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    Female dream body / helping the Dei-ya

    , 08-29-2011 at 06:59 PM (2273 Views)
    I'm in Haven, on Teraluna.
    This time I immediately think about stabilizing my dream properly.
    I try to focus on all of my senses and recall some of those very long and stable dreams I've had.
    I do so by sitting in a meditative pose. Yuya is waiting for me to finish stabilizing so we can go somewhere.
    At first I'm a bit worried that I'm loosing precious time by doing this, but these worries quickly fade away.
    Suddenly I feel sort of a click, all over my body.
    It feels as if I was lightheaded all the time and it just went away.

    I investigate my surroundings, an all I can think of is "this is so real".

    "I'm ready... I think?"
    "Yes, you are."

    Yuya stares deeply into my eyes and projects images of a distant world into my mind.
    She grabs my hand and I teleport the both of us to the world she's shown me.

    It's a beautiful world, not unlike some places on earth.
    Buildings are made out of mostly white stone which gives everything a very special and slightly surreal look.
    We enter one of the buildings and meet up with a women who's been waiting for us.
    She talks with Yuya for a bit and another woman appears.
    But this time I immediately recognize who she is.
    I can feel that I am much more aware than I have been in my dreams recently.

    "Hello Faye."
    "Ah, you're learning!"
    "Let's hope that I am..."

    Yuya joins us and proceeds to explain the story of this world.
    It is split into two factions, the Dei-ya, who seek enlightenment, and another race who seeks power.
    The world was originally split in two, but over the past few years the Dei-ya have lost most of it to the other faction.
    However, these lands were not lost through wars.
    There is some sort of council in place, consisting of the leaders of both races, and all decisions require a majority of council members to agree.
    Even though each faction has an identical number of council members, the Dei-ya are physically much weaker than the other faction,
    and they are easily intimidated into taking decisions they do not want to make.

    Only one women was able to stand up to the other faction, but she passed away recently.
    Today is a new council meeting in which the other faction will attempt to acquire world dominance, and there is no-one there to stop them.
    The story sounds a bit familiar, but I decide not to worry about that.
    Yuya explains that the woman who passed away will have to be replaced by a new council member.

    "How strong exactly are those people from the other faction?"
    "Quite strong, but no match for us."
    "I see you're having the same idea I'm having. One of us is going to be on tonight's council session as a Dei-ya member."

    "So who's going to do it?"
    "Well, all Dei-ya council members are women so..."
    "You're going to do it then?"
    "Unfortunately, that won't work, many people around here know who I am. They'll realize I am not Dei-ya."
    "Oh... that's a bit of a problem, what can we do?"
    "Well... I'm afraid you're going to have to do it..."


    "Erm... I'm not sure if I'll pass as a woman Yuya..."
    "Well, not the way you're looking right now, that's for sure..."

    I'm really starting to dislike this. What does she plan? Dress me up as a women?
    Faye bursts out laughing, but then Yuya explains.

    "Your dream body, does it look like your waking life body?"
    "Well, no, not exactly, there are many similarities, but no, it's not the same."
    "So, why is your dream body male?"
    "... because I'm... oh boy... I see where this is going."

    Yuya smiles and summons a huge mirror.

    "Transforming into the opposite gender is actually quite easy, your dream body actually contains the information for both genders."
    "Great... so I'm going to have to turn into a girl?"

    Faye finds all of this highly amusing, me on the other hand, not so much.
    I decide to lighten up though, after all it could be interesting, but it is quite awkward...
    I attempt to shift my form, not really sure what the hell I'm doing, but everything works surprisingly easy.
    I feel the bones in my body slightly rearranging which feels massively weird, but the process only lasts a split second.

    So here I'm standing, in front of that mirror, looking at myself, and I cannot really believe my eyes.
    Faye comments on the situation: "Oh my, you're quite hot Hyu, haha."
    Yuya agrees: "You're adorable."

    Both of them are having one hell of a time.
    I look down and immediately spot my breasts. This is so weird.
    I poke one of them which causes Faye to break out in laughter.
    I'm still wearing nothing but the white pants I usually wear in my dream, it all looks so wrong.
    However I do look cute as a woman. I have long curly red hair and a few freckles around my nose.

    Yuya hands me a white dress. I'm a bit surprised where she got it from.
    I awkwardly put it on when Yuya explains that it's one of her's, she's borrowing it to me.
    Wearing Yuya's clothes makes everything even more awkward. I have trouble maintaining composure.
    This is looking much better already.
    I then proceed to drop my pants, but then I am suddenly shocked because it feels like something is missing.

    "What's up Hyu?"
    "What? Is something wrong."

    I look at Yuya, and the only thing I can manage to say is:

    "... Hyu?"
    "It's missing, I'm freaking the fuck out."

    Both Faye and Yuya burst out laughing.
    Once the initial shock fades I find it amusing myself as well. This is a dream body... I'm so silly.
    I said penis... pfff this is ridiculous.

    We're on our way to the council meeting and I am given a bracelet with a crescent moon hanging from it.
    It is a symbol that I am a council member.
    The last few steps I have to walk alone, Yuya and Faye have to remain behind, only council members are allowed into this room.
    It feels so weird being a women.
    I have such a hard time not staring at my own breasts, how do women manage not to do so all the time?
    I notice that I am wearing the same necklace Faye got me in the mermaid dream.

    Finally in the room, I sit down in what appears to be the council leaders spot on the Dei-ya side.
    Some of the Dei-ya are very surprised by this, but the only women who is in on it makes a sign that everything is alright.
    The council meeting is very straightforward. The opposite leader requires that we give up all lands and even retreat from the council.

    "That does sound like a rather unreasonable request."

    He's angry, he figured this would be easy, that there would be no resistance.
    I can feel that everyone besides me on the Dei-ya side is very scared.

    "Then what do you propose, woman?"
    "... How about you return all of the lands you have stolen from us, ain't that a more reasonable request?"

    Everyone in the room is shocked, and the opposite leader is furious, but that's exactly what I'm aiming for.

    "If only you Dei-ya had some guts, we'd settle this by a duel to the death!"
    "Should I consider this a challenge?"
    "... are you fucking serious?"
    "If you win, the world is yours, if I win, you go back where you came from and return what belongs to us."
    "... AHAHAHAHAHA you're a fool! I challenge you! Let's duel!"

    I feel bad putting the Dei-ya's world on the line, but they're about to loose it anyways, and I'm confident I can take him on.
    We step outside as he is immediately eager to kill me and settle this.

    "To the death!"
    "Tenjho Tenge!"

    Why did I say that? Is that a common thing to say before a duel?

    He immediately charges me with that stupidly large sword of his, and furry black wings drawn from his body.
    I can easily feel how strong he is, his aura is so easy to read.
    I concentrate a moderate quantity of divine energy into my left hand, thinking it would be too weird to awaken the dragon as a Dei-ya.
    Before he reaches me, I release the energy towards him and he is immediately thrown back.
    His sword shatters from the shockwave of the energy, and his wings burst into flames.

    Everyone is extremely surprised, no-one says a word.

    "I... I give up!"
    "Excuse me what now?"
    "I give up! You can have your lands back!"
    "And you call this a duel to the death? Are you kidding me?"
    "I... please have mercy!"

    Unbelievable. What a weakling.
    All tough when he knows there's no-one to resist him and as soon as he meets someone more powerful he starts crying like a kid.

    "Fine... declare your defeat."
    "I am defeated!"
    "Then begone."

    All of them leave. They aren't going to attempt anything for a long time.
    They always knew that nobody could stand up to them, but now that this is no longer true they're afraid, much more afraid than the Dei-ya are.

    One of the Dei-ya asks me:

    "Who are you?"
    "A friend of a friend."

    I say nothing more and leave, finally my turn to act all mysterious, I like it.
    Before I am able to meet back up with Yuya the dream fades away.

    *Tenjho Tenge is a manga/anime.
    It translates to "Heaven & Earth"

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    1. fOrceez's Avatar
      Pah, that's a crazily awesome dream!
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      love your dreams man
      good to see youre "back on track"
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    3. Sassafrax's Avatar
      Sweet dream, you should have fried his ass anyway.
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    4. Winamp's Avatar
      Breasts? Cool
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    5. Micael's Avatar
      how can a person have such awesome dreams? amusing..
    6. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      "... Hyu?"
      "It's missing, I'm freaking the fuck out."
      I lol'd at that. XD

      Awesome dream. Way to show those bastards who's boss!
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