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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 10 of Competition

    by , 12-13-2022 at 04:57 AM (140 Views)
    Saturday December 10th 2022
    Stupid alarm.
    I am talking to someone in the family. Become lucid while doing so and go outside. What should I be doing… I have a big goal, but can’t remember for some reason.
    Teleport to another world and then fly down to the ground, find a few interesting places but the one that gets my attention is a big house.
    Not just normal big, big enough to be a small state, also it looks run down and can feel a strange energy coming from the place.
    This feels so weird, the energy is dark and can inflict fear upon the ones who get close to it, but the creature isn’t strong at all and at the same time can’t find it, since the energy is everywhere but somehow it is linked to the creature. Why? I want to go there first, so start exploring but wake up near instantly.
    Back to sleep.
    Am sitting on a chair, it breaks and I fall down slowly. This makes me become lucid so get up and start walking around. This place sucks… is this the same house that I was on before?
    The place is really abandoned, run down, looking horrible. Use scan to fully see the whole house/estate and then slowly start to rebuild it with scan in order to make sure it gets a good look as to what it was before.
    Apparently fixing the place makes the creature lose some power or darkness, because it retracts and then I see… some humans alive. Scan tells me they have been here for decades trapped inside the darkness of this thing, a young woman and a little girl are now free and they seem confused.
    The first thing they try to do is run away, they seem to know the layout of the place too.
    Teleport in front of them which makes them scream and run the opposite side. That’s not good, right behind them there is some kind of zombie or skeleton thing. They both realize this too late and are about to fall right on the face of the creature and be harmed so stop them with TK, move them towards me and when the creature charges after its prey has been stolen crush it with TK.
    The thing just falls to the ground and becomes dust. The next thing that I know is that more dust is coming towards us, the girls seem terrified of it and try to cling to me so use TK and stop them from doing so, then use wind control and throw away all of the dust from my location.
    The next thing that happens is that a big shadow shows up next to us and then just runs away. They still are wondering what I am doing by not letting them get close and the little girl starts crying. The older one tells her that they will be ok so long as they are with me and they tell me they know how to get out.
    Well, I do know how to get out too but… alright. I follow them and they take me to the entrance; there is a small garden from which they refuse to go through at all and end up waking up while trying to convince them without forcing them.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting next to a chimney, become lucid and get up. The two girls come back, the little one holding tightly the other girls dress. She is bringing some tea and food, apparently for me.
    I refuse their food and get over to the door that leads to the garden that leads to the exit. They still refuse to get over there and I just step outside this time, to show them it’s not dangerous at all.
    The shadow instantly appears right behind me and is about to attack, the girls scream and before they know it I have already turned and am grabbing the head of the shadow “Why hello there” tell the shadow while smiling.
    The thing seems to be surprised because it is a shadow and should not be possible to grab it, then it tries to get away and fails to do so. I gather fire on my hand and start trying to burn it but it does nothing. The shadow simply redirects it towards the ground, burning down some plants and grass.
    I get mad at this and quickly make the grass grow again, then tighten my grip at the shadow, it shrieks in pain and seems to be about to die so just tighten the grip slowly until the shadow explodes and falls in the form of little darkness crystals that dissolve when they touch the ground.
    The girls both look pale and terrified as hell “Want to get out?” ask them and extend my arm; they first flinch and take a step back and then say yes, then start walking out. Once they reach the door I feel satisfied with the work here and prepare to leave, but before that close down the space, create money for the girls and make it be there in front of them and then quickly search for that feeling of dread from before.
    The feeling is still there despite the creature being dead, so why? Scan tells me this creature is coming from really, really far away. This is in another universe and that was but a fragment of its power, in fact the creature that actually holds this power recognizes Scan, blocks it and then tries to attack my mind, but we both get backlash from it.
    I fall back and my head starts to hurt, but can also feel the pain felt from the other creature which is fun. Feel like I will be waking up soon, so the next thing that I do is teleport back home and prepare myself some meals, but wake up before being able to taste them.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting on bed, become lucid while creeping up and then decide… I need to finish the food from before! Also have many goals to do.
    Prepare to leave when family all tell me I can’t go out because it is night outside. I look up and it is indeed night but… there is light coming through the front door. This can’t be right.
    I scan and there is something weird, some kind of magic item. Jump and try to grab it but when I do so it just becomes into a space warping thing, and it does make me reach out into the night sky, even to space if I fly slowly.
    The thing expands alongside the movement, so I just need to be faster than it! Family seems surprised I was flying but ignore them.
    Count to three, and then start flying as quickly as I can and the item gets ripped apart from the house. End up seeing a cloth of fabric falling down to the ground, it is made of very interesting materials and I want to study them more and see if something like this can be done in waking reality, something that fully blocks light and shows you an image of something else.
    I keep on examining the thing while slowly flying outside the house and then realize this was placed by bearers… why? Because of my encounter with that guy who was super dark? Oh wait… this is someone I know! I can feel the energy signature of a person that is well known.
    Fly over to them, Mzz? What is she doing here? She is inside of a grey car, knock on the window and she lowers it and we talk for a brief moment, she explains in a riddle the why but it makes perfect sense, it won’t stop me from being an annoying little ant for the bearers but it makes sense.
    She disappears not long after and I end up stopping the sun with TK, then make it go backwards and connect it to other stars to go to where the creature was at when I hear a very loud alarm, damn!
    Back to sleep.
    I am in a hallway with impossibly high walls, everything is grey, the thing is moving by itself at insane speeds and taking me nowhere. I become lucid due to how ridiculous this is and then extend my arms.
    The walls start to collapse since they get easily broken and as soon as that happens the thing moves then faster and now there is a door in front of me and the door is closed and made out of bricks.
    I extend my arm and touch it when we arrive and the door gets destroyed as well as everything behind it, then cripple it all with TK and make it into a blackhole, that thing was MASSIVE, so the black hole was big enough to be considered a small head.
    The hallway then goes backwards even faster than it was going to the front before, trying to escape from the black hole? Maybe. Not too much to do and this place has annoyed me enough, Scan keeps expanding and this location seems to be as far out as one can go, meaning that it is always stretching out.
    I clap my hands and then extend them to touch the walls, destroying everything that exists way faster than it expands, it collapses and the next thing I know is that I am left in a void. Teleport to space in another universe and wake up not too long after that.
    Back to sleep.
    I am talking to myself, become lucid and teleport back to space, do the trick with the stars of a universe and make sure I get the right order while stopping their movement with TK then teleport to the gate that opens at the end.
    I come out in the middle of a void space, no other thing here in this universe besides a massive red… something. It’s like a spaceship or tower or something. Think as big as Everest, and I am in front of a massive door that is open and leads inside.
    Fly slowly towards the entrance and just settle on a small space with some dead flowers, some mud and what looks like flesh growing out of the ground, but that’s normal, flesh is growing out of everywhere in this huge thing.
    It also is pulsating and you can hear its heartbeat, there are many hearts from the sound of it, and sometimes blood will fall down. Is this a living prison? If so, what is it imprisoning? Prepare to keep walking but before that, clean my clothes from the stuff that fell on me.
    Walk a few meters ahead of myself when I find a turning point, it has a Y intersection, both seem to go to a place less gory and prepare to go to the left when I hear a “STOP”, real loud and real annoying voice.
    Turn around and barely have enough time to react when I see someone charging at me at full speed.
    Out of reflex use astral vision and make my body more resistant to avoid getting hurt. The feeling is that of a bearer so actually expect to be fatally wounded and prepare to heal myself but there is no damage… what? Go back to my body, the guy that attacked me isn’t that strong, and he is already using his full power.
    He thrusted at me with a spear, a red spear with a golden metal at the tip that was infused with his spirit, the thing hit on my stomach and with astral vision I transformed my body and created a plate to block and it actually did.
    Three more people come from behind the guy, who now looks like a dragon who is in a rage. I prepare to reach out to him when the other 3 scream at me to stop, since when do I obey? Start preparing my next attack when one of them allows me to fully read him using Scan.
    Oh, they are not here for me.
    Take off my attacking stance and just ask the guy to take off his lance from my abdomen, he obliges and grunts about it then complains to the other three “He is a wanted criminal” he says, but the other three say they are here to attend even more important matters.
    The guy makes the lance disappear, the other three finally get a good relaxed breath and all of us start walking to the left passage.
    Space must be warped because it takes us to a big room made out of black glass with a small sliding white glass door. The small white glass is leading to the right side and as such it leads directly to the other hall thing.
    When we reach out I expect to see a wall since we didn’t really move too far and then confirm that space is indeed warped in this location and the proof is simple, the glass door leads to an open space, some kind of open garden with high roofs and walls made out of wooden tile as well as giant tree roots everywhere eating at the walls.
    I mention this is like a TARDIS but nobody understands this and I get ignored royally. Everyone starts walking towards some stairs that are in spiral form not too long from our current location. When we get closer they keep changing between spiral and normal stairs, metal when normal and wooden when spiral.
    Everyone is waiting for them to be made out of metal apparently and it will take some time.
    I learn some stuff about the guy who let me use Scan in this timeframe, he actually fell in love with a human male a few centuries ago and his human was killed so he is bittersweet and this is why he vouched for me.
    I grab his hair like his lover used to do and then give him a kiss on the forehead as a thank you; his friend quickly points his lance at me and tells me not to get any funny ideas, then proceeds to lecture his friend about not trusting me which truth to be told is a great tip.
    The next thing I know is that the two girls do something to the walls and then the stairs become stable so we just go up.
    At the end there is yet another hallway made out of the same fleshy stuff from before and then find a small hole that suddenly gets bigger when we go closer to it.
    It’s made out of plastic tiles this time, or something that looks similar. White, black and orange colours.
    We go in and then it turns into a toboggan that leads directly down for a few kilometres, consider that it may actually be infinite because we should have reached the bottom of the space tower a long time ago and yet we are still falling.
    The others start to get bored but don’t mind it when I find with Scan some small creature made out of shadows like the one before but this one is on a completely different level, couldn’t even tell where it was before.
    Quickly place my hand on the tile where the thing is at and then the system of the toboggan changes quickly to a place with several entrances and exits and the thing starts running away further down.
    This is still super step, but not so bad someone normal may not be able to get out or go deeper in if they so wish to do so.
    The guy who defended me before tells the other that he knew I would be useful, oh? He was using me all this time? I keep going and pursuing the shadow as it didn’t die from the first attack.
    Keep on attacking and it keeps on running away. The others deviate from my location and enter one of the entrances while I keep going further down to the point that we reach the bottom most part of the tower.
    In this place, several sloth-like creatures the size of a human are on the ground, they all look up when they see me so I use TK in order to force them down and then jump over some of them, find a turn to the left and the shadow runs, there is another sloth thing below which it goes through and I have to jump over, there is also a room with a single black window and a small blue wooden door.
    Finally catch the shadow one more time in another turn that goes down a slide that leads to nothing, it just is ending in a lot of rubble but grab it before it goes through it and kill the little thing.
    The next thing I know is that the sloth creatures have finally gotten out of the TK and are all walking towards me. They seem like mindless creatures and as such move slowly but they actually are able to inflict deep mental damage.
    I can feel the guy who sent the other shadow here strongly, in the rubble? Who is he and why is he being investigated? There are actually two creatures, both equally as strong, what should I do now?
    One of the sloths tries to stab my shoulder and I grab its arm then feel a sharp pain in my mind, but if it’s going into my mind I can do the same to theirs. Since they are mindless creatures, its hard but I manage to create mental damage on them which leads to the creatures becoming white instead of their usual black colour and then turning to rock and dissolving to dust.
    Do the same with all three of them and in this hallway and then walk back where I came from. The others are checking rooms on the place and I get over to where they are at and ask them what they are doing, but not much is said to me and they mostly just ignore me, prepare to continue investigating myself but my body is about to fully wake up, apparently I have been asleep for too long because I can no longer force myself to stay asleep damn.
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