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    The world of Lyseno

    Spirit world - Day 27

    by , 04-28-2018 at 09:54 PM (285 Views)
    Friday April 27th 2018

    All of them are there to protect, it seems?

    The first thing I remember is been at home. I hate been at home... prefer so much more to be elsewhere. There were a lot of people outside so go up the stairs and figure I should go somewhere else. Try to teleport and it kind of works but it isn't the teleportation I enjoy so much.

    Talk to some people about food and end up making them the food, eat before leaving and then find a good place in top of a mountain where I'm flying towards, but wake up before arriving.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something on the house... get lucid and go over to the bathroom. Not sure what to do now. I remember my goal of talking to someone... no, it was something different. Teleport with that goal and the person in my head and end up in a big area full of grass, nothing else can be seen in the horizon.

    When looking around remember about hte goal to get the password and then raise my hand, use the spirit energy of the dream and force it to show me what the password is. Two enormous buildings start to come from within the grassfields and things start to feel weird, a quaking comes forth and once the two buildings finish coming through, they start to sprout feathers like crazy.

    At some point the feathers start to fall down as if they were snow towards the ground, I quickly make a wind-blade and cut the buildings in two to see if the password is inside, however there is nothing in there. All I can see is a hollow shell of feathers from the inside too, what is the password then? End up waking up without been able to find anything about it.

    Back to sleep.

    I am reading inside my home again... put it down and realize the weight is wrong. Stand up and go to the kitchen to eat something, once I am done go to the bathroom and then think about hte dream from before.

    I have to go ahead and search for head, but where to? I try to teleport to him again and to figure out the meaning of the password at the same time. When I arrive find myself in front of a giant waterfall and nothing else is there.

    What does this mean? A persons aura shows up but there is nothing in there. Why. Start searching around but there is only the waterfall. At some point it starts to fill something and once its filled I can see fish start to show up and swim around, salmon? They look normal and the aura gets stronger, then the fish start to become flashy, their scales! From the inside they have nothing like the buildings but the scales are shiny like the feathers... why? I try to think of something but can't really get anything down. Just keep playing with the fish until it is time to wake up.

    Back to sleep.

    I am in the bathroom. Get lucid while in the water but then realize I am not in the bathrom, but rather I am in the waterfall from before and then it leads me towards a city? I am in the top of a building and then see something on the distance.

    The fishes were gone, so assume this is a third tip towards the password. When I continue walking find the sphere hides itself, it was flying and unlike the other two this one had movement? ALRIGHT! Fly towards it before it can completely conceal itself and then find it in a supermarket.

    The thing starts to fly when I spot it and tries to get away, so I pursue and end up chasing it all the way down to a cristal made building, where I manage to grab it and crush it down against the place, but the thing as well as the other 3 was void, GAH!
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Maybe the password is no password. Lol
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    2. Hukif's Avatar
      It must be pi! A circle, insanely large number of feathers and scales, ofc it should be pi right?
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It must be pi! A circle, insanely large number of feathers and scales, ofc it should be pi right?
      Haha xD I don't know what feathers have to do with pi but circles and scales sounds about right.
    4. Hukif's Avatar
      Oh, feathers just meant it was a big number, yep... <.<
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