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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 9 comp

    by , 03-13-2023 at 06:24 AM (75 Views)
    Friday March 10th 2023
    Only slept for a few hours.
    The only lucid I remember, was with family members whom were trying to force me to stay. It started in the bathroom, it was disgustingly dirty so I teleported all of the poop out, controlled the water to forcefully flush through it by drilling the stuff that was still inside and then did my business, went out and saw some annoying people I dislike.
    I knew my dream wouldn’t let me kill them easily but tried anyways, swiped my hand towards them and a huge explosion took out the city next to them, but they just came back.
    Crushed them under super gravity but they came back… just decided it was too much trouble and just flew faster than light outside of the planet and the solar system. They kept teleporting next to me and being a bother. GOSH!
    I was pissed now, so just teleported over to a new universe, but they were slowly appearing there too, so I took my time to wait for them and then ate them both, sealed them inside of me and waited for them to die inside of my stomach.
    Once that was done and to take away the bad aftertaste, went over to a random store in this planet and asked for some sweets before waking up.

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