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    The world of Lyseno

    Wolfito closure.

    by , 06-05-2023 at 07:50 AM (136 Views)
    Sunday June 4th 2023

    Ah, Wolfito.

    I am home looking for something to eat. Become lucid while doing so and continue eating like normal and then go to the garden, teleport to another world and prepare to start having fun. Not much can be found here, but there are a few places that are deserted and about to be destroyed by the pass of time so teleport over there.

    The house is red, but now looks pink due to time. There is a big hole on its side, so it looks like only half the house was built in place and the other half was made to look cutely at the hole.

    No other houses around, I go over there and prepare to make it so it won’t fall, and then make the grass below stronger. While doing so realize something is weird, its like I am being watched, but by whom?

    Don’t mind it much since its not showing up and just jump down once I am done and start exploring the big hole. Its at least twice the size of the house.

    Not much happens before I end up waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    I am going to the garden, become lucid and teleport back to where I was at before. This time it’s a bit later at night and there are some people in the place coming and going. They seem happy its no longer moving around like before and seem to be happy to also bring some materials from outside.

    Prepare to leave when they spot me and go inside to tell someone they saw me; just jump out of the hole and run somewhere else.

    They don’t see me anymore; just move and transform in consciousness and start watching like that. In terms of species, humanity is no longer the dominant specie in this world and there is only a few small cities.

    From what I understand humans finally learnt their problem and, in this planet, at least they are trying to live a good life with nature so am ok with them and don’t plan to kill them.

    Keep looking, find a few parks for watching nature. There is one in a forest and one in a city that leads to a beach. Most people don’t really care about the creatures roaming and mostly about being in a peaceful place. I like it so pretend to stay here for another dream or so.

    First thing first though, humans are having trouble protecting other life forms while staying alive but now they are too afraid to do anything else and don’t want to focus on themselves so give them a hand.

    Move to the top of a building and regain my body, like to use powers more this way. Place my hands in front of me and reaching out to the distance and make it so the plants around will bear better fruit for humans and monkeys in general while also making it so that the places that are still up become stronger and decay slower, don’t want their houses dying too quickly, since I calculated around 20 or so years only before complete decay.

    Once I am done prepare to go sight seeing but wake up.

    Back to sleep.

    I am looking around, become lucid while walking and realize I am in the same place as before, cool! Don’t have to teleport again.

    Anyways just start walking towards a few stands, purchase but don’t know what type of coin they are using. It seems coins are no longer a thing and instead they ask you to please provide food from outside.

    So get out of thin air a basket of fruits and provide them to the locals.

    They are super happy and tell me if I want to stay with them at an inn.

    Everything is so rundown, how do they manage to have inns?

    When they bring me to the place, finally realize that rather than an inn, they have 4 or 5 buildings completely set up to allow surviving humans out in the wild to come here and start living with them.

    I get more baskets and provide them to the guys, tell them I know where they grow and make a place where there is LOTs of it.

    Make it so the plants start growing as I get to know people; only 10 rooms have been occupied so far in this place and people are losing hope of more humans reaching but they believe some other cities might still be out there. They have even set up communications and what not.

    I did scan the planet, but not much in terms of humans is left and most will die before reaching here. Maybe another 50, and that is going to only use one building, the other 4 will be for the growing population.

    Not much is done besides showing me around the building, where to cook food, where to go to the bathroom and what not. The building is set up for an amusement park and as such the bathrooms are connected, there is male and female ones and there is a part for showering. Feels like I will need to use it so wake myself up since its coming from outside this time.

    Back to sleep.

    I am home looking at the cell phone, mine is heavier than normal so become lucid off of that and teleport back to the other planet.

    The people there were nice and I keep going around with them, they show me the location still and I ask them to please bring me somewhere else.

    They invite me to go eat with them at a place on the outskirts and then I feel it again… someone is watching me, or something similar?

    Tell the guys that the food is amazing and that I need to go to the bathroom just to see… the wolf man from before? I will call him Wolfito since I don’t know his name. How did he find me?

    He starts running towards me and I just phase through the walls and end up at the other side and the guy just kind of… breaks through them.

    Damn it! This place is good and I don’t find many of these! Become a mass of consciousness and restore the buildings then move around. The guy starts following me and I want him out of the city, since he seems to be mostly pursuing me.

    Use Scan and apparently, he realizes this, but isn’t very good at hiding why he wants to find me; apparently, he still remembers the fight from yesterday and believes I ran from him; this belief is reinforced right now due to him realizing that I ran away thinking that I am actually afraid and wants to hurt me. He disappears all of a sudden and again I feel like I need to go to the bathroom so just take the chance.

    Back to sleep.

    Am walking around a forest. Become lucid and start wondering where I am, use Scan. Oh yeah same location as before.

    So now I am wondering if I should move somewhere else or just stay there, given that the guy is trying to kill me and destroying things around. Maybe I should just kill him but his persistence is kind of cute and not sure if I want to kill him or not.

    The guy shows up again… gosh can’t he leave me alone?

    He destroys a few trees which I regrow and keeps on attacking me. He realizes the trees are back and that I am protecting them so he destroys even more and it gets annoying.

    Finally while he is trying to create a huge fireball jump on his back, kick him out of the way and make the ground grow around him while flying towards the buildings and becoming a mass of consciousness.

    Can feel the intent of Wolfito to destroy the buildings since he lost signal of me there so just regain a body inside the building where I was hiding at and go to the bathroom, take a pee and then go outside as I sense him coming towards me… damn you Wolfito.

    He is coming at top speed so start flying out of the way and end up waking up instead.

    Back to sleep.

    I am in a big hole. Become lucid while in there and decide I should probably go to the middle of the ocean, in that part where I scanned before and there is no life.

    Prepare to do so and start flying when I get tackled by Wolfito.

    Now that I take a good look at him, he is wearing a blue hoodie and jeans; we turn around like crazy mid air and end up crashing not too far from the city. I prepare to leave again when he makes some type of barrier around the city, which also cancels out air.

    DAMN! The people here don’t have any type of powers and will die. Prepare to destroy the barrier when he touches me in the chest and sends me flying with some kind of kinetic energy attack. I am sent flying back against a few buildings so just phase through them, become a consciousness and try to hold Wolfito down.

    He somehow manages to slip through, breaks through the buildings and some of them are falling down.

    Rebuild them as he comes to me and regain a body. I really need to teach this kid a lesson, he keeps thinking I am easy prey. Right now standing below a building that is like a school place, there is huge walking places in front of office-like rooms that people use to live in a family at a time.

    He finally comes down at me from above. Repair the ceiling thingy as he crashes down on me, we break down concrete and the guy attempts to punch me, why when he has claws?

    I grab his punch, turn around and smash him against the ground gently.

    He crashes down and as he does the guy grabs my leg and also smashes me against the ground then a micro blackhole generates above me which starts to warp space and light around us.

    I grab it and collapse it quickly then place my hand on his face and slam him against the ground a few times.

    The guy finally attempts to claw at me and I just fly towards the barrier, break it and leave the place when he reaches out to me and tries to collect energy for a real black hole.

    Alright, he is going off of limits I don’t want this place destroyed.

    Teleport in front of him, grab him by the stomach and drag him around with his skill, fly FTL and reach out to a few galaxies from where we are.

    When we stop, Wolfito seems uber confused and nearly pukes. I tap his head and collapse the energy, he looks even more confused and he flies back, gasps a bit for air and then stops caring as he starts gathering energy on his palms.

    I raise my arm and make the totality of the universe stop for a second and gather its energy above him in a giant pole of light. He finally stops, looking completely amazed and then drops his stance and just look at me “Just… who are you?” he asks me “Why are you pursuing me?” I ask him, he points at me saying I invaded his dream first. His what?

    Does this kid believe I am in his dream? Ask him just that and he says yes, then says he is confused because since the time he saw me, his dreams are more like reality.

    I ask him again if this is his dream and he says he is not sure. So grab him by the collar and fly him back, this time he does puke. We stopped at the water park part of the city. Let time move forwards again and he is confused.

    Tell him his hoodie looks good and then tell him I wasn’t running, I was avoiding him since this place is good.

    Tell him this is actually on my space and he is the one coming in, and also that I don’t believe him he is a real guy.

    He turns back human and adjusts his clothes, they are a bit big for him now that he is back to human; the guy has greenish eyes and cute short hair, but nowhere near a wolf like he presented himself.

    Pat him in the head and he gets mad, asks me not to do that and also wants me to give him my real information so he can contact me once he wakes up “I suck at names Wolfito, and you probably won’t remember” tell him, he insists, says he wants to know more about me.

    Tell him to move out of the way and the guy starts following me… this is bad, bridge effect? WHICH reminds me I should probably stop using pheromones like I always do so stop that before the guy gets the wrong idea.

    When I turn around he is super happy about the water place and asks me if I dream often in this city “First time on this planet, but this universe is mine” tell him, he seems surprised and says dreams can be so much more than he originally thought.

    “Please give me your information” he says again “No” reply quickly and prepare to leave, then he says cute guys always say that… this brat. Ask him how old is he, 20, 19? He says 25 and then kisses me, so push him aside.

    He says its ok for me to call him Wolfito then says his name which I forget and tell him that, I will forget about his name and just remember our convo. Then he says he will talk more about himself.

    The guy starts to piss me off so finally tell him my online name “If you want to find me, look through discord dreaming channels, look for Hukif” tell him, he says the name a few more times and prepare to leave the guy behind when he rushes towards me.

    Prepare to tell him off again when I realize his taken his hoodie off and wants me to go with him to swim… no. Damn, the guy looks good without the hoodie, but still no. Tell him I will be waking up in like 10 mins or so and he starts talking about himself.

    He tells me where he lives, which isn’t exactly far from where I am located at, he also says he doesn’t quite looks like this in the waking world and describes himself better.

    From what he says the difference isn’t big, I avoid talking about myself besides repeating that he can look for Hukif online and that if he is an actual real person and can find me, I will invite him to a date but see it doubtful.

    I don’t like where this is going, he is getting to close to me and I keep telling him that he should not be there with me and that I actually don’t want to be with him, that I was meaning to enjoy the place.

    He says he will be waking up soon and then grabs me and places me against the wall to kiss me. So push him again, this time it’s a bit harder and I don’t want to push him so hard he will break the city again… gah. Just use TK this time and take him off of me then tell him to just look for Hukif and then he disappears. GOSH annoying kid.

    Since I am already here, walk around and eat some stuff while watching the creatures, some very cool Octopi like animals that I like and some fruits that grow only in salt water that are unlike anything I had ever seen. Have some more fun before waking up.
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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      I was going to initially comment, "Why not just Eat the wolf man"
      But then by the end, I realize this comment could have an entirely different meaning XD
    2. Meiseki's Avatar
      ...smash him against the ground gently.
      I'd like to see how that works That fight was epic! And the convo with Wolfito was very entertaining to read... Were all these dreams DEID/DEILDs?