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    Semi-lucid robot killer, then a Japanese house, snow, and pop stars

    by , 12-17-2011 at 10:07 PM (401 Views)
    I was looking down at a platform that looked like a model runway. Two large, white, robotic shoes walked onto it. The camera of my view panned up, and the shoes belonged to a female Stormtrooper-esque robot. At this point I was semi-lucid and knew I had some control. I became the robot, knew I could do anything, and played a first-person-shooter, killing terrified humans around me.

    Next dream fragment:

    I "woke up" from being a Stormstrooper and was with my husband in bed in an ultra-modern Japanese-style futuristic house. I saw that his friend was there with us, who I had not met, and I was embarrassed because I was in my pyjamas. I said I needed to change, but didn't want to cross the room and interact with my husband's friend before I was dressed. My husband said she wouldn't mind if I just dressed there… I took off my clothes in front of her, and then walked across the room (not sure why).

    Clutching my pyjamas and naked, I went to a small, enclosed room which had water on the ground up to one foot. I looked up and saw a bird trapped into the room, and then looked down and saw three goldfish. I called out to my husband, asking him if he knew there was a bird and fish in our house. Then I saw the pig, also in our house, but which I knew about. I opened the window so the bird could escape.

    Later, I was walking outside our futuristic house, and it was covered in snow. I was detached from my body, watching a mother and child play in a snowy meadow. A gigantic boar with colored patches on it came up to them, but was friendly. I thought to myself that the woman and child are assuming that I am that bore, because I am a shapeshifter.

    I walked back to the house. The going is snowy and tough through the woods, but the sidewalk by the house's door has been painstakingly shoveled.

    Next dream fragment:

    The people in the snowy Japanese house previously were my husband, my husband's friend, the mysterious woman and child, and myself. Now there is a young woman there. She isn't a pop singer, but she's an actress playing a pop singer in an upcoming movie. In the movie, some role is being filled by Beyonce playing herself, which upsets the first pop star's character. The two were apparently great friends once, even getting a tattoo of the others' hand on their own hand, but had a falling out since.

    The only part of these were I was in control was originally, as a robot. Other than that I was watching or participating.

    Note: This was after going back to sleep after waking up on Saturday morning.

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