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Am walking on the street.

      Become lucid while walking and decide I shall be doing something else, so prepare to leave when something catches my eye.

      There is nobody outside! Start to try and scan and apparently it is like 3am right now in this world and people are all asleep. And yet I see some sun light?

      This is strange. Look up and surely there is some small star circling around, check with Scan and apparently this small star is moving around a bigger one, binary star system? Well that makes sense but we shouldn’t be receiving star light… oh, but there is also several moons ok that makes sense.

      End up finding that to most people this current light is toxic so literally nobody stays up this late or even works at this hour, so I can just take my sweet time exploring.

      Back to sleep.

      Walking around the street, become lucid while doing so and once lucid decide I will explore to the centre of the town. End up finding a library, so teleport inside and then use Scan to find interesting books.

      There are a few on occult stuff but right now feeling like reading something about adventure, which is exactly what I do. The story isn’t all that good but the whole series is like 9 books long and they are relatively short so should be able to find them in a day or so.

      Towards half the book, where I learn that the main protagonist was actually not real, realize that even if I can finish quickly that doesn’t means I can finish fast enough inside of a dream… damn. Teleport outside and instead start flying towards space while reading to try and stay longer in the dream and plan to make time be mine, but wake up due to my alarm going off.
    4. Tuesday June 6th 2023

      by , 06-12-2023 at 05:00 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Annoying little brats.

      Am preparing food, become lucid while doing so and decide I will be leaving now. Teleport to another world and end up on top of a giant tree. Start going down slowly and then see something coming from above so just jump all the way down while looking up, to see a giant snake coming down at me.

      Fall down on the ground and them just jump out of the way and look at the snake hit the ground head on, some dust comes up and then it lounges at me from within; just step back while smashing its head down and jumping up the tree again.

      Just sit there and watch around, not much to do and this snake reminded me of another dream, but don’t dwell too much into it and instead just be there waiting for something interesting to happen.

      Back to sleep.

      Am in the bathroom… actually just spend the night there, non lucid. Get out of the bathroom, go back to the room with husband, prepare something for a snack, we turn on the TV and select a series.
    5. Monday June 5th 2023

      by , 06-12-2023 at 05:00 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Not much done, galaxy jump.

      I was eating something, became lucid while doing so and go outside. Look around and don’t see much of anything to do, fly outside of the planet and end up looking at the moon. A few rocks pass me by and it actually looks good so just watch all of that and do nothing else.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something online, become lucid while scrolling down and get out of the room, go eat something from the fridge then get outside and jump over to another world and back to DW.

      End up in the middle of space so not much is done other than watching space. I am feeling tired in waking life and also tired in dreams to some extent so just make sure to clean myself taking advantage of the void of space.

      Clean my body, take out any impurities, make sure my web of dimensions is still tattooed in my cells and that I am still using my training skill.

      Back to sleep.

      Was talking to myself, become lucid while doing so and decide to leave. I liked the view from before and so teleport back to the space location was on. Could see a few galaxies really far away from me so teleport on the event horizon of one and then use the force generated to create a fake foothold and jump as far out as I could.

      The event horizon didn’t give much and nearly destroyed the galaxy while jumping… this time just create the foothold myself and keep on jumping like that. At first I only get as far as a few light years but with enough practice, and protecting the structure of each galaxy and creating the footholds with TK so that nothing breaks down allow myself to jump far enough that I can travel between galaxies while jumping. That’s so much fun actually, that keep doing it before waking up.
    6. Wolfito closure.

      by , 06-05-2023 at 07:50 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday June 4th 2023

      Ah, Wolfito.

      I am home looking for something to eat. Become lucid while doing so and continue eating like normal and then go to the garden, teleport to another world and prepare to start having fun. Not much can be found here, but there are a few places that are deserted and about to be destroyed by the pass of time so teleport over there.

      The house is red, but now looks pink due to time. There is a big hole on its side, so it looks like only half the house was built in place and the other half was made to look cutely at the hole.

      No other houses around, I go over there and prepare to make it so it won’t fall, and then make the grass below stronger. While doing so realize something is weird, its like I am being watched, but by whom?

      Don’t mind it much since its not showing up and just jump down once I am done and start exploring the big hole. Its at least twice the size of the house.

      Not much happens before I end up waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am going to the garden, become lucid and teleport back to where I was at before. This time it’s a bit later at night and there are some people in the place coming and going. They seem happy its no longer moving around like before and seem to be happy to also bring some materials from outside.

      Prepare to leave when they spot me and go inside to tell someone they saw me; just jump out of the hole and run somewhere else.

      They don’t see me anymore; just move and transform in consciousness and start watching like that. In terms of species, humanity is no longer the dominant specie in this world and there is only a few small cities.

      From what I understand humans finally learnt their problem and, in this planet, at least they are trying to live a good life with nature so am ok with them and don’t plan to kill them.

      Keep looking, find a few parks for watching nature. There is one in a forest and one in a city that leads to a beach. Most people don’t really care about the creatures roaming and mostly about being in a peaceful place. I like it so pretend to stay here for another dream or so.

      First thing first though, humans are having trouble protecting other life forms while staying alive but now they are too afraid to do anything else and don’t want to focus on themselves so give them a hand.

      Move to the top of a building and regain my body, like to use powers more this way. Place my hands in front of me and reaching out to the distance and make it so the plants around will bear better fruit for humans and monkeys in general while also making it so that the places that are still up become stronger and decay slower, don’t want their houses dying too quickly, since I calculated around 20 or so years only before complete decay.

      Once I am done prepare to go sight seeing but wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am looking around, become lucid while walking and realize I am in the same place as before, cool! Don’t have to teleport again.

      Anyways just start walking towards a few stands, purchase but don’t know what type of coin they are using. It seems coins are no longer a thing and instead they ask you to please provide food from outside.

      So get out of thin air a basket of fruits and provide them to the locals.

      They are super happy and tell me if I want to stay with them at an inn.

      Everything is so rundown, how do they manage to have inns?

      When they bring me to the place, finally realize that rather than an inn, they have 4 or 5 buildings completely set up to allow surviving humans out in the wild to come here and start living with them.

      I get more baskets and provide them to the guys, tell them I know where they grow and make a place where there is LOTs of it.

      Make it so the plants start growing as I get to know people; only 10 rooms have been occupied so far in this place and people are losing hope of more humans reaching but they believe some other cities might still be out there. They have even set up communications and what not.

      I did scan the planet, but not much in terms of humans is left and most will die before reaching here. Maybe another 50, and that is going to only use one building, the other 4 will be for the growing population.

      Not much is done besides showing me around the building, where to cook food, where to go to the bathroom and what not. The building is set up for an amusement park and as such the bathrooms are connected, there is male and female ones and there is a part for showering. Feels like I will need to use it so wake myself up since its coming from outside this time.

      Back to sleep.

      I am home looking at the cell phone, mine is heavier than normal so become lucid off of that and teleport back to the other planet.

      The people there were nice and I keep going around with them, they show me the location still and I ask them to please bring me somewhere else.

      They invite me to go eat with them at a place on the outskirts and then I feel it again… someone is watching me, or something similar?

      Tell the guys that the food is amazing and that I need to go to the bathroom just to see… the wolf man from before? I will call him Wolfito since I don’t know his name. How did he find me?

      He starts running towards me and I just phase through the walls and end up at the other side and the guy just kind of… breaks through them.

      Damn it! This place is good and I don’t find many of these! Become a mass of consciousness and restore the buildings then move around. The guy starts following me and I want him out of the city, since he seems to be mostly pursuing me.

      Use Scan and apparently, he realizes this, but isn’t very good at hiding why he wants to find me; apparently, he still remembers the fight from yesterday and believes I ran from him; this belief is reinforced right now due to him realizing that I ran away thinking that I am actually afraid and wants to hurt me. He disappears all of a sudden and again I feel like I need to go to the bathroom so just take the chance.

      Back to sleep.

      Am walking around a forest. Become lucid and start wondering where I am, use Scan. Oh yeah same location as before.

      So now I am wondering if I should move somewhere else or just stay there, given that the guy is trying to kill me and destroying things around. Maybe I should just kill him but his persistence is kind of cute and not sure if I want to kill him or not.

      The guy shows up again… gosh can’t he leave me alone?

      He destroys a few trees which I regrow and keeps on attacking me. He realizes the trees are back and that I am protecting them so he destroys even more and it gets annoying.

      Finally while he is trying to create a huge fireball jump on his back, kick him out of the way and make the ground grow around him while flying towards the buildings and becoming a mass of consciousness.

      Can feel the intent of Wolfito to destroy the buildings since he lost signal of me there so just regain a body inside the building where I was hiding at and go to the bathroom, take a pee and then go outside as I sense him coming towards me… damn you Wolfito.

      He is coming at top speed so start flying out of the way and end up waking up instead.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in a big hole. Become lucid while in there and decide I should probably go to the middle of the ocean, in that part where I scanned before and there is no life.

      Prepare to do so and start flying when I get tackled by Wolfito.

      Now that I take a good look at him, he is wearing a blue hoodie and jeans; we turn around like crazy mid air and end up crashing not too far from the city. I prepare to leave again when he makes some type of barrier around the city, which also cancels out air.

      DAMN! The people here don’t have any type of powers and will die. Prepare to destroy the barrier when he touches me in the chest and sends me flying with some kind of kinetic energy attack. I am sent flying back against a few buildings so just phase through them, become a consciousness and try to hold Wolfito down.

      He somehow manages to slip through, breaks through the buildings and some of them are falling down.

      Rebuild them as he comes to me and regain a body. I really need to teach this kid a lesson, he keeps thinking I am easy prey. Right now standing below a building that is like a school place, there is huge walking places in front of office-like rooms that people use to live in a family at a time.

      He finally comes down at me from above. Repair the ceiling thingy as he crashes down on me, we break down concrete and the guy attempts to punch me, why when he has claws?

      I grab his punch, turn around and smash him against the ground gently.

      He crashes down and as he does the guy grabs my leg and also smashes me against the ground then a micro blackhole generates above me which starts to warp space and light around us.

      I grab it and collapse it quickly then place my hand on his face and slam him against the ground a few times.

      The guy finally attempts to claw at me and I just fly towards the barrier, break it and leave the place when he reaches out to me and tries to collect energy for a real black hole.

      Alright, he is going off of limits I don’t want this place destroyed.

      Teleport in front of him, grab him by the stomach and drag him around with his skill, fly FTL and reach out to a few galaxies from where we are.

      When we stop, Wolfito seems uber confused and nearly pukes. I tap his head and collapse the energy, he looks even more confused and he flies back, gasps a bit for air and then stops caring as he starts gathering energy on his palms.

      I raise my arm and make the totality of the universe stop for a second and gather its energy above him in a giant pole of light. He finally stops, looking completely amazed and then drops his stance and just look at me “Just… who are you?” he asks me “Why are you pursuing me?” I ask him, he points at me saying I invaded his dream first. His what?

      Does this kid believe I am in his dream? Ask him just that and he says yes, then says he is confused because since the time he saw me, his dreams are more like reality.

      I ask him again if this is his dream and he says he is not sure. So grab him by the collar and fly him back, this time he does puke. We stopped at the water park part of the city. Let time move forwards again and he is confused.

      Tell him his hoodie looks good and then tell him I wasn’t running, I was avoiding him since this place is good.

      Tell him this is actually on my space and he is the one coming in, and also that I don’t believe him he is a real guy.

      He turns back human and adjusts his clothes, they are a bit big for him now that he is back to human; the guy has greenish eyes and cute short hair, but nowhere near a wolf like he presented himself.

      Pat him in the head and he gets mad, asks me not to do that and also wants me to give him my real information so he can contact me once he wakes up “I suck at names Wolfito, and you probably won’t remember” tell him, he insists, says he wants to know more about me.

      Tell him to move out of the way and the guy starts following me… this is bad, bridge effect? WHICH reminds me I should probably stop using pheromones like I always do so stop that before the guy gets the wrong idea.

      When I turn around he is super happy about the water place and asks me if I dream often in this city “First time on this planet, but this universe is mine” tell him, he seems surprised and says dreams can be so much more than he originally thought.

      “Please give me your information” he says again “No” reply quickly and prepare to leave, then he says cute guys always say that… this brat. Ask him how old is he, 20, 19? He says 25 and then kisses me, so push him aside.

      He says its ok for me to call him Wolfito then says his name which I forget and tell him that, I will forget about his name and just remember our convo. Then he says he will talk more about himself.

      The guy starts to piss me off so finally tell him my online name “If you want to find me, look through discord dreaming channels, look for Hukif” tell him, he says the name a few more times and prepare to leave the guy behind when he rushes towards me.

      Prepare to tell him off again when I realize his taken his hoodie off and wants me to go with him to swim… no. Damn, the guy looks good without the hoodie, but still no. Tell him I will be waking up in like 10 mins or so and he starts talking about himself.

      He tells me where he lives, which isn’t exactly far from where I am located at, he also says he doesn’t quite looks like this in the waking world and describes himself better.

      From what he says the difference isn’t big, I avoid talking about myself besides repeating that he can look for Hukif online and that if he is an actual real person and can find me, I will invite him to a date but see it doubtful.

      I don’t like where this is going, he is getting to close to me and I keep telling him that he should not be there with me and that I actually don’t want to be with him, that I was meaning to enjoy the place.

      He says he will be waking up soon and then grabs me and places me against the wall to kiss me. So push him again, this time it’s a bit harder and I don’t want to push him so hard he will break the city again… gah. Just use TK this time and take him off of me then tell him to just look for Hukif and then he disappears. GOSH annoying kid.

      Since I am already here, walk around and eat some stuff while watching the creatures, some very cool Octopi like animals that I like and some fruits that grow only in salt water that are unlike anything I had ever seen. Have some more fun before waking up.
    7. Wolfito meeting.

      by , 06-05-2023 at 07:50 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday June 3rd 2023

      Hello good Sir.

      I am talking to someone on the phone, become lucid while doing so and decide I will be leaving the room.

      Once outside wonder what to do now, fly for a bit and then teleport to another planet. I reach somewhere that is close to a mountain and prepare to go down except that it looks barren. A volcan?

      I get closer and sure enough it actually is a volcan. Get down to the lava and start walking on top of it, since there seems to be a cave at the on there side and flying would be awkward in this small space.

      Once I reach, find a cute little rock in the middle of the volcan site and some people in there, dead. Did they get caught in the explosion? But its not hot here, what happened? From what I can tell examining the atmosphere, it seems like the place was filled with venomous gas and people couldn’t survive.

      Examine a bit the rocks around us and just clean the air, as there seems to be other non human animals close by, make them healthier and resurrect one of the dead ones and slowly take them out with TK while flying out the place and then reach out outside of the forest. Wake up not much longer after that.

      Back to sleep.

      Its super early in the morning, and I am feeling a bit tired. Start going outside and get some water but become lucid while doing so; this water is far too heavy.

      I remember about the last place and want to go back and check that everything is still good since the volcano was still active.

      Once I reach the place its going off again and its stronger this time, too strong for most creatures to move out of the way. Just contain the explosion with TK and make it slower with time control until the creatures in the place can fully escape. Once I am done fly down and let the lava keep like normal. A few humans come by and attempt to do crazy stuff, a missile comes flying by so teleport on top of it and eat the thing before it makes things worse. Also set up a barrier before I wake up again, due to dumb humans maybe making things worse.

      Back to sleep.

      I am online talking to some people, become lucid while doing so and get curious about the net of this world. So just go online and start talking to people in a few discord servers.

      Find a few ones about LD and also find one with members I recognize from the waking world, so talk to them and try to hint them at getting lucid.

      It gets complicated but a few realize this is actually a dream world and then things go crazy.

      People start abusing stuff as if they were staff which I find stupid… just create a virus that hacks directly onto their world and makes them unable to keep being annoying, then just shut down the internet on the whole planet before teleporting somewhere else.

      I arrive to a location in the middle of a mountain range and fall slowly towards a big city, wake up before reaching and don’t even bother to do anything since it was tiresome talking so much online for a dream.

      Back to sleep.

      I am home going over to the bathroom. Become lucid while doing so and… oh yeah, teleport back to the other planet.

      Once I am there start walking around the streets, not much to see neither much to do and I am just going around sight seeing for as far as I can.

      That is until people start closing down things around us because it is late and I am told that a room to stay on is needed.

      Use scan to check the currency of this planet and then use creation to make materials out of it and make the local coins then move over to a big building, enter it and pay my rent for a night.

      Things seem fine in the hotel for the most part and I take my sweet time in the bathroom taking a shower and going to pee, even if it’s a dream showering always feels nice.

      Get out and then hear knocking on the door. I thought it was too late for anyone to be working? Maybe staff does work late here who knows.

      Go open the door and then get met by two girls and one guy who all stare down at me since currently just went out of the bathroom and wearing a towel and sandals… oh sorry. Close the door, dry myself with magic and then teleport clothes on top, open the door after like 3 mins to make it believable and ask them how I can help.

      They show me a bottle of win and want to go inside… is it rude if I say no? Let them in and ask them to take off their shoes since I am not wearing any and don’t trust strangers.

      They comply thinking it’s a cultural thing and then come in, make some remarks about me being half naked before, we drink a bit and they tell me all about their life… why? I try to ignore them and prepare to go to bed so tell them off, but they say its too early. Stupid humans, just use mind control and make them leave but then the wine kicks in and I need to go pee, so just do that.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in bed, become lucid while trying to get up and hit my toe with the nightstand thingy next to beds, which breaks it down. People get startled because of this and… why is there people next to me?

      They tell me apparently I fell quickly due to the alcohol and mention that they put me to bed, and why is it that everyone is sharing bed with me?

      They got drunk too from what I can gather, and I am not liking this conversation. Make them stay in bed while I am about to leave and then something hits the bottom of the hotel.

      It starts to shake and the surprise makes the other three guys break out of their trance so I just rewind time and stop the giant rock of fire coming at us with TK, then go over the edge of the wall and teleport outside just to see some kind of creature casting a second shot.

      Teleport in front of it, look up at it and see its arms are preparing to shot another meteor-like thing. Grab it with my hand and crush it with TK then send the thing flying down and just prepare to leave when something strange happens; everything around me starts to crumble and I don’t mean the place, but reality itself.

      Use a few skills that prevent the usage of causality against me and then things go back to normal after a very loud click happens.

      Quickly look for the source and find some kind of creature outside of the galaxy doing it. Fly towards it and then prepare to engage in combat when I wake up…

      Back to sleep.

      I am on the computer. Become lucid while talking to Naiya and then realize I have not visited her in a long time. Should I do it today? Probably not, been sleeping poorly and don’t want things to get messy. So instead of trying to teleport over to her start talking to people in another server.

      Not much is done, since I am trying to learn mechanics about things I have never done before in waking life and get lost in technical stuff and don’t even know if I can apply it upon waking up.

      Try to read something on biology instead, which goes a bit better but also get confused on some terms that I know can look up after waking up.

      Once I am done reading teleport back to the other planet I was on before, but this time outside of it, what was the creature that tried to breach causality to reach me?

      Can’t find it quick enough for me not to wake up again so end up just losing sight of it.

      Back to sleep.

      I am sitting, eyes closed. Can’t open them for some reason, try to do it frantically and while doing so realize my eyelids are super heavy, that also allows me to become lucid and gain enough strength to open my eyes.

      Once I have them open realize that I am actually in space. Teleport back to the planet I was on before and prepare to use large scale Scan to look for the creature when the star of this system starts to shine around, it’s too bright.

      I cover my eyes and start the Scan then find the creature and as I do so a few people come to me.

      The first one is a man in his 30’s charging at me, stab him in the chest and toss him aside as I feel a woman coming from above, she gets crushed by hyper gravity as I keep walking forward and then start flying.

      As I fly, am met by another guy who is actually more of a wolf person, whom is trying to shot something at me. By this point in time have located the creature from before so just teleport out of its way and on top of the head of the creature.

      The things tail comes at if as if a stinger and I grab it then open my mouth and shot it down with some energy. Surprisingly that does not kill the creature and instead it just gets angry.

      It was big enough that I fit completely on its head, like a giant crocodile. Punch it and the thing gets sent out onto space, then it does something that gives me a slight headache and can see the guy from before. I believe he is trying to locate me. Just get to the creature and kill it before I wake up.
    8. Forests are good.

      by , 06-05-2023 at 07:49 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday June 2nd 2023

      Oh, how I like these places.

      I am home, looking for something to do. Become lucid and then start to work on finding something interesting to do. Teleport over to another planet and fly down to the ground.

      End up in a forest, so start walking around. There is not much to do but I like forests so don’t mind it. Keep on walking, jump from time to time between trees, find a small fruit so eat it and it tastes terrible.

      Just keep going and rest on the place.

      Back to sleep.

      Am walking around the house, become lucid and just teleport over to the planet from before.

      The night is coming and along with it a mist, so it makes it hard to see. Prepare to make it go away when see some eyes on the distance that lunge at me, it is some kind of snake. Grab its head and get pushed back. Once I land back again on my feet place the head of the snake down, its head is as big as a cow damn! Once I place it down just toss it to the side and keep walking.

      The snake comes again at me so just stop it with TK and teleport to the tree tops. Its too big to climb trees and it seems like most creatures hide from it; the snake seems to enjoy eating humans because it keeps looking for me using its tongue.

      Just make my smell that of a putrid plant, which makes it go away quickly once I do that, there we go. Just enjoy my view on the place.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something about family online, become lucid and teleport to the planet from before. Still the same location as before, but it is morning now and the snake is gone.

      Some people are coming over and they are preparing to hunt, with weapons at hand, some with bows and some with guns.

      They point at small animals that am guessing are too small for the snake.

      I like the forest too much so when the arrows and guns get shot just run to them and grab them then place them next to the people. They are confused since they can’t see me until they realize all the stuff, they are shooting is appearing next to them.

      Now the issue is instead of leaving they decide to shot more… stop everything with TK, break a few bones so they can’t shot nor run and let them just stay there for the snake once it comes out at night while I keep exploring and having fun.