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    1. Facebook HQ, roller coaster, dying man, code of life, Jamaica aid work

      by , 02-05-2012 at 05:12 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was being given a tour of Facebook's headquarters. Facebook was an 8-story tall building with items like a walk-in aquarium and robots. I kept running into people I knew (RL: people I know who actually work at Facebook), and a few I wasn't expecting. I told my tour guide I heard there was a roller coaster and asked if we could see it. We rode the coaster, which was technically impressive but didn't go very fast.

      Still seemingly at Facebook, I was then helping an elderly man who was about to die. He asked me to take off my pants and pressed my knees down onto his I laughingly declined, but then someone told me this was "how it must be done." I took my pants off and kneeled on his knees. The man died, and I saw his essence being uploaded to another plane of existence, where it swirled and played with an infinitely large and beautiful data set. He had become a part of the code of life.

      I followed a white man to his home in Jamaica, where he works as an aid worker. I was interested in becoming an aid worker there and asked about his experience. He gave me a tour and showed me the local population, telling me about the troubles he's had because the poverty is so severe.
    2. Mother schemes to produce grandchildren, girl in a sterile dorm loves dragons, escapes, flies

      by , 01-03-2012 at 07:11 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      My mother revealed to me that while I had been visiting her, she found my IUD in her house. Apparently, it had come dislodged and fallen out. She kept it for months, deliberately not telling me, so I'd give her grandchildren. I looked at myself and saw that indeed, I was pregnant. I yelled angrily at my mother, flabbergasted that she'd stoop so low. I asked her if she understood that I'd been drinking and doing drugs the past few months, unaware of her schemes, and that the baby would not be well. I screamed with despair, and the noise sounded like a baby's scream.


      The setting is a sterile, white, minimal, hermetically-sealed floor of a skyscraper. Small boys and girls, all aged around 10-14 and all blonde, live here, each in their own small room. They're overseen by adult minders and have never been outside of the building. One girl is curious about the outside and manages to leave. She finds she can fly. The building the children live in, she sees, is surrounded by nothing but high-rises in an endless dystopian cityscape.

      The girl returns and develops a love of dragons. She orders (or I send her?) dragon toys from the internet, which appear in her sterile room in Amazon boxes.

      The girl meets a boy, and eventually both escape. They end up at an art gallery with experimental electronica playing and a circus-like atmosphere. How should the story end, I wonder? Should they live happily ever after? No, the story should end in tragedy, I think. They should meet someone - maybe a tattooed lady? It's been done in Stranger in a Strange land, I remember.
    3. Nancy Pelosi, naked with coworkers, LD, first successful reality check, childhood bedroom

      by , 12-31-2011 at 07:42 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was in an office complex where my company's building joined with a governmental department next door. In search of a bathroom, I wandered to the other building attached to mine and saw Nancy Pelosi, who worked there. Though we've met before, she didn't recognize me, so I took the opportunity to get her to say something stupid. We talked about how the elevators and floor line up in our two buildings, and she mentions something about how doors and Muslims are involved in a complex liberal conspiracy. I tell her it sounds ridiculous and ask what her evidence is. She walks away, telling me to say hi to [my husband's name], showing she did recognize me after all.

      Feeling silly, I wander back over to my office on my side of the building. My coworkers and I are sitting around, drinking and socializing. I see an ex-colleague and we have a friendly chat. Then, feeling sick, I take off all my clothes and lie down on the ground, and immediately wonder if that looked too dramatic and people will think I merely want sympathy.

      Then, I was in bed in my childhood bedroom, and I noticed my vision was fuzzy and wavy. I decided to do my LD reality check and examine my wedding ring. Success! The bands were moving around, so I knew I was dreaming. I did a few other standard reality checks: tapped the palm of my left hand with the forefinger of my right, and it went straight through my hand! I also jumped in place - yep, jumped too high for RL. Definitely LDing.

      So, what should I do next? I was still in my bedroom and worried that my sleeping body may be mirroring some things I did in my dream, so I decided to stay there. Sex with a friend came to mind, so I tried to create a friend in my bed. But, it really didn't work well - only parts of the person were visible at a time, and it never looked like them. I gave up and decided to just masturbate in my dream to see what it felt like. But, as I laid down in bed, I felt a sharp pain: I'd laid on a stiff comb, whose bristles were jamming into my back. I felt the dream fade as the pain continued. I desperately yanked the brush out and spun in place to get the dream back. I spun and spun and things stabilized temporarily... but then they became fuzzy again and I woke up.

      Note: This happened on a Saturday nap after I'd already been up and around. Was very tired from the day before. I really am not good at conjuring up specific people in my dream. This is the first successful use of my wedding band reality check, which I've been doing several times a day since I joined DV.
    4. Boss unhappy

      by , 12-21-2011 at 06:51 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      Just a dream fragment: boss sent me a message saying that the reason my project failed was because of me

      Note: went to bed very drunk, guessing that affects recall

      Edit: Later remembered another dream fragment involved meeting Bill Hicks. I asked if he knew he was dead. Non-lucid, hoping more of this will be remembered later.

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    5. Unity treatment, children's conspiracy, floating islnads

      by , 12-20-2011 at 08:03 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)

      I worked in a tower teaching people about unity "treatments," or I was taking a class. There were only a handful of participants, some were gradually quitting over the weeks. I reflected that losing class members increases their "unity" because there are fewer people.

      Note: I woke up at 2:40am and typed this, had no memory of it later.


      Vast plot involving a conspiracy that involves children as victims. I was in some leadership role, but was not a part of the conspiracy. The children wanted me to help them, which involved (in part) some long car trips. At one point a child lead me to the hastily-made grave of Milhouse (from the Simpsons), trying to garnish my support by showing how serious this is. I could smell the corpse rotting. At one point, many of us are trying to bring a mother-like figure out of a crippling depression by performing the Wizard of Oz for her. She had shut herself off in a pavilion partially built to look like "The Wall" in the Wizard of Oz (The Wall in the dream was actually from Pink Floyd, my brain was confused).

      The setting was in a mountainous, serene area with high peaks. Some small floating "islands" surrounded larger peaks, each with only one or two trees and some grass on them.
    6. Martial arts, wood crafts store

      by , 12-19-2011 at 07:31 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was about high school aged, and my martial arts class had just finished. I was waiting for my mom to pick me up with a group of other martial arts students. Drunkenness was somehow involved - at one point I was helping people find designated drivers.

      I wakjed next door to the martial arts school and into a wood crafts shop. I talked with the shop owner, who told me what her store was doing for the community. I put a piece of tape from a wooden dispenser on my nose, waited, and pulled it away quickly to remove blackheads.

      Note: No lucidity in days, though I'm doing frequent reality checks. A bit frustrating.
    7. Quickie wedding on a budget, graduation

      by , 12-18-2011 at 08:13 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      For some legal reason, my husband and I found out we'd need to have another wedding. We wanted to do it cheaply and quickly. We rented the same venue as the real one, but in a smaller, cheaper, outdoor garden. I wore a dress that was multi-colored with a flower print. I asked a woman with five small children to lead them all as flower girls. My sister was the maid of honor, with some other friends as bridesmaids. We didn't rehearse, and I lost track of time and thus forgot to tell people where to stand, but everyone made it on the day and I was glad that even though chaotic, it seemed to be working. I remember thinking, for some reason, that we should've had bridesmaids in suits and groomsmen in dresses for the lulz. I stood alone at the back of the garden while people processed in the ceremony and wondered if I should be both unseen and walking in with my father.

      Flash of another dream: I'm a senior and it's the last day of some school whose program is 18 years long, so I'm ecstatic to be graduating.

      I've been doing wedding-ring-band reality checks lately, but forgot to do any in this dream and didn't become lucid. I wonder if the wedding dream scenario made me less likely to check for a wedding band.
    8. Semi-lucid robot killer, then a Japanese house, snow, and pop stars

      by , 12-17-2011 at 10:07 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was looking down at a platform that looked like a model runway. Two large, white, robotic shoes walked onto it. The camera of my view panned up, and the shoes belonged to a female Stormtrooper-esque robot. At this point I was semi-lucid and knew I had some control. I became the robot, knew I could do anything, and played a first-person-shooter, killing terrified humans around me.

      Next dream fragment:

      I "woke up" from being a Stormstrooper and was with my husband in bed in an ultra-modern Japanese-style futuristic house. I saw that his friend was there with us, who I had not met, and I was embarrassed because I was in my pyjamas. I said I needed to change, but didn't want to cross the room and interact with my husband's friend before I was dressed. My husband said she wouldn't mind if I just dressed there… I took off my clothes in front of her, and then walked across the room (not sure why).

      Clutching my pyjamas and naked, I went to a small, enclosed room which had water on the ground up to one foot. I looked up and saw a bird trapped into the room, and then looked down and saw three goldfish. I called out to my husband, asking him if he knew there was a bird and fish in our house. Then I saw the pig, also in our house, but which I knew about. I opened the window so the bird could escape.

      Later, I was walking outside our futuristic house, and it was covered in snow. I was detached from my body, watching a mother and child play in a snowy meadow. A gigantic boar with colored patches on it came up to them, but was friendly. I thought to myself that the woman and child are assuming that I am that bore, because I am a shapeshifter.

      I walked back to the house. The going is snowy and tough through the woods, but the sidewalk by the house's door has been painstakingly shoveled.

      Next dream fragment:

      The people in the snowy Japanese house previously were my husband, my husband's friend, the mysterious woman and child, and myself. Now there is a young woman there. She isn't a pop singer, but she's an actress playing a pop singer in an upcoming movie. In the movie, some role is being filled by Beyonce playing herself, which upsets the first pop star's character. The two were apparently great friends once, even getting a tattoo of the others' hand on their own hand, but had a falling out since.

      The only part of these were I was in control was originally, as a robot. Other than that I was watching or participating.

      Note: This was after going back to sleep after waking up on Saturday morning.

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