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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 1 Spring Comp

    by , 03-06-2023 at 05:02 AM (39 Views)
    Thursday March 2nd 2023
    Poor sleep and poor dream control.
    I am walking around the house, become lucid and decide it is time for me to do something else.
    Teleport to a new world and just fly over a town, for some reason I do not like the place and donít want to go down there.
    Keep flying, use Scan in order to see what the people are in there like and the reason why I didnít feel comfortable is because they keep killing species in cruel ways.
    The next thing I do is control the people from afar using TK to close down their wind pipes and make them all die of suffocation; once I know none of them is still alive prepare to go down but wake up before being able to reach the ground.
    Back to sleep.
    I am going to the bathroom; become lucid while doing so and teleport over to a new world and end in spaceÖ try teleporting a few more times and keep arriving to different locations but none of them are in an actual civilization or even a planet, just random places in space.
    Not sure why this keeps happening and canít figure it out before waking up.
    Back to sleep.
    I am walking down a forest, become lucid and decide I want to go somewhere else; first of all though check if my teleportation is working properly and teleport to a random planet.
    It worked, so good for me! See a tower in the distance and teleport in front of the place, right at the entrance.
    There is a big wooden door and people guarding it that try to impale me with spears as soon as I come over, they just donít do any damage as I walk towards the tower and rip the door off and throw it behind me.
    Start going up the tower and wonder how many floors it is, so start counting my steps through the stairs, 247 stepsÖ why am I even counting if I wonít know how tall this is? Will check once I wake up. As I reach the top see the sun coming up, and it is actually a cool sight. The only bad side is the people screaming at me from below, so make a fire that burns them all near instantly as it goes down to enjoy the sun sight. Or star sight or whatever, not much besides that is done.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting in the grass, get up and become lucid while doing so. Once I am standing and lucid wonder what I should be doing now.
    Fly a bit and watch around just to see that there is a cool river not too long from me, so start walking towards that direction.
    Once I reach a girl comes to me and asks me where I am going, try to ignore her but she keeps pestering me so go towards a road that is going up a mountain that is next to the river, the girl finally stops following me at that point.
    Once I reach a certain height, the road becomes a cliff that goes directly onto the river and at the other side there is a plain; since the girl is now gone just jump over the cliff and land at the other side of the rider; a shockwave is created so use time to reverse the damage and sound before it reaches anyone and sit down next to the river; take off my shoes and socks and start playing in the water before waking up.

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