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    Dancing with Yuya

    , 08-12-2011 at 09:26 PM (776 Views)
    With yesterdays successful DILD, I decided to attempt to WILD today.
    I set myself an alarm to go off after 5 hours of sleep, but I fell back asleep immediately after turning off the alarm. ~_~

    I'm at some sort of party, but it all seems a bit weird.
    There's mostly older people, and everyone is dressed very nicely.
    I notice that I myself am wearing a suit.
    The place has an absolutely huge dance floor, and everyone seems to be dancing.
    I feel completely out of place and sort of at a loss what to do.
    I'm not just going to ask a random 40 year old women to dance now am I? Plus I can't really dance...
    I walk towards what seems to be a bar, contemplating to awkwardly have a drink while everyone else is dancing.

    But on my way to the bar I notice that the lighting in this place is rather odd.
    Everything seems so... gray?
    It's not like everything is lacking color, but everything seems so desaturated and sort of sad.

    But then I see her, the women in red.
    She's wearing a really nice red dress and seems to completely violate the current lighting setup in this room.
    Even though everything else is desaturated and lacks contrast, her dress is extremely bright, to the point where it nearly blinds me.
    My curiosity draws me towards her, and as I get closer, I realize who it is...

    As I become lucid, all the colors become brighter, and the whole scene becomes somewhat normally lighted, except for Yuya, who still stands out quite a bit.
    She's the only one by herself, and is just standing there in the center of the dancefloor.
    Trying not to get too excited, I approach her. She doesn't see me coming because she's staring in the opposite direction, but she probably knows that I'm approaching her anyways.
    As I get closer I'm a bit surprised to see that her hair is all wet.
    I whisper in her ear:

    "Wanna dance?"
    "Of course!"

    We start to dance to some music I don't really know. I'm a bit worried that I might suck at dancing, but everything works out surprisingly well.
    Her wet hair smells of Teraluna.
    The dancing is rather energetic, we turn around quickly and the background turns into motion blur, so I can only see Yuya clearly.
    This makes it rather difficult not to stare at her, especially because she has those extremely beautiful and bright eyes with infinite details.
    The glowingly bright dress isn't really helping either.
    But after some time I manage to relax and enjoy the dance.
    Everyone else appears to go away, leaving the dance floor to Yuya and myself.

    It's a bit weird seeing her in a red dress. She's always wearing white, blue or green, basically cold colors, which are dominant in my dreams.
    My last dream already featured a surprising amount of warm colors, how weird. Has something changed?
    We dance for some more without talking. We share some thoughts which I unfortunately cannot remember.

    The dream starts to fade away and I know there is no way to stabilize it. Somehow I'm aware that it's late and I'm waking up.
    I give Yuya a big hug and the dream ends.

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