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    The world of Lyseno

    Forests are good.

    by , 06-05-2023 at 07:49 AM (147 Views)
    Friday June 2nd 2023

    Oh, how I like these places.

    I am home, looking for something to do. Become lucid and then start to work on finding something interesting to do. Teleport over to another planet and fly down to the ground.

    End up in a forest, so start walking around. There is not much to do but I like forests so don’t mind it. Keep on walking, jump from time to time between trees, find a small fruit so eat it and it tastes terrible.

    Just keep going and rest on the place.

    Back to sleep.

    Am walking around the house, become lucid and just teleport over to the planet from before.

    The night is coming and along with it a mist, so it makes it hard to see. Prepare to make it go away when see some eyes on the distance that lunge at me, it is some kind of snake. Grab its head and get pushed back. Once I land back again on my feet place the head of the snake down, its head is as big as a cow damn! Once I place it down just toss it to the side and keep walking.

    The snake comes again at me so just stop it with TK and teleport to the tree tops. Its too big to climb trees and it seems like most creatures hide from it; the snake seems to enjoy eating humans because it keeps looking for me using its tongue.

    Just make my smell that of a putrid plant, which makes it go away quickly once I do that, there we go. Just enjoy my view on the place.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something about family online, become lucid and teleport to the planet from before. Still the same location as before, but it is morning now and the snake is gone.

    Some people are coming over and they are preparing to hunt, with weapons at hand, some with bows and some with guns.

    They point at small animals that am guessing are too small for the snake.

    I like the forest too much so when the arrows and guns get shot just run to them and grab them then place them next to the people. They are confused since they can’t see me until they realize all the stuff, they are shooting is appearing next to them.

    Now the issue is instead of leaving they decide to shot more… stop everything with TK, break a few bones so they can’t shot nor run and let them just stay there for the snake once it comes out at night while I keep exploring and having fun.
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