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    Dreams change - A stay at an ice hotel on another world

    , 09-26-2011 at 02:49 AM (2010 Views)
    I neglected my online DJ quite a bit. :/
    I'll try to update it more regularly again.

    I'm walking around my room when I suddenly spot an owl sitting on the frame of a window leading outside.
    I get a déjà-vu feeling. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise though, this very thing happened today in waking life.

    (It did, I actually managed to film him for a minute or so. )

    I am dreaming.
    The owl flies away as I approach the window. That's kind of unfortunate, I wanted to pet it.
    Looking outside the window I notice that everything looks rather weird.
    For one, the colors are off, but the shapes of the trees don't seem to be correct either.
    Everything looks close to it's waking life counterpart, but at the same time, it couldn't be more different.

    This is kind of weird, and I decide to jump out of the window to investigate.
    I don't feel the impact of landing at all, the dream probably isn't very stable.
    I start rubbing my hands, to get some feeling into my dream body.
    As I do this I notice that the whole sky changes.
    Huh? this is odd.
    It suddenly starts to snow, even though there are no clouds in the sky, and it doesn't really feel that cold?

    Just as I think that, I can suddenly feel the icy breeze. What the heck?
    I decide to take my shirt off, to feel the cold even more strongly to hopefully further stabilize the dream.
    This has worked once in the past, it might work again.
    Unfortunately it doesn't really strengthen my senses though.
    I can still feel the coldness, but the feeling is quite dull.
    The colors aren't very vivid either, and rubbing my hands doesn't feel right.

    I turn around and notice that my house is gone.
    This dream isn't stable at all, this isn't working.
    I decide to try something I have thought of a few times.
    I will wake myself up, then try to DEILD and hopefully end up in a more stable dream.
    I close my eyes and wait for a bit, focusing on not opening my eyes.

    I wake up within seconds, and my eyes open just a tiny bit before I'm able to stop.
    After some light flashing, which I don't really think about, I seem to fall back asleep.

    I'm not entirely certain that I have begun dreaming yet, but I open my eyes anyways.
    Yep, definitely dreaming!
    I get up and rub my hands again, this time it feels much more realistic.
    Great! I summon my phoenix wings and teleport to Teraluna, hoping to meet up with Yuya.

    After meeting up we stroll over the local market, discussing random things.
    I end up telling her about the dream I had previous to this one.

    "Something has changed, my dreams feel different..."
    "How so?"
    "Colors for example. My dreams used to be dominated by cold colors, but they aren't anymore."
    "Then there's coldness, I have only recently started to experience dreams where I was cold."
    "Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike it at all, but for some reason it feels so weird."
    "Haha, don't worry about it, your perception can change over time, it's perfectly natural."

    "Yeah... if only the cold would feel remotely as enjoyable in waking life."
    "You really seem to enjoy it in dreams, you've mentioned it before."
    "Hey, wanna go visit the temple of ice on Twi'jur?"

    "Uuh... sure, why not?"

    I'm a bit worried that I won't make the transition to a new place without waking up.
    This dream has been going on for some time now.
    I try to suppress that thought though, it won't do me any good.

    Yuya performs some sort of trick to create a teleportation bubble.
    It's the first time I'm seeing it, she usually draws portals.

    We end up inside a big room, which reminds me of an hotel reception.
    I shiver from the cold... this place is completely made out of ice!

    I wonder if ice hotels look anything like this in waking life... well, probably not.
    We start walking up a spiral staircase, which is made out of ice as well.
    The ice is very clear and you can see through the stairs.
    My feet start hurting really bad from walking on the ice barefoot.
    It really burns. I wanted to ignore it at first, but it just becomes too painful over time.

    I decide to channel a tiny bit of energy into my feet, to heat them up.
    I can feel a tiny layer of ice melting under my feet, and the pain immediately goes away.

    "Try not to melt the whole place down, yes?"
    "Haha, no worries."

    Thinking about it, Yuya doesn't seem cold at all.
    We reach a higher level of the building we're in, which is a lot more lively than it was downstairs.
    There are different kind of humanoid creatures walking and flying around.
    I spot many fairy type creatures with ice wings.
    I'm assuming that they're the natural inhabitants of this place.

    We stop at some kind of shop... they're selling ice creams, sweet!
    It seems like you can only get a single scoop of ice cream at a time.
    Yuya and I both get one.
    She's sort of staring at me, waiting for me to eat my ice cream which I find a bit weird.
    I decide to do something funny and put the whole thing in my mouth with a single bite.

    "What... what are you doing?"

    I realize I can't swallow, it's too big.
    But I know just what to do, I channel some energy into my mouth, melting the ice cream, and swallow everything at once.
    It was still quite a bit colder than I anticipated though.
    I get a massive brain freeze, it hurts so much that my vision blacks out for a second.

    "Haha, what are you doing? You don't learn, do you?"
    "Nope. This is the correct way of eating ice cream, I insist! "

    We did something after that, but I cannot recall what it was.

    It's getting late and we're both tired.
    Fortunately this seems to be an hotel and we get a room for the night.
    To my disappointment, the bed is made out of ice as well.
    Sure, there are some cloth covers over it, but this is going to be a cold night.
    It's probably going to be uncomfortably hard as well.

    "I can't promise that I'm not going to melt through this during the night."
    "Haha, please don't do that, I don't want to drop into the room below us midnight."
    "That would be quite awkward... but insanely hilarious."
    "No doubt, I still suggest you keep your firey spells to a minimum."
    "Alright alright. "

    Sharing a bed doesn't feel uncomfortable anymore.
    I remember that it felt really awkward the first few times after I started inducing lucid dreams,
    but for some reason it abruptly stopped.
    I'm much more confident around Yuya, I like it.

    The bed isn't as uncomfortable and as cold as I thought it would be.
    Still, I'd prefer it do be warmer.
    My vision quickly starts blacking out.
    No wonder, it feels like this dream has lasted for hours, there's no way I can keep it up for longer...

    Continued: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/hyu/...r-games-24512/
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