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    1. Confident me verus Doubtful me: Part 2

      by , 12-18-2013 at 05:05 AM
      Confident me: Hey so did you lucid dream last night?

      Doubtful me: No, but I did remember a dream I had.

      Confident me: Hey, that's great! First step is key and I will be on you everyday you know!

      Doubtful me: Huh, why?

      Confident me: So you can have lucid dreams every night eventually sport.

      Doubtful me: Sport, did you just call me sport, what the f***.

      Confident me: Well you can't make a lemon without a lemon tree you know.

      Doubtful me: What does that have to do with anything at all you wanker!

      Confident: I don't know, but that's exactly what dreams are like, illogical and mixed together with different events in your life.

      Doubtful me: Okay, but you are still ugly.

      Confident me: Hey thanks! I love being called that!

      Doubtful me: If somebody as worthless as you can lucid dream, it should be a snap for me!

      Confident me: That's the spirit! Now get out there and make this happen tonight! You are the Mega Soarer of the Aniphillical region.
    2. Confident me Versus Doubtful me

      by , 12-17-2013 at 07:28 AM
      Doubtful me: Here goes another night of low quality sleep, not remembering any of my dreams, and having extremely low awareness and high stress.

      Confident me: Shut the f*** up. You CAN become aware inside a dream tonight and you will remember that dream!

      Doubtful me: Well I haven't had a lucid dream in over 3 months and I'm not even sure that it was really lucid and I just don't think I can do it anymore,
      I feel worn out and uninspired and I don't even know why I can't concentrate enough to have one of those things.

      Confident me: Look, we all have troubles with things that we really want to do or experience, but don't you think that the reason we can't succeed is because we are constantly doubting ourselves and that if you literally didn't think about anything else at all that you could put on your serious mode?

      Doubtful me: What are you talking about dude, what are you my fitness instructor? I just can't do it, okay? I've read numerous blogs and posts on this website but still just can't do it, I've given up and come to the realization that it just isn't going to happen again.

      Confident me: Well are you making the things you read your own? Are you putting special value on the things you read and not just seeing information as a jumbled mess? I think that you can do this if you really try dude!

      Doubtful me: I don't know man, I just can't seem to concentrate on just breathing or anything but my day's and tomorrow's worries when I'm laying in bed about to go to sleep.

      Confident me: As Nike says, "Just do it". Do not contemplate anything, do not even think, just do it. Greatness comes with action anyway.

      Doubtful me: I just think too much, I don't know how to be enthralled in anything like I used to.

      Confident me: The best time to start is right now, even if there are busy things going on in your life, once you just do it, you will find that your everyday tasks actually become easier.

      Doubtful me: Okay, thanks for all the advice man, I'll try my best tonight, okay? But just so you know I still think you are ugly, like extremely ugly. I literally want to draw on your face with crayon you are so ugly.

      Confident: Hey, I like Crayon poisoning!

      Doubtful me: What?

      Confident me: Nothing, never mind, just get out there and lucid dream
    3. Running Down a Road and Call of Duty: Black Ops (from June 19, 2013)

      by , 06-23-2013 at 10:55 AM
      This was a semi lucid dream (on the fringe of regular and semi-lucid). I started off in an altered version of a big arena I know in an altered area. It seemed as if though I was searching for something or just taking in my surroundings. Usually when I imagine this arena, I imagine walking up huge flights of stairs and usually imagine the lower bull area. In this dream I was in the upper bull walking up only 4 stairs and a door leading outside to a similar road I know. There are also two sets of these 4 stairs with doors on each side of the arena that are at the bottom of these steps. I promptly remember being outside after opening the door and wanting t run down a main road I know about 3 miles don the road. My goal is to run to the mile road that I live on. I personally don't think that dreams have goals in mind as much as people think, so I think that my goals slash the meaning of the dream were limited. It's just like having random thoughts made from unconscious connections during the day, the thoughts arise from the connections, there is no specific implicit meaning for the images slash sounds to be there, they are just there because of how the brain runs and makes associations. Yes, you may still say that you are thinking these things for a reason, but then if that were the case than people would be able to better control which thoughts they had were positive or negative and would have better savvy in critical decisions. Besides, people don't ever question what the meaning of random thoughts you get during the day mean, It's just how the body functions based on evolution and dream thoughts are just more vivid. The only thing that has meaning is whether those thoughts yield a process that is positive to you, and the underlying unconscious activity that ultimately controls this decision and how different images, sounds, and physical feelings are linked together.

      The second dream I remember of this night starts off with a combined setting of the front porch and yard from my old and new house (which lead into my new backyard uncombined). I am on the porch and suddenly jump into the garden and hop onto the lawn. I start walking and I have the realization that I am in a lucid dream but things still didn't seem to change and I had little to no control. I walk to the backyard (pretty much unconsciously), and look at the fence near the bushes. I decide to hop the fence. The next scene I enter is much different than the one I just left. The sky in my backyard was mostly sunny with lightly scattered clouds. When I hop the fence I am in a Call of Duty map called Kowloon and am falling down all of the corridors and keep falling down several holes which lead to more parts of the map. The map is like a dark blue shade and raining (how it is in real life). I remember being not affected by this falling and actually enjoying it. The map was slightly altered in some places as I was falling and I can only remember a couple parts in which I was falling. One of the parts I was in reminded my of a similar mindset I got in a dream I had a long time ago near an altered area by my old house. The two dreams I had this night were intertwined.