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    The world of Lyseno

    Comp day 13

    by , 03-16-2023 at 06:44 AM (179 Views)
    Tuesday March 14th 2023
    OH! Uncle you are sexy.
    I am home reaching out to the kitchen. Become lucid and just create a cake in my hands then teleport over to another world and create an apple and start eating it.
    As I keep moving around the house also drink some water, jump out of the house and start flying towards our volcano and sit at the top, watch the sun set and that’s all I do for that night.
    Back to sleep.
    I am talking to husband, become lucid while doing so and then decide we have talked enough. Tell him to go about his daily business and teleport myself to another planet.
    The first place I get over to is not really that interesting and just teleport again to a new location. This one seems better, it has huge oceans and interesting underground mazes that I would like to explore.
    So do just that; first thing I do is teleport to some kind of underground maze, it isn’t exactly closed off to all types of light though, some of the rocks reflect it nicely and you can actually see light on the place, which has allowed for certain types of plants to grow here such as moss.
    Not only that, due to the underground set up it gets a natural fountain of water; there are quite a lot of holes all around the place that have water falling through in a beautiful mini waterfall system that gives birth to a not so small pond with lots of animals. I am mostly interacting with such creatures and investigating, grabbing the moss and just chilling there before waking up.
    Back to sleep.
    Reading something online. Become lucid and decide I will not be on the computer anymore and teleport back to the same location I was on before. Keep on enjoying the place and walk around.
    As I am exploring see a little kid fainted on one of the water openings blocking the water. First move him out of the way so he doesn’t block the water anymore but then think that leaving a human alive in this place will make it dangerous and he will potentially kill many creatures while trying to leave so pick him by the collar and teleport outside of the place along with the kid.
    The kid had fainted so it was alright, the issue came when I came out and a bunch of people came over to me and told me that this kid is actually their family member and thank me since he had gone missing like 2 weeks ago along with his uncle and they thought the worst had happened.
    Use Scan and the kid is actually healthy and there should be no problem, prepare to leave when they invite me inside… annoying! Tell them I will be leaving instead but they insist and the bad part is that I feel like will be waking up.
    Get invited some tea and also scrambled eggs, the people living in this house are filthy rich but the house is somewhat poor looking and seems to be falling on some places wonder why. Allow myself to wake up while sipping my tea after finishing the eggs.
    Back to sleep.
    I am on a bed, become lucid while getting up and realize I must have fallen asleep in the dream while awake and they moved me here.
    The father thanks me again and says he is glad that I am ok, but he is still worried about his brother. They ask me if the brother was anywhere on sight and tell them no, from what I saw the kid was alone and must have wandered for a while to faint.
    I see the kid come by and say thank you to me, it seems he has changed clothes and is now awake, he is very happy that he got saved and sorry to have followed his uncle without permission.
    The parents start to scold him and then I prepare to leave when the father stops me… they take me up where they show me where one can enter to the cave system which is part of the house and falling due to the excess in water and ask me how I got there in the first place. I tell them that I went there from a different location and the father tells me that is bull. Ignore him and just mind control them while I go to the bathroom, go over to the kitchen and finish my tea and then prepare to leave but some loud thud wakes me up.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting on a table. Become lucid while getting down and remember about the people I mind controlled… damn woke up before being able to dispel it. Go back up and dispel the magic then prepare to leave when the dad grabs me menacingly.
    I just sigh and think that it will be fixed faster if I just show them. Use Scan and tell him he doesn’t knows everything about this location then go over to one of the walls that is half destroyed giving to a 10meters fall down to the caves and make it fall by pushing it, then tell him to watch below, where he sees one of the rooms actually connects to the caves but it can’t be seen normally unless the wall was taken off.
    The wife complains about the state of the house since it fell off so easily, but I just used more strength than humans can use. Tell them that I will go look for the uncle since they can’t follow me because of how deep it is and jump down. They tell me that the uncle will take me for my reward once I get him.
    I go down and prepare to go into one of the holes when I see a hot guy around 35 or so. He is around my height, has blonde hair but a beautiful brownish skin colour. Ok I am interested.
    Go over to him and he greets me excitedly from one of the holes on the wall “How did you not get hurt, are you one of them?” he says, scan the location and see there is a tribe of people with magic, tell him that I am from a different location and he just says ok while jumping down the hole.
    There is a lot of water that splashes and it gets my clothes wet, think about taking the water off but the guy is hot so I just keep talking to him. I show him a few creatures and he tells me he knows them, but couldn’t get close to them.
    I touch them since they are kind of afraid of me and explain a bit about their biology. It seems like he is especially interested in the red salamander that is twice our size, but it is pretty much harmless. Only thing it eats is moss and lots of water from the wells. He is super amazed and asks me if I want to go with him to his brother’s mansion in the sea “No, I don’t like him” tell him, he chuckles and says that’s understandable.
    He also mentions there are even greater creatures at the ocean where he is at and I don’t need to talk to the brother, which I agree with. I grab the guy and prepare to go flying but he actually freaks out a bit and falls down. Oh come on!
    He goes on to get on a flying motorcycle and asks me if I need a ride. Decline it while flying over to him and taking off his shirt “Maybe you need one” tell him and follow along.
    We go over to the sea, it is quick since his flying motorcycle is super-fast and so it’s only like 10 minutes of travel, he complains that his machine can’t catch up to me flying though and he starts flirting back.
    We talk for those ten minutes of travel and once we arrive he directs me towards the sea/ocean and tells me he will talk to his brother. Wait for him hovering above and then his brother comes up.
    He wants to give me a reward which I decline again and the guy stubbornly goes inside to get it. I start flying towards the coast and the brother follows along and then gets on a boat as I go deeper into the ocean.
    The next thing I know is that I want to watch from close but always have that dread of the sea. Fly down and first adjust my lungs to be able to breathe underwater; it feels weird having such a liquid instead of gaseous object go through my nose and over to my lungs and it takes a while to get accustomed.
    The brother without my knowledge was next to me on his boat. Then I feel something on top of me, so fly out and see that it was his pants… “You are underwater” he says, I am drenched obviously and I am a bit confused, but his half-nude self is entertaining enough “Why don’t you get undressed, before you get sick due to being overly wet”, not sure if that was an invitation but then I feel several creatures coming over.
    Between sex or just making out with a random hot DC and fighting the fight wins 100% of the time. Tell the uncle to get lost and he asks why while a giant squid jumps out of the water and lounges at me, I block its tentacles and when it tries to stab me with its hooks they just break and only manage to damage my clothes.
    I just heal my clothes and toss the squid away then teleport the guy away from us and tell him to get lost again “At least tell me your name” he says “Hukif” I reply while moving the water to force him out of my way as I go deeper into the sea and then go inside water and reach deeper into the ocean.
    A giant fish creature comes at me from the side nearly eating a boat so I punch it out of the way and then prepare to attack again when I feel something beneath me coming up really fast. Damn these waters are DEEP, and we are only a few kilometres away from the coast.
    I look down and only see a giant shadow getting darker, so look from above using Scan and see a small ship, me on the water and something that looks like an eye. I am around 1/10th of the size of the iris. The thing turns violently making giant tides move everywhere and I go back to controlling my body with a single consciousness.
    It starts trying to eat me and while it does so I use a mix of teleportation plus super speed to eat the creature before it gets the chance to bite me. The sudden disappearance of the body and the speed made a huge explosion underwater happen and then it came back down from all locations, filling the void the creature left behind. I tried to create enough barriers to protect non hostile creatures. Why I got attacked by the top creature of the ocean is beyond me, but it always happen and it was quite entertaining.

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