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    Hyu's Adventures

    Dr Who and the mystery of the parrots.

    , 02-21-2011 at 08:21 PM (1096 Views)
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    I'm in my room, playing with my budgie who is out of his cage.
    (This is actually the guest room of my old house, but in the dream I believe it's where I currently live.)
    My budgie is sitting on my index finger when I notice there's another budgie in his cage.
    Weird... I take a closer look. My budgie takes off and joins the other one in the cage.
    I guess he found a friend
    ? (Felt like a reasonable explanation)

    I suddenly realize that I'm late for 'the party' and open the door to leave my room.
    It leads directly to some sort of party, in an absolutely huge place.
    It looks a bit like a casino, but with all the machines and tables removed.
    There are cocktail bars everywhere.
    Everyone is dressed very nicely. Men are wearing a costume or even smokings, and Women are wearing fancy cocktail dresses.
    I'm here because my company celebrates the release of a super successful game which I've worked on.

    (I don't work yet, still studying)

    A lot of people greet me, and I have no idea who they are.
    This makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, and I decide that I need a drink.
    I approach the center bar and order a brandy, because it's my drink of choice.
    (I don't usually drink strong stuff, and I've never had a brandy)
    It's strong, but tastes good, I get a warm fuzzy feeling all over my body.
    I turn around and look at the crowd. A little too many people for me to feel comfortable.
    I feel a bit out of place, but at the same time I know exactly how to act and I'm quite confident.

    I notice a women next to me at the bar. She's wearing an all red silky dress. She's hot, really hot!
    I take another sip from my drink and say hi.
    She recognizes me as the lead game designer for the game "Teraluna".
    Sounds about right?
    (I knew Teraluna meant something more, but I couldn't think clearly and ignored it)
    No wonder everyone knows who I am.
    She starts flirting with me which I enjoy. She's moving really fast, after a minute she's practically throwing herself at me.
    I'm pretty horny at that point and decide to leave the party with her for half an hour, nobody is going to notice.

    I leave through the same door I entered and I'm back in my room. There are a lot more parrots now, 7 maybe 8.
    The girl doesn't seem to find this surprising at all, so I assume the parrots appearing out of nowhere is a normal thing.
    I realize I don't know her name, and I feel a bit bad, but once she takes her dress off I have other thoughts on my mind.
    We have sex...

    ... I get dressed, she says she'll wait a few more minutes before rejoining the party. Makes sense.
    I leave my room and I'm in a corridor between my room and the party.
    (It wasn't there before but I don't notice)
    A man storms through the corridor and stops abruptly next to me, sliding a few more centimeters over the floor.
    I recognize him, he's the doctor
    (Matt Smith) wearing his usual outfit.

    "Parrots everywhere! Hi! I'm the doctor! You're wearing a bow-tie! Bow-ties are awesome!"

    I get the urge to ask him "Doctor who?" but I think it's stupid.
    But then he looks at me curiously. He's moving around me quickly, looking at me from different angles.

    "Aha! Everything makes sense! So it is you!"

    Confusing as always huh?
    He takes out his sonic screwdriver, it's clearly broken and makes a pathetic noise.
    I'm starting to think at this point. The doctor? does he exist? Well, he's right there isn't he?

    "Yes, yes, you're getting there, think think think!"

    What? What is it he knows and I don't?
    He points at my head:

    "We're all in there"

    I finally get it... mostly. I realize that I'm dreaming, but I'm not 'fully lucid'.
    I understand that this is a dream, but I do not understand that the doctor is a fictional character, I believe he's really there, I believe that he's in my mind.
    He explains that something went horribly wrong with the Tardis, and they ended up in my dreams somehow.
    He opens a door, and sure enough, the Tardis is hidden behind it.
    The doctor explains that he broke his sonic screwdriver, and now he can't fix the Tardis and they're trapped.

    I suddenly get an idea.
    "Check this out!"
    He looks at me with a confused face.
    I reach into the left pocket in my jacket, searching for a sonic screwdriver, and sure enough, there it is.
    I take it out and hand it to the doctor.

    "You're a genius!"
    He runs into the Tardis and starts fiddling about with the screwdriver.
    I enter as well out of curiosity. I find it funny that the only thing I can think of is "it's bigger on the inside".
    He says that he's lucky to have ended up in the mind of a lucid dreamer.

    "It's working!"
    He says he has to leave immediately because Amy may be in trouble.
    My sense of adventure kicks in.

    "Can I tag along?"
    "God no! Don't you realize? That would be ONE HELL of a paradox! You'd be leaving your time... from within your mind, without your physical body!"

    I step out of the Tardis. As he closes the door behind me he says:

    "The mistery of the parrots. It still needs to be solved! Good luck!"
    The Tardis vanishes in it's usual fashion.

    I decide to go back into my room to check out what's up with the parrots.
    The girl from before is gone. I understand that she vanished because I forgot about her.
    However the room is full of all kinds of parrots. There are hundreds, in all kinds of colors.
    There are some types of parrots I'm sure don't exist in waking life.
    Oddly enough, I know what to do. I scan the auras of the parrots, and I immediately sense one that is far stronger than anyone else's.
    And not just by a bit, it's stronger a thousandfold at least.

    I search for the parrot in question and end up finding it in front of the window.
    It's absolutely tiny, maybe half the size of a budgie, with blue feathers.

    "Hello little bird."
    He looks at me for a bit, then back at the window. He spreads his wings and the feathers on his body start changing colors.
    It's beautiful! He glows in all colors at the same time, I've seen this pattern before!
    It's the same one I have on the wings on my arm when I teleport.
    I summon my own wings, and feel how the bird starts moving through the fabric of space.
    I follow him...

    (Pretty sure I shortly lost consciousness here)

    ... I'm flying though the skies, following this little blue bird as it travels the world.
    My mind is blank. I do not think, I just follow.
    After some time the bird lands in a sand desert. There's nothing else there, the place is dead.
    I land next to the bird. He looks at me for some time, then he starts walking towards the sun.
    With every step that he takes, plants grow out of the sand exactly where he just stood.
    Grass and beautiful flowers grow right out of the desert.
    I think that "he creates life", I conclude that he must be a phoenix.

    I follow him for a bit, by now he has not only created grass and flowers but also small rivers.
    So small, yet so powerful, what an interesting and wonderful being...

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    1. bust113's Avatar
      You should of followed the doctor anyways, paradoxes are fun!
    2. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      How beautiful that bird and that journey must have been.
    3. insideout's Avatar
      This was a pretty awesome lucid dream.
    4. SaiC's Avatar
      Hyu, you are my hero.
    5. establish's Avatar
      I have dreamed of a similar bird, appearing in a flock. I'm unsure of the size in relation to anything else, but I had a deep eye-to-eye moment with what "felt like" the leader of the flock. In my dream, it appeared to be a deep, shimmery midnight blue but when I focused less on the color and more on the being of the actual bird, the individual feathers glowed and were a luminescent array of all colors. Quite pretty!
    6. Folqueraine's Avatar
      Awesome. I wish the Doctor would make himself as useful in my dreams!