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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. WILD/DEILD experiment - Preventing myself from waking up / Flying with Yuya / Japanese Temple

      , 08-25-2011 at 03:20 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I decided to experiment with alarm timers last night.
      What I basically did was setup my pc so that it would produce a very loud beep at certain times during the night in order to wake me up.
      I figured this way I wouldn't have to move (to turn off an alarm for example) and I could make numerous WILD / DEILD attempts during a single night.
      This is obviously not a new idea, but I haven't tried anything like if before.
      I set the alarms to start after approximately 5 hours of sleep, and then repeat in intervals of 20 minutes for 2 hours.

      I wake up thinking the first alarm must have gone off, but I didn't really hear anything.
      I'm a bit disorientated but try to remember any dreams.
      I recall there being some dream with me driving my car, but no specifics.
      Then the alarm goes off. It's quite a bit louder than I thought it would be.
      Weird, I must have woken up before it actually went off for the first time.
      I then attempt to WILD but fall asleep too quickly.

      That must have been the second alarm. Unfortunately I moved quite a bit, I think a DEILD is out of the question.
      I try to recall any dreams but I can't remember anything whatsoever.
      I close my eyes and attempt another WILD.
      Surprisingly, I immediately get quite strong HH.
      Not only do I get pretty vivid images and lighting flashes, but I also hear voices.
      This is quite odd, it's never this intense...
      Hold on a second...
      I open my eyes and to the nose plug RC.

      I'm dreaming! This is a FA... of course... how did I not think of that?
      I float out of bed towards my pc to see if there's anything on the monitor, but it is turned off.

      I wake up again, pretty sure of having heard the last half of the alarm sound.
      I wonder if this is another FA and realize that this method will obviously cause quite a few FA's and I can't test for them properly if I'm not supposed to move.
      But I moved yet again anyways, so I just plug my nose again. I'm pretty sure that I'm awake.
      I attempt another WILD, this time focusing stronger on remaining conscious.
      I feel more "clear in the head" than before and feel like I have a good chance of success.
      I quickly get vivid blue plasma HI, followed by faint memories of images.
      They go on for a short time and I am unsure of what I'm supposed to do, so I just wait it out, hoping to enter a lucid.
      A first scene forms of be being on a couch with a few people I do not know.
      I am right on the verge of entering a lucid dream, I know it, but the scene vanishes.
      But is is quickly followed by another scene.
      There's snow... a road... people walking the road towards... some kind of temple?
      It looks Japanese... people are wearing kimonos.

      It's now or never, I have to act.
      I try to jerk my dream body forwards, into the scene...
      Gravity! I fall for maybe half a meter and my feet hit the snowy road.
      My whole body is buzzing, but these vibrations quickly turn into senses.
      I can feel the cold wind on my skin and... ouch!
      My feet are SO COLD. I'm standing barefoot in the snow.
      It is so cold that it nearly hurts, but for some reason it feels really good.
      I try to further stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands, but then I get a better idea.
      I grab some snow from the road and rub it over my naked chest and it feels incredibly good.
      The coldness even causes me to shiver.

      Some DC's are giving me odd looks as they are walking past me towards the temple.
      I decide to join them and investigate what's going on in the temple, it's not very far away.
      This dream is really stable. I bet it has to do with the constant feeling of coldness, which is triggering many of my senses.
      I wish coldness and snow would feel this awesome in waking life... I hate winter in waking life.
      I reach the temple, which is more of a gate actually.
      Behind it is a meeting of many Japanese people wearing traditional clothing.
      There's water in the center, a bit like a swimming pool, but very natural.
      Some women are dancing on this water, with particles of light floating out of the water.
      It reminds me of a scene from FFX:

      I wake up yet again.
      I wonder if this is another FA.
      Not wanting to move, I attempt to levitate my dream body upwards... which sort of works.

      I have some trouble separating my dream body from my real body, but finally I'm floating in my room.
      It's different from before, it's like I still feel the attachment to my real body.
      I have to think of this dream: Out of body? - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      I try to avoid looking at my real body still in bed, remembering that it freaked me out last time.

      I wake up again.
      This time I managed not to move, I even still have my eyes closed.
      I try not to think, but I end up thinking that I want to meet Yuya.

      A new dream scene forms... it's Teraluna!
      Amazing! I look around and notice that I'm sort of floating in the air.


      It's Yuya!


      She points towards the ground.
      I look down and realize that I am floating about 2 meters above the ground.
      And obviously, at this specific moment, I stop floating.
      I fall into a tiny river which is right next to Yuyas place.
      I quickly emerge from the water and hold on to the terrace the river is flowing by.
      Yuya is right in front of me and bursts out laughing.
      I have to laugh myself, this is so typical of me.

      I get out of the water.
      The shock of falling into the river was actually a good thing, it "woke me up".
      I talk with Yuya about numerous things, including the dream I just had where I rubbed snow onto my chest.

      "I thought you didn't like snow."
      "I certainly don't in waking life."
      "You call it mud."
      "It usually is, but the snow in the dream was so pure, it was so different."

      We're sort of staring at the landscape during our conversation and I casually put my left arm around her waist.
      Where does this confidence come from? Usually I'm quite shy around her for some reason.
      After we discuss a few more things Yuya presses her back against my chest.

      "Hold me!"
      "Hold on to me!"

      I put both of my arms around her wondering what's going on.
      Within a split second everything turns very dark and my body vibrates.
      I can hear the very loud sound of the alarm going off.
      I no longer feel, I can't hear anything besides the alarm and I can barely see.
      I try to concentrate on the warmth of Yuyas body which is pressed against mine, since it's the only thing I'm still able to feel clearly.
      As the alarm sound stops, my senses gradually come back and after a few seconds I can see and feel clearly again.

      "Holy shit!"
      "Did we just prevent myself from waking up?"
      "We did indeed."
      "This is amazing... You're amazing! ..."
      "Ain't I?"

      She says, sticking out her tongue. I have to laugh.

      "Let's go!"

      Yuya grows water wings and takes off.
      I quickly summon my phoenix wings and go after her.
      We leave Haven and fly through the tree crowns of Teraluna.
      We're flying quite a bit slower than last time, enjoying the mysterious and beautiful landscape of Teraluna...

      I wake up again and decide to take some notes.
      I look at my mobile to check the time and realize that all 6 alarms have already passed.
      I must have missed a few of them.
      I go back to sleep and wake up again after a total of 9 hours of sleep.
      But I still feel sort of tired. I did have 6 alarms going off during the night, I guess this makes sense.

      Anyways, this was an interesting experience, and I'm probably going to try this again soon.
      The feeling of preventing yourself from waking up was quite something!
    2. Dancing with the wolves, Dragon at Stonehenge

      , 07-05-2011 at 04:10 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I've averaged about 5 hours of sleep the past few weeks which is obviously not very good for lucid dreaming, and I kind of stopped trying because it felt like a hopeless endeavor until I have more time.
      I still occasionally try to WILD during naps, which works sometimes, but nap dreams are always quite short.
      This is the first day where I could sleep for as long as I wanted in a long time.
      I went to bed wishing for a nice lucid.

      1. I'm at Uni. Someone tells me that they have seen wolves around here at night.
        They suggest that I close my windows at night because apparently wolves come and kill you in your sleep if you leave them open.
        I don't really believe any of it though.

      2. I wake up in my bed and I am startled by a bright wolf right next to me.
        I check my windows. Yep, they're open, but why? I never leave them open.
        I quickly notice that the wolf isn't hostile at all, in fact he looks kind of cute.
        I pet him and he's clearly enjoying it...

      3. Dancing with the wolves
        I wake up again. Well, that's not right, how can I wake up twice in a row?
        Oh. I'm dreaming, of course! How exciting! It's been some time since my last DILD.
        I immediately start contemplating doing all kinds of things when I notice that the dream is about to fall apart.
        I feel the buzzing vibrations all over my skin and my vision is fading to black. Shit!

        My first reflex is to spin wildly, even though I usually try to DEILD in these situations.
        Lucky for me, the spinning stabilizes the dream and the vibrations stop.
        That was close. I try to remain calm and take a walk in my apartment trying to get my emotions under control.
        I end up next to my bathroom and I hear someone singing in my bathroom.

        It's a female voice humming a melody. I can also hear water drops.
        Is someone in my bathtub? I walk inside my bathroom and I find Olivia Wilde in my bathtub.
        This is a huge surprise. Fortunately I've calmed down and I'm able to control myself and keep the dream stable.
        She's wearing clothes in the bathtub for some reason. Blue jeans and a grey shirt.

        "Why don't you join me?"

        The bathtub is wider than in waking life, there's easily enough place for the both of us.
        Why not? I enter the bathtub. The water feels nice and warm.

        "So, what is Olivia Wilde doing in my bathtub?"
        "Why don't you ask your subconscious?"

        Clearly a reference to this dream: Experimenting with Dream Control - Creating Worlds & Meeting Olivia Wilde

        "Am I not technically asking my subconscious already?"
        "Haha, you're good."

        I wonder where this is going.
        Suddenly Olivia imitates the howling of a wolf.

        "I want to run. I want to run aimlessly through the forest and enjoy this wonderful night."
        "Will you come with me?"


        She stares deeply into my eyes.
        I can see the reflection in her eyes changing, it looks very interesting and she has very beautiful eyes.
        Suddenly I can feel the air brushing over my skin.
        We're outside now, in front of a forest I do not know.
        I understand that she just teleported the both of us here.

        It's the middle of the night, but everything is lit rather well by the full moon, which is bigger than usual.
        The lighting gives everything a rather mysterious but beautiful look.

        "Let's run!"

        Olivia turns into a big wolf right in front of me.

        It's bigger than a wolf in waking life, but that doesn't prevent it from looking absolutely adorable.
        She howls again, very loudly.
        Then she takes off into the forest. After a few meters she stops and looks at me.
        She's waiting for me.

        I feel like I'm supposed to turn into a wolf, and even though I know that I suck horribly at transforming into other beings, I give it a try.
        And oddly enough, it works perfectly.
        As soon as I have transformed myself into a white wolf, I can feel the urge to run through the forest.
        I howl loudly before entering the forest, and Olivia mimics it.

        We're running through the forest as fast as we can. We're ridiculously fast, I'm guessing that we're going about 100km/h.
        It's quite hard navigating the forest at these speeds, but oh my god, it feels SO GOOD.
        I can feel every single hair in my fur moving with the wind and I can see so clearly in the dark with my wolves eyes.
        This must be what WakingNomad feels like all the time.
        It's such a wonderful feeling to experience the world as a different being.

        We stop on a high hill where we can overlook the whole forest and we howl into the night.

      4. Dragon at Stonehenge
        I open my eyes and quickly realize that I am waking up.
        I try to avoid moving in order to DEILD.
        Even though I have moved a bit, I'm still confident that I can enter a dream.
        I feel a sort of "click", like something has changed.
        For some reason I look to my left, even though there's nothing of interest there in my room in waking life.

        Olivia is lying right in front of me, our bodies are nearly touching.
        This startles me, I totally wasn't expecting this and my vision instantly blacks out.

        But then I feel myself falling and I hit the ground.
        I'm in the middle of the city.
        I get up and notice that everyone is looking at me.
        Right, I'm wearing nothing but shorts.

        "Move along."

        Everyone starts going back to their normal business.
        Haha, DCs are so easy to manipulate.
        I summon my dragon wings and take off into the sky.
        I pick a direction and fly towards is as fast as I can just a few meters over the ground.

        "Faster, FASTER!!!"

        I can feel the shock of breaking the sound barrier, and suddenly everything feels sort of calm.
        Except for the pressure on my skin which becomes greater the faster I go.
        I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but this feels great.
        I haven't flown for too long, I missed it.

        Mid-flight I decide I want to teleport to Teraluna.
        But I can't summon my phoenix wings whilst I have my dragon wings out... or something?
        I simply unsummon my dragon wings and then attempt to teleport which works.

        SHIT! I'm still going just as fast as before.
        My feat touch the ground and I try to break as hard as I can by quickly spreading my wings again.
        I'm sliding over Yuya's terrace at abnormal speeds, and I manage to stop just centimeters before hitting something.

        "Quite a dramatic entrance, I'll give you that."

        I give her a big hug.

        "You're in a good mood!"
        "Of course I am!"

        I notice I still have my dragon wings out.

        "I will turn into a dragon!"
        "I turned into a wolf before, I can do it!"
        "Of course you can. Hey, let's go fly together!"

        Yuya opens a portal hovering over the ground.
        We both jump in. I come out on the other side transformed into a dragon.
        This is earth! We're just above the clouds.
        Yuya comes out of the portal, she has many watery wings, they look beautiful.
        We both dive through the clouds, flying straight down to catch speed and break off the free fall just before hitting the ground.
        We fly over open fields and I occasionally roar deeply to make it known that a dragon is flying in the skies.

        We slow down when I see a familiar object.

        Stonehenge! I don't think I've ever been here before.
        We land on one of the pillars, there doesn't seem to be anyone else here.
        For some reason I have to think of WakingNomad. I remember reading that he's been here a few times.
        It feels appropriate to let him know that I was here, so I roar as loudly as I can up into the sky.

        I put so much pressure into roaring that I am accidentally spitting quite a bit of fire.
        The sound is deep and so loud it causes the ground to vibrate.
        As I stop I see that flames are still travelling towards the clouds.
        I think I overdid it "a bit".
        I look at Yuya.


        We both start laughing and I loose my transformation and fall off the pillar to the ground back in human form.
        Yuya drops to the ground right next to me, she probably lost her balance as well.
        We keep laughing like little children. Life is good.
    3. You are Dragon

      , 05-22-2011 at 01:19 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm on Teraluna.
      Yuya is teaching me about dream bubbles, or temporary dimensions like she calls them.
      We've done this before, but this time she's telling me how to create a completely customized bubble, with my own rules at will.
      She's explaining that using the 'natural bubble' we spawn in when we dream requires little to no energy, but it is also impossible to fully control.
      We can definitely influence it to a great extend, but the control is limited.

      Creating a custom bubble whilst in the dream plane requires a lot of energy, and it is fully customizable, but unfortunately they are very small and somewhat limited in features.
      You can create a simple room, and apply some rules to this room, but you cannot create a beautiful outdoors environment for example.

      The idea is quite basic, create a custom room and apply the rule "create gradually more powerful monsters attacking myself".
      According to Yuya this is a rather high level training method, and quite effective.
      Not only do you have to stay alive, but you also have to keep the dream bubble up, which requires a high degree of concentration.
      Maintaining such concentration during a battle is very hard.

      I don't understand how it works, but I somehow understand how to do it.
      It's quite complex and requires delicate energy manipulation and a lot of willpower.
      You have to fade into the new dimension at the same time you're creating it, it is a very weird and confusing experience.
      My first few attempts are quite unstable, and the dream bubble breaks twice.
      When it breaks I simply fall out from the spot I created it.
      But then I get a feeling for it, and suddenly it seems very straightforward.

      I am fighting waves of increasingly more powerful monsters, using my dragonic powers and my katana.
      Even though the monsters are very realistic, there is no blood or anything.
      When I slice through one, it simply fades away.

      I'm trying to push myself to the limit, to see how powerful I truly am.
      My own aura causes massive vibrations throughout my body, it feels great!
      I move at an incredible speed, and the heat of my aura leaves burning trails behind me.
      The dragon tattoo is fully grown and glowing in a bright blue.
      Even though when I fully focus, time progresses so slovely I can time every one of my movements perfectly,
      I still occasionally manage to move so quickly that my mind cannot keep up.
      It's a fantastic experience.

      I'm at my limit, I cannot keep up with the monsters anymore, at this point I'm just reacting instinctively to stay alive.
      One scorpion like monster manages to pierce me with its tail.
      It feels really cold for a split second, then the dimension disappears and I fall back to Teraluna.
      I check my chest, I haven't hurt myself, this really is an amazing way to train!

      ... I'm now at Yuya's place.
      I'm exhausted and we go to bed... I feel myself falling asleep very quickly...
      I know this feeling from waking life. The numbness of my body, the heavy blanket feeling, the lightheadedness, I'm beginning to dream!

      I am floating through darkness. I do not have a body, I am pure energy.
      A scene starts to form around me.
      The ground is volcanic, there are small crates everywhere and colorful plasma is streaming out of them.
      There are a few lava streams as well.
      I realize I cannot be on a planet. The horizon has no curvature and there is no atmosphere, I can see directly into space even though it is daytime.
      Somehow this place feels oddly familiar.

      I feel a presence behind myself and turn around, I am still floating in the air.
      A white and blue dragon approaches me. He is very beautiful but also very fear inducing.
      He has two pairs of insanely large Wings, and two tails with white blades on them.
      He stops right in front of me, gazing into my eyes.
      His voice is deep and so strong it is resonating in my body.

      "You are Dragon!"

      I am surprised by this statement, even though people call me Dragon all the time.
      I always figured I was somehow using dragonic abilities, but I never considered being an actual dragon.

      "I use the powers of a Dragon."
      "No. You are Dragon. Always."
      "You were born Dragon. Appearances are irrelevant. You are Dragon!"
      "I am here because you need to know this."
      "You are near the age of waking. When you do, your powers will fully awaken."

      His presence is absolutely overwhelming, I feel that whatever question I would ask would be inappropriate.

      "Thank you."
      "Remember... you are Dragon... ALWAYS."

      I wake up in my bed at home. I want to tell Yuya about this dream, but when I turn around I realize my mistake.
      I am not on Teraluna, I am at home... I just woke up... stupid me.
      I take some quick notes but then my eyes start to itch.
      Rubbing my eyes, I walk to the bathroom to check in the mirror if I have something in them.

      I am shocked when I see myself in the mirror. My eyes are glowing lightly... The same way Yuya's eyes do, the same way mine do when I look at myself in a mirror on Teraluna.
      What is happening???
      I am Dragon... always? Shit... this can't be!
      I turn around to look at my back in the mirror, searching for the dragon tattoo which I know cannot be there.
      But there it is...
      It is not fully formed yet, my skin is bleeding in the spots where the dragon tattoo is in my dreams, and it is slowly being filled with color.
      Holy shit... am I really a Dragon? Am I awakening?
      I can't decide if I should be amazed or be worried about the consequences this would have on my future life.

      But then I realize that I'm wrong.

      Of course... I am still dreaming, holy shit!

      I wake up again, this time for real.
    4. Lots of short dreams and a FA chain

      , 01-09-2011 at 10:14 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I set myself a WBTB alarm to go off after 6 hours of sleep before going to bed.
      I have also started reading "Exploring the world of lucid dreaming".
      I remembered a lot of dreams this night, but none of them were very vivid, and my recall wasn't very good either.

      1. False Awakening (before the WBTB alarm)
        I wake up, my mobile is ringing. I turn the alarm off thinking it's the WBTB alarm I set earlier and decide to try one of those mp3’s which help you become lucid.
        However, my headphones are stuck behind the mattress, I can't get them out...

      2. (This is after the real WBTB alarm)
        I can’t seem to fall asleep after the WBTB. (I'm actually already dreaming at this point)
        I touch my shorts while turning around. Wait… I never wear shorts in bed. I RC.
        Cool, I quickly get up, but realize the dream is unstable and a mess.
        I try spinning to fix it, which partially solves the problem.
        I jump downstairs, go to a window, and push myself through it without opening it and fly away… not very far though.
        There’s a girl at my neighbors house waving to me. I land next to her…

      3. Fragmented
        I’m in high school. I realize I don’t belong here, but I only become half lucid for some reason. I get the urge to investigate my surroundings, but I don’t understand that I am dreaming.
        We leave our classroom. Everyone goes right, a single girl goes left.
        I follow the girl (obviously, right? *cough*)
        We get to the chemistry lab. It requires a retinal scan to open it up. She provides it and we get in. There’s a teacher and another student inside…

        … The girl hands me a “potion of power”.
        I’m intrigued and drink it in a single go. It heats my body up quite a bit, I feel really strong…

        … The potion had some adverse effects, there’s something growing on my belly…

      4. (This was clearly the most vivid one)
        I follow a very athletic girl in 3rd person view.
        She’s a rather sexy treasure hunter. (think Tomb Raider)
        She’s at a sea, diving down very deep without any scuba gear.
        Having dived before, I realize this is physically impossible, but I don’t become lucid.
        She enters an underwater temple from the bottom. She accelerates upwards, jumps out of the water, to grab onto a thick cord about 4 meters above the water surface.
        There are more cords all over the room.
        She starts jumping from cord to cord. She is incredibly skilled.
        She’s wearing some sort of climbing aid, a belt with a hook, which she can use to secure herself on some of the cords, but she rarely uses it.
        She suddenly turns towards me as she reaches the highest cord.
        She looks me right in the eyes.
        I no longer feel like I’m observing her like a game character, I now feel like I’m floating next to her.
        She takes a red slightly transparent yoyo out of a pocket and hands it to me.

        “For you!”
        I take it.
        “Thank you!”
        The dream ends.

      5. False Awakening
        I immediately realize I'm dreaming and go to my window to jump out.
        I’m being attacked by an oversized (human size) parrot. WTF?
        I start kicking him to go away. Suddenly I become aware that I can use much stronger powers than kicking. But I don’t want to kill him, so I quickly draw a portal as he approaches.
        He flies into the portal and disappears. I have no idea where I just sent him, I find this quite amusing.

      6. False Awakening
        I wake up again. I remember to RC every time I wake up.
        Ha, still dreaming.
        I walk out of my room; my mother is in the next room. I don’t like having my parents in my dreams, I unsummon her...

      7. False Awakening
        I wake up again and succeed with another RC.
        This time another girl is in the room. She’s wearing a very sexy black dress. I go say hi, ask her why she’s in my house. She can’t remember.
        I ask her name, she doesn't know that either...

      8. False Awakening
        I wake up again. I RC.
        I note that this is quite a FA chain I got going on here…
        Someone’s standing next to my bed and yelling at me. I try to fall through the bed and floor of my room just to see if I’ll manage.
        It works and I land in the next floor, on my ass since I forgot to turn myself around mid air…

      9. False Awakening
        I wake up in bed yet again, perform another RC and become lucid.
        This time my cousins children are in my bathroom. I talk to them in my native language rather than English, which I usually do in dreams.
        “What are you guys doing here?”
        They jump around super happy.
        “We’re dreaming! We’re dreaming!
        I remember that both have told me that they have lucid dreams.
        I wonder if it's really them.
        I think that dream sharing would be easier for children, because they don't over-think what they experience.

        (They have told me not long ago that they have lucid dreams occasionally
        One of them has actually described to me how she ends unpleasant dreams, or changes the scene.
        She told me she closes her eyes and visualizes a new scene. I was impressed that she had such a level of dream control.)
    5. Surreal vision and seeing a new color.

      , 10-17-2010 at 03:48 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Comment - Non Lucid - Lucid

      My previous dream, which was a short lucid, faded to black and I find myself back in bed...

      Clarity: 10/10 (surreal)
      Importance: 8/10

      Damnit, another short one. I want to turn around to grab my notepad but notice I forgot to RC. I perform the nose pinch RC and it works again.
      Awesome, an FA, I can have another dream!
      I get up and touch the wall. I want to see if I can move my hand through. I can easily get my fingers in, but for my hand I’d need a lot of force.
      I’m in my old house, looking at a wall. (I didn’t notice the sudden scene change from one place to another)
      That's right, I told myself to try flying in my last dream. I haven’t flown in a lucid ever since I was a child; it’s about time to do that again.
      I search for a window to jump out of, but realize that it’s faster to just charge through the wall.
      As I run through the wall, which only provided little resistance, I find myself floating in front of the house.
      Awesome! This feels really nice. I look at the huge apple tree in front of me; it had been there since way before I was born. (It isn’t there anymore)

      I notice that my perception is somehow different. I can see the detail of the leafs even though I’m still a good 30m away from the tree,
      my eyes don’t have this much resolution. I’m amazed by this surreal vision and investigate further. It becomes better every second.
      I cannot only see clearly in the centre of my field of vision, but everywhere else as well.
      I realize that everything I see is not information provided by my eyes, but information generated by my mind;
      obviously it does not need to follow the limitations of my eyes. I try to see past the spectrum of visible colors,
      because I’ve always been amazed that some animals have can see a larger spectrum and can thus see much more vivid or even different colors.
      It works very well, the contrast of my vision greatly improves and changes into what I can only describe as similar to hdr photography or hdr in 3d games,
      except it’s not really down sampled to visible colors, I can actually see the much higher range of colors.
      All of the leaves of the tree are so bright, they have a neon glow surrounding them, but the brightness is not blinding me.
      The contrast between dark and bright is so high it's indescribable.

      Suddenly I perceive a completely new color. The leaves are now a color... maybe between blue and green, but it's not cyan.
      It’s the first time I’ve seen that color. I’m amazed how my mind is able to come up with a color I have never seen, this is so awesome!
      After focusing on the new color, I try to figure out a way to describe it in my DJ, but I realize I can’t, there are no words for new colors.
      It feels like this is the “real” color of these leafs though, seen without the limitations of the human eye.
      Maybe I'm able to see into the UV spectrum, able to see 4 colors instead of 3, and the leaves are now a combination of green blue and ultraviolet?
      I hover past the tree and look around, where should I go? I want to go to a place far away, and I want to fly faster.
      A voice whispers “This should be pretty far” as I look into the sun. Yes, flying to the sun does indeed sound like a good idea, I wonder if I can go faster then the speed of light.
      Thanks to my surreal vision, looking directly into the sun doesn’t hurt me. I can actually see the solar flares quite clearly.
      As I want to start approaching the sun, suddenly, I nearly get hit by a huge object flying by… It’s a whole city; it looks a bit like Atlantis from Stargate except it has a square foundation.
      What the… ? The dream suddenly ends.