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    Abducted and experimented on - Escaping from a Nightmare

    , 09-30-2011 at 04:04 AM (3034 Views)
    Recently some of the abilities I can confidently use in lucid dreams have appeared in my non-lucid dreams.
    I occasionally find myself using them without thinking or realizing that I am in fact dreaming.
    The most common ones I use are "Fire" and "dragon eyes".
    They're both abilities I associate with dragonic powers in my lucid dreams.
    Creating and manipulating fire is rather straightforward, using the dragon eyes not so much.
    If a DC looks into my eyes whilst I have the "dragon eyes" open, I can order the DC to perform any action and he will obey.
    This works with most DC's, except those who seem unnaturally strong. (those who present themselves as other dreamers or other conscious entities)

    I'm at university, attending some kind of lecture.
    The dean enters the classroom and asks if I can come with him.
    This doesn't really surprise me, I sometimes help the school with some stuff, I assume it's about something related to that.
    I get up and follow him.
    He opens his office. There's 3 men inside wearing suits... weird.
    He closes the door without entering.

    "Mr. Zimmer?"
    "Yes? Can I help you?"
    "Indeed you can, we're from the FBI."
    "Oh? What brings you to Germany?"
    "You do, Mr. Zimmer... Or should I call you 'Hyu'?"

    I'm confused and feel horribly uncomfortable, as if I had committed some sort of crime.
    But I know I have not. Yet I am Hyu, but how do they know? It's the nickname I use on the internet, is this related to some of my online activities?
    It's the Fbi, they have no jurisdiction here.
    I try to remain calm.

    "Mr. Zimmer is fine. Please explain yourself, what do you want from me?"
    "We want you to come with us."
    "I'm afraid I'll need an explanation before I'm going anywhere, you have no jurisdiction here."
    "Indeed, we do not."

    The agent pulls out a gun and points it at my chest.
    I freak out as he pulls the trigger and I feel the pain of something penetrating my skin.
    What the heck? This wasn't a bullet! He shot me with a tranq gun.
    My body goes numb and I fall to the ground...

    ... I regain consciousness. It's cold...
    The room I'm in is dark and moist.
    I'm wearing nothing but underpants, and I am constrained on a metal chair.
    The metal is really cold... and it reeks. I'm scared.
    I try to move my arms, but I can barely move them a few millimeters.
    They are chained to the chair at multiple locations.
    I start panicking and try to pull myself loose.

    But I quickly understand that there is no way that is going to happen.
    My legs are chained in the same way my arms are, there are multiple belts as well, keeping my body constrained to the chair.
    The system is so solid and complex that I can't even turn my head.

    I try to calm down. I need to think.

    Someone enters the room... he's wearing a doctors outfit... it's full of blood stains... fuck fuck fuck.
    He studies a chart and then approaches me.
    He turns on a spotlight attached to his headband, which blinds me.

    "Who are you???"
    "Where am I?!"

    He doesn't give a shit and completely ignores me.
    At first I think that he'll inject me with a huge syringe, but he actually proceeds to drain blood from my left arm.
    He's fucking disgusting. He smells horribly, as if he hasn't showered for weeks, and he doesn't look any better than he smells.

    Fuck this!

    I try to channel energy in order to set him on fire... but it fails miserably.
    Red lights on bracelets on my arms start flashing... and that's it... nothing happens. There is no fire.
    I realize the bracelets have tubes that feed into my arms... what the fuck?

    "Heh. Stupid shit. You're not going to use fire magic for a long time."
    "Guard! We're taking him with us. I want him to see something..."

    A guard enters the room and unlocks some of the chains.
    He then forces me to stand up and follow the doctor.
    The chains around my body are still massive. It's a complex setup of massive steel locks.
    The whole apparatus is heavy, I have a hard time walking with all the weight I have to carry.
    There's no way I'll be able to resist.

    I am brought into a room similar to the one I was held in.
    There's 2 prisoners inside.
    A girl and a guy, both about my age.
    I quickly realize that the girl is dead.
    It looks like she died of blood loss, which she lost through her eyes.
    How horrible!

    The guy seems quite scared. He looks at me, and I can see the desperation in his eyes.
    He knows he is going to die.

    The doctor approaches him. He is going to inject him with the blood he's taken from me... why?

    "They're going to kill me... just like they killed the girl."
    "Your blood killed her."

    The doctor intervenes: "Shut your mouth."
    But knowing what's going to happen to him, he doesn't care.

    "If there's anything you can do... do it."
    "They will torture you until they find a way to extract your abilities... and after that they'll have no more use for you."

    Fuck... if this is true... I have to act now... but how? I can't do shit with these bracelets.
    The doctor gets ready to insert the needle into his arm.
    I can feel the adrenaline pumping...


    The bracelets... they prevent me from using fire...

    "Hey doc!"
    "Shut it!"
    "You know, this is not going to work, you can't transmit the fire genes like that..."

    I'm pulling this out of my ass... I just need him to look me in the eyes before he performs the injection.
    Maybe they don't know what I can do if someone looks into my eyes, maybe they only know about the fire.

    "... Those tricks are not going to work. Don't waste my time."
    "Don't inject him and I'll tell you how to transfer my powers..."
    "... I've actually got them from someone else, I wasn't born with them."

    This is never going to work...
    He turns around and looks at me.
    Or maybe it will?

    "Look me in the eyes, do I look like I'm lying to you? My fucking life is on the line."

    And he does.
    Got you!

    I open the dragon eyes and stare right into his soul.
    I can see every bit of evil inside of him. What a disgusting and horrible person.
    He tries to resist, so I push it.
    His eyes turn bloody... he won't be able to take this for long.
    I need to hurry up.
    I order him with my mind.

    "Undo the bracelets!"

    He approaches me like a puppet and begins deactivating the bracelets.
    The guard notices and freaks out, yelling at the doctor to stop.
    But he doesn't... he can't even hear the guard, he can only hear the overwhelming voice of my mind.
    The guard pulls out his gun, but it's too late.
    The bracelets are off.

    The concentrated fire bullet I just launched at him hits him in the head and splits his skull.
    He drops to the ground dead.

    "PLEASE! Help me! I can get us out!"
    "I know the way, and I can open the doors."

    I don't have a choice, I have no idea where I am.
    He's wearing bracelets as well.
    I concentrate some fire onto them and they stop working.
    He closes his eyes and all the locks on his and my constraints unlock at once.

    "I control electricity. I can control most electrical devices."
    "That's useful..."

    I spot a small red led at the top of the room... fuck... a camera.

    "We need to get out. Now!"

    He gets up and we start running.
    The corridor outside the cell leads straight to a big steel security door.
    He opens it with his ability. It starts lifting upwards.

    But behind it, a whole armed task force is waiting for us.
    In panic, I prepare to set them all on fire, but it seems my new buddy got this.
    With a simple hand motion, he creates an electromagnetic field dragging all their equipment towards the ground.
    The belts of their machine guns prevent them from getting back up and we just run past them.

    This guy is amazing. He locks all doors around us, except for the ones we need to escape.
    We encounter little resistance on our way out since everyone is locked in other rooms.
    Finally we reach an elevator and get inside.

    Apparently we're at level "-28" which is also the lowest level.
    Where the fuck are we.
    It goes all the way up to "0", which is where we are going.

    The elevator doors open and we get out.
    We're in a rather small room, with some sort of reception and a big steel door which presumably leads outside.
    I can see a nuclear warning sign on it... I see. We are in an old nuclear bunker.
    A girl working the reception freaks out once she spots us and grabs a phone.

    "Do yourself a favor and don't bother..."

    I feel more confident now that we're nearly out. I'm not really that scared anymore.
    She drops the phone and puts her arms in the air.

    "Good girl."

    My new friends opens the door with a wave of his hand and the bright light from outside blinds me.
    We step out, not seeing anything, but then my vision normalizes...

    "Yes. I thought you knew how to get out?"
    "We are out. But I had no idea where the fuck this facility actually was..."
    "Well shit..."

    We're in the middle of the desert.
    You can see extremely far from where we are, but there's nothing to see but sand.
    Never ending sand and the fucking door leading back into the nuclear bunker.

    Armed forces stream out of the bunker pointing their machine guns at us.
    There's a guy in a suit with them, presumably the leader of whatever is going on in the bunker.

    ... Hold on a second... I can teleport, can't I?
    Or... wait...

    I'm angry... I'm properly mad.

    The guy I escaped with is confused.


    I'm so pissed. How did I not notice.
    I need to unleash some of this anger...
    I approach the guy in the suit.

    Everyone starts shooting at me, emptying their magazines, but the bullets just bounce off me.
    What do they expect? I'm lucid, they can't do shit.

    I grab the guy by his neck and lift him off the ground.

    "If you meet my subconscious, kindly ask it: 'What the fuck?'"

    I set him on fire. The flames are purple, and so strong that he immediately disintegrates, not even leaving behind any ashes.
    In my anger I call out to Faye, associating her with my subconscious and thus as someone responsible for this nightmare.


    She appears and immediately makes me a sign to let her say something first.

    "I didn't do this Hyu. This is not my fault. It wasn't me."
    "Then who did?"
    "No one... nightmares don't work like that..."

    I finally manage to calm down.
    And then I realize something rather important.

    "Sorry Faye... I didn't mean to be angry at you."
    "And I get it now. This is actually a positive experience, not a negative one."
    "Aha! How so?"
    "If I had this same nightmare and I wasn't lucid dreaming, I wouldn't have been able to break free from it."
    "The habits I've acquired in lucid dreams have helped me to escape from this nightmare, and from many others before."

    She smiles in agreement.

    I feel a lot better, somewhat refreshed actually.
    Beating a nightmare feels good. I feel strong, like I have an ability that most people don't.
    The dream fades away...

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    1. SaiC's Avatar
      >How horrible!

      I laughed harder than I should.
      Hyu likes this.
    2. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      That sounds like a terrifying nightmare...but good job using your skills to escape it!

      Apparently we're at level "-28" which is also the lowest level.
      Where the fuck are we.
      Love that part.
      Hyu likes this.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      >How horrible!

      I laughed harder than I should.

      That sounds like a terrifying nightmare...but good job using your skills to escape it!
      Thanks! It's interesting how quickly a bad experience can turn into a good one.
    4. Cookino's Avatar
      Wow, that was really intense! I've been reading your DJ and I think your dreams are awesome!
    5. tashows's Avatar
      It's very strange yet interesting that you can use your dragonic powers without being lucid... Is it that you 've become so familiar with them that they come naturally or does this just happen from time to time?
    6. Hyu's Avatar
      It does happen occasionally.
      I'd say it is out of habit if I had to venture I guess.
      You know how sometimes you know you can fly, or that you cannot be hurt, even though you are not lucid?
      It's just like that.
      tashows likes this.