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    The abandoned city of Jupiter (Totm)

    , 06-08-2011 at 02:35 PM (2048 Views)
    I'm at home, programming for one of my current projects.
    I have a bit of trouble getting something to work, that doesn't appear to make much sense.
    I quickly realize that what the problem itself is complete nonsense.

    Yep, I'm definitely dreaming.

    I notice I've also been programming in chrome in stead of visual studio, how weird.
    I see the "Dreamviews" tab is still open, so I click on it wondering if there'll be anything special.
    Unfortunately I get an error trying to access the page:

    "Error 000: You are not awake"

    I stand up and take a closer look at my room, trying to let the dream settle in and to figure out what to do.
    I'll try the advanced Totm again. I'll go to Jupiter! But this time I'll do it right, not like last time...
    After I feel that the dream is stable and that I am thinking clearly, I draw my phoenix wings and try to reach out to Jupiter with my mind.
    It's pretty easy, and I immediately find the big red spot, great!
    I take a step through the fabric of space, teleporting a few 100 meters over the red spot of Jupiter.

    I immediately start falling. Yeah... gravity, how did I not think of that?
    Jupiter is huge! When I look at the horizon I cannot see any curvature, it's perfectly straight, as if it would be a plane of infinite size.
    There is no sound as I fall, but I understand that is because I haven't entered the atmosphere yet.
    Obviously I can't hear anything in the void of space.

    I know I'll hit the outer atmosphere any second now, I can see the red layer of gas approaching very rapidly.
    It looks like an absolutely massive tornado, reaching for possible thousands of kilometers, and I'm falling into the very center of it.
    As soon as I hit the first clouds I can hear a massive thunderstorm. It is very loud, and it never stops growling.
    I see lightning flashes everywhere, so I draw a protective bubble around myself, which lessens the pressure I feel all over my body and the intensity of the sound.
    Although the smell is very faint, it smells a bit like an orange? How weird, I would have expected something more like sulfur.

    I descend through many layers of clouds, and the intensity of the storm decreases as I go deeper.
    Suddenly, a pocket in the clouds appears. There's a biodome floating in the middle of it!

    I realize that I will hit it pretty hard if I don't slow down and instinctively summon my wings in order to do so.
    Although I do slow down quickly I won't stop in time, but I know that's not a big issue.
    Just before hitting the outer wall of the biodome I simply blink through it and end up on the other side.
    I slow down and land on a big greenfield next to a sea.
    The air tastes and smells very fresh, you get that sort of salty taste as if you're standing on the beach of a big ocean.

    I was hoping to meet the inhabitants of this biodome, but it seems this place has been abandoned a long time ago, how unfortunate.
    But I'm quite happy that I managed to do this and that I found something rather interesting.
    I want to do the basic task as well, but I'm afraid to loose the dream if I go back to earth.
    But then it strikes me, the basic task should be easier than the advanced one... I'll just summon a shipwreck right here.
    My back is turned towards the sea, so as I turn around I expect there to be a shipwreck, and there is.
    It's right under the water surface on the beach. It's an old wooden pirate ship.

    I wonder if I can blink into water? Ah, what the hell, I'll just try.
    I look at the ship and blink. OUCH!
    Well, the good news is it works. The bad news is it feels like running head on into a brick wall.
    I dive into the wreck, searching for a treasure chest.
    It gets quite dark which I dislike, I know going into darkness can end dreams.
    But then I find a wooden treasure chest... except... it's really really small.
    It's maybe 10 by 10 centimeters, but it looks like a royal chest with jewels and everything on it.

    I open it up, hoping to find something amazing.
    As it opens, a few faint light rays emerge from it... woah!
    Inside of the chest I find... well... a wooden Yo-Yo.
    What the fuck? Seriously? What kind of treasure is that?
    My vision slowly becomes darker and then blacks out.

    I decide not to try to stabilize it and wake up instead to take notes.

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      "Error 000: You are not awake"
      Lol. I love it.

      Inside of the chest I find... well... a wooden Yo-Yo.
      What the fuck? Seriously? What kind of treasure is that?
      Haha! How anti-climatic.
      tashows and Hyu like this.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      I'm telling you, my subconscious is trolling me sometimes!