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    In the clouds, trying to visit KristaNicole

    , 04-01-2011 at 05:57 PM (971 Views)
    This was quite an intense night.
    I had 3 non-lucid dreams prior to this.
    Unfortunately those were followed by a FA in whom I took notes in my DJ and went back to sleep.
    I can't remember any specifics about them.

    Then I had these 2 dreams and took notes in my DJ again.
    When I woke up I checked my notes to see if this was a FA as well. The page in my DJ was blank and I was pissed.
    It turns out I must have flipped the page after taking notes though, because when I got home from uni,
    I was quite happy to find I actually did take the notes when I flipped one page back.

    I am hovering over some clouds. Cool, I'm dreaming again!
    I try to land on the cloud below me which works.
    I look around trying to spot something interesting whilst yelling out to see if someone is there.
    Then I spot some kind of structure to my left and approach it.
    It seems like someone build a few wooden houses ontop of these clouds.
    A person approaches me and says hi.
    He introduces me to two of his friends, once of them is named Kiwi.

    "Kiwi is a cool name, I like it!"

    The other person jumps ontop of me and makes spider noises (like the ones in minecraft).

    "I'm a minecraft spider!"
    "That's... great I guess?"

    I am now with Kiwi on top of his wooden house.
    He points into a direction and mumbles something about a city.

    "Do you want to fight?"
    "A friendly fight, just for fun."
    "Are you a dreamer?"
    "What are you doing here anyways?"
    "I started out here."
    "I see."

    He looks at me.


    and disappears. That was weird.
    My vision fades. I decide to focus on not moving and wait it out.

    I wake up but manage not to move and even keep my eyes closed.
    Nice! I'm confident I'll enter another LD within a few seconds.

    I'm back in the clouds, but everything from my previous dream is gone.
    There are no more structures and no more people.
    I hover around a bit, rubbing my hands against eachother, and suddenly I think clearly.
    What the hell am I doing hovering around? I should make use of this DEILD!
    I summon my wings, which I decide to call phoenix wings from now on and lock onto Yuya's aura.

    I feel like she's not on Teraluna so I try to communicate with her using my thoughts.
    For some reason I feel like it would be rude to just teleport to her when she isn't home.

    "Yuya? Can you hear me?"
    "Can I visit you?"
    "Of course! ... Actually... wait!"

    I guess I'll just wait.
    Can I wait in a dream? just like that?
    I notice an air pocket next to me that seems distorted.
    It looks like half of a bubble.
    Is that a portal...?

    Right as I try to investigate it, the bubble bursts and Yuya falls out of it, straight into my direction.
    I catch her mid-air.
    She starts laughing. I can feel that she feels a bit stupid for falling out of a portal like that even though
    she is very experienced with portals.

    Her hair is brushing against my body. She's so beautiful.
    She looks into my eyes... endless blue...
    I suddenly realize I'm still holding her... awkward...
    I gently let her go. She is amused that I feel awkward about stuff like this.

    Yuya looks around.

    "How did you get here?"
    "Uuh, my last dream started here I guess. Where are we?"
    "On the frontier of the Dream Plane... I've never been here."
    "I met a person called Kiwi before, I think he might be a dreamer."
    "You're forgetting something!"
    "I am?"

    Right! KristaNicole!

    "She's looking for a Dream Guide. Do you think we can help her find one?"
    "Hmm, I'm not sure, but it's worth a try."
    "Let's go meet her!"

    I notice I still have my wings summoned.
    I hold my left hand out and close my eyes.

    "How do I find her aura?"
    "How have you found mine?"
    "Just think about her, how you feel when you think about her. That's what her aura will feel like."

    I search through the void, or maybe the dream plane, I'm not really sure where I'm searching when I do this.
    I think of KristaNicole's Forum Avatar, about the first DJ entries that pop into my head.
    It takes a few seconds, I notice we're really far out.
    Then suddenly I find her. I'm sure it's her.
    For some reason I'm really calm. Last time I tried sharing a dream I was extremely nervous and it caused a lot of problems.

    Yuya holds onto me. Off we go!
    We step through the fabric of space...

    (I can only barely remember the next fragment)

    ... I'm on a road I think?
    ... Something is happening around me.
    I spot KristaNicole walking past us. Can she see me?
    ... I approach her to say hi.
    I wonder whether I should call her Krista or Nicole...

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    1. SaiC's Avatar
      Damn you dream world, always hiding your secrets!
    2. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      That's really awesome! Even more awesome, because in my dream with you, I was on a road as well.

      I'm glad you felt more calm this time around, too. I read your entry about dream sharing with Nomad, it seemed like you were nervous about it that time. I guess now, you know more of what to do, and I'm sure having Yuya's aid is helpful.

      I definitely want to try to share more dreams with you, if you're up for it.

      Oh, by the way...you can call me Krista.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      Yeah, I don't know... it felt so obvious and straightforward this time. Last time I was completely freaking out. :/
      And yes, let's keep trying, this is quite interesting!
    4. Snowboy's Avatar
      So you're more worried about what you will call her than her reaction to your being in her dream. That's funny.
    5. Hyu's Avatar
      Don't get me started. That was such a typical thing for me to do.
      Moving through the fabric of space? No problem.
      Figuring out how to say hi to someone? Hardest thing in the world.
      tashows and fOrceez like this.