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    , 05-18-2011 at 04:23 AM (1070 Views)
    I haven't posted in a while, mostly because my dream recall is really bad right now, presumably because I'm somewhat overworked.
    I do remember dreams regularly, and the global theme of each dream, but barely any details.
    This is the only one since my last entry where I was able to recall some details.

    I am travelling through many dimensions.
    In each dimension I have to fulfill some sort of goal in order to be able to progress to the next one.
    It feels a bit like a computer game, like playing the myst series. Once I understand the challenge of this dimension and I'm able to solve it,
    some sort of path opens to a new dimension.
    I don't really know why I'm doing this, I only remember that I need to "get to the end" to save someone.
    Even though I am aware that I'm dreaming, I don't understand the overall plot or why I need to save this person, or even who this person is.
    I am definitely lucid, but my understanding of what this means is limited.

    I'm progressing through the worlds, there are many of them, and I get stuck in some because I have trouble understanding what I have to do.
    I remember a sand desert, a salt desert, a jungle, a Maya temple, and being on an asteroid in Saturn's ring, but I can't remember anything specific about the challenges.

    I enter a new world.
    It is cold. My feet are touching the ice cold ground.
    I'm standing on a platform made out of stone.
    It hasn't been maintained for a long time, there's grass growing over it.

    It's raining heavily, I can't see far. I'm shivering, I'm so cold, and it's getting worse because of the rain.
    Why do I have to be running around barefoot and without a shirt?

    I understand that this is the final world. This is where the person I am searching for is.
    I somehow know that she managed to solve all the previous puzzles, but got stuck in this final world and has been trapped here ever since.
    For some reason this scene feels oddly familiar, like I have seen this place before.

    I start exploring, but the world keeps repeating itself into all eternity.
    There's nothing but the platform, and an infinity of stone fountains every ~10 meters.
    They all look identical.
    How am I ever going to find her? And what the hell could the puzzle in this world be? there is nothing here!
    I get a bit worried that I might not get out myself, I wonder if I can freeze to death.
    I'm never cold in my dreams... this is all very odd.

    I start running around aimlessly, and I keep running for a long time, hoping to find anything out of the ordinary...

    ... after what seems like hours, I feel like giving up.
    I turn around, looking at where I came from, when I finally spot a person.
    She's the one I've been looking for! finally!

    She's sitting down, leaning against one of the fountains, which is why I didn't see her when I ran by.
    I approach her and try to initiate a conversation.
    She notices me, but she shows little reaction.

    I look into her eyes... they seem empty.
    There is no life in them, looking into them feels so very sad.
    She seems to have completely given up on everything, what has happened?

    "How long have you been here?"

    I feel really sad, this poor women!
    I wonder if she'll ever recover... I somehow doubt it.

    I can't stop shivering due to the cold... I hate the cold...
    I look at the closest fountain.
    For some odd reason I suddenly understand the riddle behind this world.
    I grab a knife, which it seems I have been carrying with me, and cut myself into my left index finger.
    I let a few drops of blood drop into the fountain.
    It turns red with the 3rd drop, and the world collapses into darkness.

    Nothing happens...
    The women says something meaningful, but very sad.
    I tell her that it'll be alright, even though I have no idea what will happen next.
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Amazing, yet very sad.