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    , 03-16-2011 at 03:27 PM (678 Views)
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    Still kinda stressed with school, my dream recall is pretty bad, but I still remember occasional lucids.
    Dreams are usually either short or not very vivid though.

    … I’m sitting at a table with 3 girls. They’re all wearing fancy dresses.
    We’re finishing our beers and waiting for a specific event so we can leave.
    We are going to drive somewhere, I know where. I notice the girl on the other side of the table is insanely beautiful.
    She has immensely detailed and bright green eyes, I can’t keep my eyes of them.
    She obviously notices me staring at her, but she seems to like it.
    She makes it very clear that she’s interested in me with very subtle signs.
    I contemplate asking her to go for a walk until we’re ready to leave.

    Then I finally realize what’s happening. She’s “perfect”.
    And perfection exists in only one place: the dream world.

    But this perfection intrigues me...
    What is perfect? Why does she appear perfect? I want to find out and look at her very carefully.
    The truth is, apart from maybe her eyes, she looks kinda normal.
    I can’t find anything specific that gives me this feeling of perfection.
    Maybe it is the way she smiles? This pure and innocent smile, something you’d never see in waking life?
    I finish my beer, stand up and hold my hand out to her. “Let’s go.”
    There is no need to bother with an explanation for the other 2 girls, I’m lucid, I’m in control,
    I don’t want them to ask questions, so they won’t.
    She gets up and we leave the room…

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Ah, stress. It kills recall...never good. I'm glad that you posted again though, I love reading your DJ.

      Also, are you a natural-born lucid dreamer, or have you developed methods and skills over the years? I'm curious, as you almost always post lucid dreams.
    2. Hyu's Avatar

      I have had 'natural' lucid dreams for as long as I can remember.
      My dream recall was pretty good in my early teens, maybe because I incorporated things from my dreams into my own stories and comics.
      At some point it greatly decreased though, and I have only remembered like 1-2 dreams a month for the past few years before finding out about lucid dreaming.
      Once I started experimenting with techniques it all came back.

      According to my physical DJ ~1/5 of my dreams are lucid.
      I don't post all of my dreams online. Some are quite boring, for example if I'm at school.
      I often don't even write those down properly in my physical dj, I just note that I had a dream about school.
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