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    Dance in hell

    , 03-16-2011 at 06:41 PM (823 Views)
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    I'm on Teraluna with Yuya and Liv.
    Liv is here for the first time.
    The gates would usually prevent any demons from getting into the city, but they let her through because
    she has no dark thoughts.

    Even though everyone is super nice to her she's still extremely shy and clearly feels out of place.
    But she's happy to be here.
    We're sitting at the table in front of Yuya's place talking about all kinds of things.
    There's a bowl with sweets on the table, and I keep sneaking stuff from it because everything is so delicious.
    Lemon marzipan surrounded by black chocolate, yum!

    During the conversation I notice that something is on Liv's mind.
    There's something bothering her, she wants to ask something, but she's too shy.
    I offer her a cookie from the bowl.
    Yuya realizes that there's quite a bit of stuff missing from it.


    I chuckle as she throws something at me. (I think it was a hairpin)
    Liv realizes what's going on and laughs out loud.
    There we go, loose some of that shyness.

    "So Liv, what is it you want to ask?"

    She turns red.
    It takes some time to actually convince her to tell me.
    She finally ends up explaining that she is going to a ball.
    She has to for some reason, and her sisters will be there.
    But she's very uncomfortable going there, because it is common for succubi to seduce someone
    rich or powerful to go with them. She doesn't want to do that though.
    She's known for being shy, which is a bit ridiculous since she's a succubus, and she'll be laughed at if she comes without a 'date'.

    "I don't really see where the problem is."
    "But... I don't..."
    "You could just ask someone to go with you, you know."
    "Nobody would go with me..."

    She's not biting, but I can clearly see it in her face.
    She wants to ask me to go with her.

    "You could ask me for example."
    "Would you.... go with me? ..."

    "Yes, absolutely."

    Yuya says: "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

    "So, where is this ball anyways?"
    "... it's in hell."

    Wait, what?
    I look at Yuya. She doesn't seem concerned, so it probably isn't as dangerous as it sounds.
    Whatever, it'll be an adventure, it's probably going to be awesome...

    ... Liv and I are standing in line... to get into hell I suppose?
    I'm wearing a red and white kimono, as is tradition for dragons according to Yuya.
    Liv's dress reminds me a bit of a prom dress, it's cute, it looks nice on her.
    We're at the entrance... it says "Club Hades".
    I ask Liv:

    "Seriously? Hades?"
    "You know him?"
    "No... he... what?"
    "The club is named after it's owner, he's called Hades."

    I find it funny, but Liv obviously doesn't know about Greek mythology.

    The inside of the club is actually quite awesome. It's in a huge cave, and the place is lit up by pools and fountains of lava.
    I hide my energy at first, because there's a lot of demons here, but that quickly attracts the attention of some predators.
    Some bird-like creature looks at me with an appetite.
    I quickly change my aura and emit some energy to show that I'm a dragon.
    The creature quickly looks away.
    I decide to act confident, as if I have nothing to fear here.

    There are all sorts of creatures here, most of them look humanoid.
    Not all of them appear to be demons though, some clearly aren't and some may very well be human.
    During a conversation Liv explains that this club is some sort of a neutral zone.
    Hades is insanely powerful, nobody would dare to cause any kind of trouble here.

    At some point she introduces my to her sisters.
    There's 3 of them, they're all older than Liv, and clearly not as nice as she is.
    They seduced some men to come with them. The men aren't even aware where they are, they're under complete mind control.
    Her sisters are extremely surprised that she's with a dragon.
    The oldest of them asks how she managed to seduce a dragon.
    I say in a serious and dark voice:

    "She didn't have to."

    That's gonna leave an impression.

    ...I'm a bit surprised that nobody's causing trouble, some creatures look quite aggressive.
    I suppose this place is quite safe indeed.
    Liv is still very shy, but she doesn't show it to the other guests.
    I ask her for a dance. She's quite happy and we go to the dance floor...

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar

      I had a dream I was in Hell last night, in fact, one of four lords of Hell where I made Dark Templars go the crust of the planet to pick flowers for me to decorate Hell. And, we danced.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
    3. riverboy's Avatar
      That's such a cool dream!! I'm jealous!
    4. The Sandman's Avatar
      it's probably going to be awesome...
      LOL! Hell...awesome. Awesome!