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    Dancing with the wolves, Dragon at Stonehenge

    , 07-05-2011 at 04:10 PM (2208 Views)
    I've averaged about 5 hours of sleep the past few weeks which is obviously not very good for lucid dreaming, and I kind of stopped trying because it felt like a hopeless endeavor until I have more time.
    I still occasionally try to WILD during naps, which works sometimes, but nap dreams are always quite short.
    This is the first day where I could sleep for as long as I wanted in a long time.
    I went to bed wishing for a nice lucid.

    1. I'm at Uni. Someone tells me that they have seen wolves around here at night.
      They suggest that I close my windows at night because apparently wolves come and kill you in your sleep if you leave them open.
      I don't really believe any of it though.

    2. I wake up in my bed and I am startled by a bright wolf right next to me.
      I check my windows. Yep, they're open, but why? I never leave them open.
      I quickly notice that the wolf isn't hostile at all, in fact he looks kind of cute.
      I pet him and he's clearly enjoying it...

    3. Dancing with the wolves
      I wake up again. Well, that's not right, how can I wake up twice in a row?
      Oh. I'm dreaming, of course! How exciting! It's been some time since my last DILD.
      I immediately start contemplating doing all kinds of things when I notice that the dream is about to fall apart.
      I feel the buzzing vibrations all over my skin and my vision is fading to black. Shit!

      My first reflex is to spin wildly, even though I usually try to DEILD in these situations.
      Lucky for me, the spinning stabilizes the dream and the vibrations stop.
      That was close. I try to remain calm and take a walk in my apartment trying to get my emotions under control.
      I end up next to my bathroom and I hear someone singing in my bathroom.

      It's a female voice humming a melody. I can also hear water drops.
      Is someone in my bathtub? I walk inside my bathroom and I find Olivia Wilde in my bathtub.
      This is a huge surprise. Fortunately I've calmed down and I'm able to control myself and keep the dream stable.
      She's wearing clothes in the bathtub for some reason. Blue jeans and a grey shirt.

      "Why don't you join me?"

      The bathtub is wider than in waking life, there's easily enough place for the both of us.
      Why not? I enter the bathtub. The water feels nice and warm.

      "So, what is Olivia Wilde doing in my bathtub?"
      "Why don't you ask your subconscious?"

      Clearly a reference to this dream: Experimenting with Dream Control - Creating Worlds & Meeting Olivia Wilde

      "Am I not technically asking my subconscious already?"
      "Haha, you're good."

      I wonder where this is going.
      Suddenly Olivia imitates the howling of a wolf.

      "I want to run. I want to run aimlessly through the forest and enjoy this wonderful night."
      "Will you come with me?"


      She stares deeply into my eyes.
      I can see the reflection in her eyes changing, it looks very interesting and she has very beautiful eyes.
      Suddenly I can feel the air brushing over my skin.
      We're outside now, in front of a forest I do not know.
      I understand that she just teleported the both of us here.

      It's the middle of the night, but everything is lit rather well by the full moon, which is bigger than usual.
      The lighting gives everything a rather mysterious but beautiful look.

      "Let's run!"

      Olivia turns into a big wolf right in front of me.

      It's bigger than a wolf in waking life, but that doesn't prevent it from looking absolutely adorable.
      She howls again, very loudly.
      Then she takes off into the forest. After a few meters she stops and looks at me.
      She's waiting for me.

      I feel like I'm supposed to turn into a wolf, and even though I know that I suck horribly at transforming into other beings, I give it a try.
      And oddly enough, it works perfectly.
      As soon as I have transformed myself into a white wolf, I can feel the urge to run through the forest.
      I howl loudly before entering the forest, and Olivia mimics it.

      We're running through the forest as fast as we can. We're ridiculously fast, I'm guessing that we're going about 100km/h.
      It's quite hard navigating the forest at these speeds, but oh my god, it feels SO GOOD.
      I can feel every single hair in my fur moving with the wind and I can see so clearly in the dark with my wolves eyes.
      This must be what WakingNomad feels like all the time.
      It's such a wonderful feeling to experience the world as a different being.

      We stop on a high hill where we can overlook the whole forest and we howl into the night.

    4. Dragon at Stonehenge
      I open my eyes and quickly realize that I am waking up.
      I try to avoid moving in order to DEILD.
      Even though I have moved a bit, I'm still confident that I can enter a dream.
      I feel a sort of "click", like something has changed.
      For some reason I look to my left, even though there's nothing of interest there in my room in waking life.

      Olivia is lying right in front of me, our bodies are nearly touching.
      This startles me, I totally wasn't expecting this and my vision instantly blacks out.

      But then I feel myself falling and I hit the ground.
      I'm in the middle of the city.
      I get up and notice that everyone is looking at me.
      Right, I'm wearing nothing but shorts.

      "Move along."

      Everyone starts going back to their normal business.
      Haha, DCs are so easy to manipulate.
      I summon my dragon wings and take off into the sky.
      I pick a direction and fly towards is as fast as I can just a few meters over the ground.

      "Faster, FASTER!!!"

      I can feel the shock of breaking the sound barrier, and suddenly everything feels sort of calm.
      Except for the pressure on my skin which becomes greater the faster I go.
      I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but this feels great.
      I haven't flown for too long, I missed it.

      Mid-flight I decide I want to teleport to Teraluna.
      But I can't summon my phoenix wings whilst I have my dragon wings out... or something?
      I simply unsummon my dragon wings and then attempt to teleport which works.

      SHIT! I'm still going just as fast as before.
      My feat touch the ground and I try to break as hard as I can by quickly spreading my wings again.
      I'm sliding over Yuya's terrace at abnormal speeds, and I manage to stop just centimeters before hitting something.

      "Quite a dramatic entrance, I'll give you that."

      I give her a big hug.

      "You're in a good mood!"
      "Of course I am!"

      I notice I still have my dragon wings out.

      "I will turn into a dragon!"
      "I turned into a wolf before, I can do it!"
      "Of course you can. Hey, let's go fly together!"

      Yuya opens a portal hovering over the ground.
      We both jump in. I come out on the other side transformed into a dragon.
      This is earth! We're just above the clouds.
      Yuya comes out of the portal, she has many watery wings, they look beautiful.
      We both dive through the clouds, flying straight down to catch speed and break off the free fall just before hitting the ground.
      We fly over open fields and I occasionally roar deeply to make it known that a dragon is flying in the skies.

      We slow down when I see a familiar object.

      Stonehenge! I don't think I've ever been here before.
      We land on one of the pillars, there doesn't seem to be anyone else here.
      For some reason I have to think of WakingNomad. I remember reading that he's been here a few times.
      It feels appropriate to let him know that I was here, so I roar as loudly as I can up into the sky.

      I put so much pressure into roaring that I am accidentally spitting quite a bit of fire.
      The sound is deep and so loud it causes the ground to vibrate.
      As I stop I see that flames are still travelling towards the clouds.
      I think I overdid it "a bit".
      I look at Yuya.


      We both start laughing and I loose my transformation and fall off the pillar to the ground back in human form.
      Yuya drops to the ground right next to me, she probably lost her balance as well.
      We keep laughing like little children. Life is good.

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    1. Stubert's Avatar
      That was an amazing dream, I love the feeling of flying. Never managed to fully shapeshift yet but reading this just made me want to start trying harder.
      Hyu likes this.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Yes, flying is amazing, it's one of those things that never gets old.
      I have attempted to shapeshift before, and even though shifting itself seemed to be rather easy I always ended up having trouble to move & control my "new body".
      I was quite surprised that everything felt very straightforward this time.
    3. Stubert's Avatar
      Yeah I find it hard to imagine how odd it must feel to be in a body thats not even humanoid. shapeshifting has been a long term target of mine for ages, growing wings is the closest I've got so far. For some reason I didn't even think to use them to fly when i had them.
    4. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      OH MY GOD! SO AMAZING! We both went to Stonehenge the same night. You thought of me, and I was there with other dreamers.
      Hyu likes this.
    5. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Flying is the best!
      And the wolf transformation=awesome.
      Hyu likes this.
    6. Hyu's Avatar
      Running through the woods as a wolf felt so unexpectedly awesome.
      When I fly I'm sort of prepared for it, because I know how great it feels, but running through the woods was definitely special.