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    by , 05-06-2011 at 05:34 PM (362 Views)
    First dream was something about the navy seals then it changed into our family vacation. Every time we would go up on a a mountain or elevavtor we would almost die. Then we were dead for sure and something saved us. Then we finally got down and started to talk to people by the bon fire about our journey. Then we went up again and were traveling and I was asking my dad about why we didn't die. Then he walked up to a cliff and pushed me and him off. It became so vivid and I was lucid. We were gliding around it was really fun.

    I woke up after this and DEILD back into it, then i was flying around again for not to long.

    Had another dream about skating on the street with lots of cars. My bro told me to get off and picked me up, for some reason I was the driver. I drove back into the parking lot. Then i went to a restaurant and something about a parrot was there. It was really big. Then we left restaraunt headed for home i saw my friend there and skated with him for a little bit and my dad picked him up

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