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    The world of Lyseno

    Me been lazy again

    by , 04-24-2019 at 08:47 AM (146 Views)
    Monday March 25th 2019

    Already behind again, so will journal quickly.

    I was talking with my not friend the wolf. He explained that the war had broke out and asked me to stay out of it… why?

    I asked him the reasoning since he did say I should have been on the war before, but he said that I am an outsider to their world and if anything, he would like to give me a much harder task.

    I get excited and say yes, then he reveals the super secret high difficulty task! Which is only to go ahead and protect all the war refugees.

    I am supposed to make a special location for them, so only those who want to go to war will actually fight. So I make a giant underground maze and set up a few guardians then teleport everyone inside who is not pro war.

    I also find that some places will not allow me to teleport so have to go there manually. Do get a few fights but nothing I would greatly enjoy.

    Tuesday March 26th 2019

    Same thing as Monday. This time I had issues with the refugees because they were children who did not want to leave their parents.

    Not like I cared, basically forced them out of the war zone and for some reason, some of the people I had saved before… well races, decided to go along with me and help me with the kids.

    Wednesday March 27th 2019

    I was again protecting the war refugees.

    At some point we got attacked by some group of mages, but I just beat their ass and was chilling there. Some people were happy with me, while I was mostly just doing nothing at all and getting bored.

    Thursday March 28th 2019

    Barely slept at all.

    Only remember making more buildings on my underground maze.

    Friday March 29th 2019

    More remodeling the maze and getting bored, watching the war from the sidelines. Too bad I always keep my word, otherwise would interfere but wondering if they are going to take too long… might as well go and fight them.

    Saturday March 30th 2019

    Still was working with the kids and trying to keep them secure, but my impatience was growing larger and larger and was getting annoyed at just waiting. I think a few people agreed with me but wanted protection for the kids more than anything.

    Sunday March 31st 2019


    A lot of dreams but not enough time!
    Basically, finally had it with taking care of the kids and decided I would actively participate in the war.
    Remember first teleporting to my not friend wolf who wanted to tell me it was the wrong idea but I told him that since this was not my war I would just fight however I deemed needed to be fought and he just agreed when he saw I was not going to back down.

    I finally teleport to the front lines of each race and start to fight them.

    The first one I visit is the humans with their weird technology, who start to shot me as soon as I appear.

    This time since I do not want to delay the fight, just start by teleporting to the robots, they detect the missing shots and try to adjust but already compressing the robots with gravity before moving on to the next target. I think they were in the middle of battle because I can see beastmen behind.

    I kind of like beast men so don’t kill them, just knock them out and then instruct them to pull back before teleporting to the next place.

    This time arrive at some kind of temple, and a lake. I don’t know what is going on but see a lot of fireballs and water towers here and there. Seems like a fight between mages and the beast men… wait what, did the humans and the mages make an alliance?

    I didn’t know anything about it.

    Go into the fight and start taking out the mages. The ones who are casting I bind them down with water and then encase them in ice while the ones healing on the back get dig down on the now swamp environment at their feet.

    Before I know it the night is over and I stopped several fights, which is good but I wanted to continue fighting.

    Monday April 1st 2019

    I was again at the lake with the temple, but there were not only mages but also dead beast men… did I not stop this fight last night?

    I try to find a solution and end up taking over the body of one of the dead soldiers.

    First of all, it seems like they deemed me to be their ally, well the beast men.

    Second, they deem me to be one of the secret weapons so they take out theirs too and the fight becomes more violent and third… someone has been watching this place the entire time?

    Someone jumps atop the soldier I am possessing and tries to kill him again. I just take over their body and then another mage comes over to try and kill the new body.

    I take my own body and then some smoke comes out from them and tries to bind me. I absorb it and then attack them with it.

    They seem surprised and prepare to attack again when I take over one of them, kill him from inside and force him to fight his companion before having to wake up for work.

    Tuesday April 2nd 2019

    I was in the facility with the kids, played a little bit then saw the other adults wanting to fight since I went myself.

    I went to check on the fights and saw several of the super big machines from the humans, ended up destroying one before having to go to work.

    Wednesday April 3rd 2019

    More fighting for the war, this time took out some archemages. But also spent a lot of time travelling in one forest I found which caught my eye…

    Thursday April 4th 2019

    Don’t remember anymore, as I barely slept.

    Friday April 5th 2019

    Too much work at the bakery with husband, no real sleep.

    Did have a lucid in public transportation, fell asleep and was looking through a weird glass.

    Saturday April 6th 2019

    AP attempt (WILD)

    I was tired and could feel myself drifting off quickly
    So just got in a comfortable position and waited to get into partial paralysis
    Then when I felt paralyzed started to let it spread, closed my eyes and let the HH begin
    It took a few tries since I haven't done it in a while
    But finally got to a point where I could dissasociate at least my hands
    Then when I was trying to pull myself, this black thing grabbed my head and suddenly I was next to myself but tied down by a dark aura coming from that thing
    I tried talking to it, but it didn't say anything and proceeded to slowly start biting "something" on my body in bed

    Also did some some fighting again in dreams.

    Sunday April 7th 2019 – April 12th 2019

    Finished the war, but it was so long ago don’t remember properly. Do remember however that I managed to destroy all of the powerhouses, ie the black thing and also the phoenix from the beastmen.

    I also remember talking with my not friend from the beastmen several times, he was always angry about me intervening like I did during the war, so I just scolded him because that prevented thousands of unneeded deaths and also prevented the leveling of zones where a lot of flora and fauna was alive at.

    He did ask me what my next goal would be, told him that I would be going to another world and he agreed, but would like if I could stay for a bit longer or come visit every so often. I just thought that was stupid and ended up going to a lonely location by myself before waking up.

    April 13th 2019

    I remember training some since I was done with the war, in between that tried to do the highest I could go for destruction at the time after activating time compression, I was able to make a supernova with ease and pocket dimensions where I could hide myself.

    April 14th – April 20th

    Finally moved to a new planet, this time I was kinda disappointed because there seemed to be nothing new on this planet.

    That is until on Saturday (The 20th) finally realized that I was just in a small portion of the planet.

    Started flying outside of the place where I was located at and then found something quite interesting.

    While I was in a “big” place, as big as the state where I live at, it was but a small puddle in the middle of a mountain range, which was as small as the trail of fangs left by some creature that passed casually through.

    I went higher and higher until I found out that it was just such a big planet, that most creatures here were big as hell, even though a good deal of the strongest ones are as small as humans and the other ones were just big.

    Did find a few big ones as strong as the small ones, if not stronger, obviously that lead to me going to search for said creatures, starting with the smaller ones.
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