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    by , 05-13-2011 at 06:16 PM (518 Views)
    Had a non lucid where my family was drinking. I tried getting some too and it worked. I guess they didn't realize im underage? Well I had a ton of shots and then beer and it tasted good. I started feeling really dizzy haha.

    Had another one where we entered some store and there was pipes and different bongs. My dad tested one out. Then I tried the pipe and accidentally hit the marijuana. I was feeling a genuine high. My parents knew that I was high and were telling me that they were gonna fix me, and i was grounded. I was so scared because it was an accident. I asked the shop owner to give me some pills to cleanse me and he did. I was hoping it was a dream but didn't become lucid.

    Another one: I joined the airforce but was like a soldier in Iraq. We got into many gunfights and were mainly doing jobs. Pretty long dream and i liked it. We met up with different brigades of soldiers and wierdly some female seargant was getting fingered by a private. I was thinking, im not supposed to be on the front lines if im in ROTC..weird but i didn't catch on to the hints.

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