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    Faye - Lucid Nightmare

    , 08-02-2014 at 05:51 PM (1268 Views)
    I'm at university attending a lecture about the basics of OpenGL.
    The teacher doesn't really seem into it, and none of my classmates seem interested.
    To be honest, neither am I, but for a different reason.
    The other students are not interested in graphics programming,
    whereas I'm already quite comfortable with both Direct3D and OpenGL.
    Why am I attending this class again? Perhaps for some easy credit points?
    That doesn't sound like me though.

    Once class is over, I hear some people discussing that they wouldn't come back
    and choose another course instead. If that many people leave, this course is
    going to be cancelled, and I'll have to find another one as well.
    I'm mildly annoyed.

    Eventually, as the lecture comes to an end, I suddenly realize that I am dreaming.
    I'm not sure what gave it away.
    I touch everything in close vicinity to assert that the dream is stable.
    There is some initial numbness, but eventually my senses appear to be working properly.
    I leave the classroom, trying to remember my dream goals...
    It's not working, I can't remember anything.

    I'll go visit Yuya. It has been a long time since I've seen her because Faye is messing with my dreams.
    But then, just as I want to teleport to Riven, I spot a familiar face.

    It's Kate! What is going on? Why is she here?
    (Not a real image of Kate. Kate is an ex-gf from waking life)

    She smiles. And that is all it takes to stir up old emotions, which I left behind long ago.
    I'm in love again. Great... I had enough trouble getting over her as it is.
    Why does it all have to come back to me now?
    I reluctantly decide to ignore her and visit Yuya, as I had planned,
    but something goes wrong during my attempt of teleportation...

    ... I'm in an apartment with Kate. I think that she is my classmate now, and that we're living together.
    This is our apartment. Everything is perfect.
    I am living with the woman of my dreams, we're both about to graduate,
    and we have our future planned out.
    It is late in the evening and I go to the bathroom to take a shower.
    The water temperature knob isn't cooperating.
    I seem to be dealing with something like this:

    Kate joins me in the shower and she has no trouble adjusting the temperature properly.
    The water is now refreshingly cold, just the way I like it.
    Kate moves closer and kisses me passionately. I love her so much.
    And she is so beautiful. I stare into her green eyes as we kiss...
    Wait... this is not right. Those are clearly Kate's eyes, but... they feel... empty?

    Oh no...
    I am emotionally devastated...

    This isn't Kate. This is Faye.
    It feels as though I've lost Kate again. I am so sad.

    Faye is now holding a rose and handing it to me.
    I get the feeling that she is trying to apologize?
    That does make feel a little better. Will I finally be able to reason with Faye?
    I take the rose. I cut one of my fingers on a thorn. Ouch!
    A single drop of blood emerges and falls to the ground.

    Something is wrong...
    I sense something moving through the small cut, into my hand, and then up my arm.
    I get vivid flashbacks of the bee birthing blisters. Not again!
    I drop the rose. But I'm too late.
    Stems covered in thorns grow through my veins and sprout out of my body in various places, causing me to bleed.
    More and more blood flows down into the shower. The water slowly turns red.

    "Faye. Please make it stop!"
    "Please! I'm sure whatever the problem is, I can fix it."
    "There is no need for this!"
    "I don't want the problem to be fixed."

    What? Why? I don't understand.
    I just barely manage not to freak out. The parasitic plant hardens in my veins making me unable to move.
    The pain increases as the plant grows bigger.
    Fuck fuck fuck.

    "Faye! Talk to me! What is the problem?"

    She doesn't reply. She just smiles, satisfied with the current situation.
    I can't take it any more. I need to wake up!
    I close my eyes, trying to think of my waking body lying in bed.
    But I don't wake up...
    Instead I begin to see, even though my eyes are closed.

    She laughs at me and my inability to do anything.
    Then she moves in and kisses me on the lips.
    No. I don't want this.
    My fear turns into anger.
    I scream at the top of my lungs, wanting to push Faye away from me.
    The hardened plant finally gives in under the force and breaks in many places within my body.
    I push against Faye hard with both of my hands.
    She is pushed through the glass shower door, which shatters into pieces.

    She is cut in many places by the broken glass. She is bleeding and her blood mixes with mine on the floor.
    This is so fucked up. She still looks like Kate. This is not right. I don't want to hurt her.
    She again laughs at the current situation. She clearly feels like she has accomplished something.
    She is satisfied. Finally, she gets up and leaves the room and I manage to wake myself up.

    Well fuck. -_-
    This is enough. This needs to change. Now.
    I'm going to WBTB, probably do some meditation to focus my thoughts, WILD and tackle the problem with a hopefully clear head.

    To mention something a little more positive, I have updated my Dream Journal Description.
    I've also found this really cool painting by Sakimichan, which made me think of Yuya:

    She obviously doesn't have the long pointy ears, but I thought that this painting just radiates so much energy, just as Yuya does.
    There's also been a strong blue/orange theme in my dreams lately. I thought this was a pretty cool find.

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Wow. I'm really sorry this keeps happening to you. I bet you miss Yuya too. I haven't seen her in your DJ since you've been back.
      Hyu likes this.
    2. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Oh, Hyu.
      I'm so sorry you have to go through this.
      I am confident things will get better, don't lose hope!

      I love the images you include in your entries, it really paints a vivid picture.

      Yay, description update! I'll check it out.

      Hope you're feeling better upon waking. :heart:
      KristaNicole07 and Hyu like this.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      For some reason I feel that I've actually made a lot of progress during this dream... but I don't really know why.
      Perhaps it is because I was able to confront her to some degree, even though she seemed completely unaffected by anything I said.
      Or maybe it is because now I feel much more determined to fix this sooner rather than later. I'm not sure.

      I love the images you include in your entries, it really paints a vivid picture.
      Someone here on DV actually suggested I do this, but I cannot remember who it was.
      One really fun thing about it is that when I read older DJ entries of mine, sometimes the images help me remember the actual visuals of that dream.
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.
    4. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      It's such a great idea! I've started to include pictures in some of my entries lately too, but my dream scenes are rarely as spectacular as yours!

      I'm glad you're feeling positive about it!
      I was proud of you for asking Faye what the problem is. I hope she will explain herself clearly soon.
      KristaNicole07 and Hyu like this.