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    The world of Lyseno

    I officially like this planet

    by , 04-24-2019 at 08:48 AM (231 Views)
    Sunday April 21st 2019

    Nitro! Or looks alike whatever

    I am walking around some plain, or possible just a rock who knows, this place is big as shit.

    Find some place to hide on and then see a bunch of things that look like Nitros from the series Toriko. I am not sure if they really are, so get closer and take a look at them.

    While the things look similar, they are not the same. They ARE birds, so they have feathers and all, their beaks look beautiful and gleam with a black shine. There is also the fact that their arms are not real arms but mostly like some kind of claw that used to be a wing.

    They look pissed that I am here and start to walk towards me, slowly and looking around and circling around myself.

    I try not to mind it too much until they disappear from sight. Turn back and step back while lowering my head to see one claw pass above my head, hit the thing on its stomach and send it flying out then turn and spin towards the ground to avoid the other three and also kick them out of the way then make a spike come out of the ground as my head is hitting the ground, another one comes from nowhere and is about to hit me with its beak when the spike I made sends it flying out of the way.

    I hear a loud scream and then look behind me then block out of instinct and get thrown a few kilometers back… oh who are you!

    Another one of the birds, this one is obviously stronger than the other ones and the black has gone not only to its beak, but all of its body, its beautiful.

    It jumps at me and I block with my arms again, stay my ground then hit it with gravity but something happens with its feathers and my magic attack is blocked?

    I get thrown back a little bit this time and then it continues to attack, I start to get excited but wake up.

    Back to sleep.

    I am sitting next to a big rock, stand up and realize that I am dreaming.

    Once I know that I am dreaming realize that I am close to the last place so teleport to the plains and right away feel threatened.

    Teleport again and see something go through my after image, the black bird! I jump at it this time and start attacking it.

    It blocks my attacks and counterattacks. I try to use magic a few more times but it keeps blocking them all with the feathers on its body. They shine black. SO much fun.

    I jump again at the little bird and we continue fighting. Finally get a little ahead of it and grab its head, then place it on the ground and look at it trying to claw at me. It can block offensive magic but my defensive magic seems fine, as its claws can not go through me.

    Hug the thing tightly then try to let it go. It is still mad and goes again at me, so grow my claws and go through its body, skewer it and then make it become soil fertilizer for the ground before moving on. When that happens the bystander birds start running and they look both mad and sad, was kinda looking forward to them attacking me together but whatever.

    Back to sleep.

    Sleeping next to a… something purple. Wake up and get lucid from the gravity, then decide I should be doing something else, but what?

    I try to not mind my business much and just walk around, but this place is so big that maybe running or flying would be better, but don’t really want to do that and just continue walking until I wake up again.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around some plains, find out that there is a kind of void? No, it is just a small hole in the ground where a plant is.

    Get lucid while walking over to the small hole and jumping into it, then on top of one of the fruits of the small plant.

    It is purple, and the small fruit is big enough that it contained a big city inside, bigger than the CDMX I go to every day.

    Once I am around the people they ask me if I came from one of the kingdoms outside… uh what? They explain to me a little and I scan the rest.

    Apparently humans are incredibly weak in the food chain and entire armies are needed to fight a small amount of creatures like the ones I fought against before, and they hide in remote places like this one and use weak magic to walk around the planet.

    I try to explain to them but they seem more confused than convinced and stop trying and just start eating from the fruit we are all standing on, which makes them mad! They say I can not eat from the fruit since it is the only thing sustaining our lives, alright?

    Back to sleep.

    Sleeping next to a cathedral. Become lucid when standing and then wonder what should be my next goal. Oh yeah! I need to hunt down more creatures from this planet. I am about to leave when a girl wearing a knight’s armor shows up and stops me.

    She says that I cannot leave as we will be going to war in a few minutes. Why? I ask her if that is my problem and she tries to slap me but stops herself, she says it is everyone’s problem.

    The other warriors tell me how she is super famous for been strong and been able to fight on par with even one of the… uh some weird name for the black bird I fought? I want to tell them I killed one but that is probably the reason why they are coming here and decide to keep that to myself.

    Then she says scouts spotted too, also a red one which seems to specialize in offensive magic and is as powerful as the black one if not stronger.

    I want to fight them so agree to stay and fight. They all still believe I must be a very powerful knight from the kingdom as I do not have any injuries and arrived here on my own and flew down to their fruit.

    I try not to argue with them and help with fighting the brown ones, they want the girl to fight the other ones but want to help also.. how confusing! I just am waiting until they arrive to fight myself and disregard the humans, but wake up before I can go ahead and fight them.

    Back to sleep.

    I am back… but it seems the fight already finished? The whole fruit is in flames, they lost! Stupid weak humans who could not defeat the birds who already left. Try to fly out of the fruits to find the birds and then contemplate that if just the surface of the fruit was as big as CDMX… then the damn fruit itself was as big as half my country, and the three would be as big as the continent, so the hole could hold up probably a planet of earths size. Damn.

    While doing that woke up, which made me mad since I just… didn’t fight the birds.

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    1. ZenLD's Avatar
      That's one massive fruit! Was it yummy?
    2. Hukif's Avatar
      It was! Think like a meaty grape. Basically a giant grape with the texture of a Mango and a taste in between a strawberry and a tangerine
    3. ZenLD's Avatar
      so bizarre! I want to eat it too