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    , 11-14-2011 at 01:52 PM (1054 Views)
    I haven't updated my DJ or posted on the forums for some time.
    I got a few pm's asking if I lost interest in DV, and I'd like to say that this is not the case.

    I love DV.
    Not posting is simply a result of me changing my life rhythm, which takes some time getting used to.
    I'm sort of finished with my masters degree classes, so I'm working mostly on my masters thesis now.
    Then I somehow managed to get heavily involved in the development of an indie game, which takes a lot of time but is quite awesome.
    I also went on vacation, I desperately needed to get away from school / programming stuff for a bit.

    As soon as I've settled in with this new rhythm I'll be posting again of course!

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    side notes


    1. fOrceez's Avatar
      Hope you had an awesome time on your vacation
      Hyu likes this.
    2. ooflendoodle's Avatar
      What indie game is it?
      Hyu likes this.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      It's not announced yet so I'm afraid I can't talk about it yet.
      Dark_Merlin likes this.
    4. Horne's Avatar
      I have been waiting! For like ever! I am looking forward to your next adventures you may have
      Kaomea likes this.
    5. ooflendoodle's Avatar
      But we're distant unrelated internet aquantences you can tell us anything
    6. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      ! Good to see that you're still around!
    7. Din's Avatar
      Enjoy your vacation!

      On a side note, I just started reading your DJ. As soon as my LDs come on a more regular basis, I might have to have a dream in Terafuna at some point. Definitely sounds like an interesting place.

      Good luck with everything!
    8. TDPUK's Avatar
      Love your DJ, keep's me inspired to LD.