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    The world of Lyseno

    Comp Day 11

    by , 03-15-2023 at 07:52 AM (124 Views)
    Sunday March 12th 2023
    Cat kingdom? I can’t fight them.
    I am talking to someone in my room. Become lucid while getting up because nobody should be there and then teleport over to a new planet. Prepare to leave because the place looks boring but Scan tells me people are trying to fight off an unknown enemy and this gets me hooked.
    Instead of leaving, start helping humans to search for this enemy. Stop Scan so that I can also enjoy the whole experience; start talking to different DCs as they all seem worried about it.
    Get enough information about some kind of conference that will be held where this unknown enemy will be giving their demands and so plan to join it in on the conference, in the meantime go purchase some food, a cake and some bread and eat it before waking up.
    Back to sleep.

    I am home, become lucid while walking out and then teleport back to the other world. Not much that I can do as of right now since it is still some time before the conference. So instead go over to a hotel, create coins before entering on my hand and then enter and pay for one night.
    The place is… not the best place. Its half destroyed, the bathroom was disgusting, filled with poop everywhere and it wasn’t a pleasantry to get things done in there so just teleported that stuff out of my way and cleaned a bit by using water control and then just forcefully flushing.
    Go outside again, create more money on my hands and go eat at a restaurant and while eating there ask the waiter at what time the whole thing will start, that is when he lets me know… it won’t be until next week I read the papers wrong damn!
    Back to sleep.
    I am home, checking something online. Become lucid, close down all of the browsers and then teleport back. I am annoyed and as such don’t want to wait.
    So what I do is go to the place where the conference is going to be held, control time and make it be 1 week later by fast forwarding the life on the planet.
    People sit next to me, fast forward again time to avoid the talk and then before they finish get back again, talk a bit with the people next to me, telling them how I will be protecting the planet and what not.
    Next thing I know is I see the head of the presenter fly up into the ceiling of the theatre. People start screaming and something comes rushing at me in ninja clothes, small… fluffy! I stop its pointy weapon with my fingers and then raise my other hand to block claws, a ninja cat.
    Ok, there is no possible way I will be fighting and killing them. Some people see I can obviously react in time and defeat them and start screaming at me to do something, I do. Create a wind wall behind me as a kitty tries to stab my neck and then push him out of the way. Once I am done with pushing the kitty out of the way make myself ethereal and start phasing through everything and watching them how they start taking out humanity. Some humans hide and try to be sneaky, but kitties end up finding and killing them. Wake up before finishing the whole thing but that’s ok.

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