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    Reality check with my nose.

    by , 04-01-2018 at 03:47 AM (66 Views)
    I was in bed trying to avoid a nightmare for some reason, and I knew I was dreaming. I phased through my blanket and was in a dark world. I don't know if I woke up again, but I then tried doing a reality check where I plugged my nose and air came out, so I tried to make air not come out my nose. Air kept coming out my nose and I could feel it for a while. I thought I was awake, but it was a false awakening probably. Afterwards I wanted to wake up for some reason. I donít remember much of this lucid dream. I need to correct mistakes so I have better success. Beginning of March was when I had my greatest success. I need to replicate it. I know that when I actually did wake up, I couldnít breathe out my nose when I plugged it with my fingers. Iím planning on giving that Headspace app a try so I can learn to not overthink.
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