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    Hyu's Adventures

    Fighting wooden samurai and a giant stone golem. Someone tries to contact me?

    , 02-01-2011 at 12:14 AM (1515 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    Went to bed early because I was tired as hell, I didn't get enough sleep the past few days.

    I'm in the classroom I'm taking most of my current exams in.
    An exam is currently in progress, my Game Design teacher is there and I have a paper with exam questions in front of me.
    I study the questions, I have to write 3 concept papers given a few basic ideas within 3 hours.
    That's cutting it very short, I'm a bit scared I may not be able to finish this in time.
    I let my mind wander, trying to find some inspiration about a massive multiplayer game, where the players take the role of fruits.
    Making such an idea work really requires a lot of creativity.

    I have trouble coming up with any ideas which is unusual, I decide to take a one minute mental break.
    I play with my pen saying with my inner voice: "This is a dream"
    This gets me thinking, which set of rules currently applies, which world am I in?
    The answer I come up with surprises me a bit. I'm in the dream world.

    I'm surprised how easy it was to come to this conclusion.
    I stand up. My teacher looks at me surprised.
    "What's up?"
    I grow my wings out of my left arm. I have a specific goal: visit Yuya.
    I'm happy that I quickly remembered this goal.

    "Sorry, I'm afraid I may have to bugger off"
    "Excuse me?"

    I lock on to Yuya's aura and prepare to teleport.
    The wings start glowing in rainbow colors.

    "I've taken this exam a few days ago!"
    "Oh.... right..."

    I teleport.
    This is the first time I don't black out during a teleport or by traveling through a portal.
    Even though the teleport lasts only a split second, I can feel how I travel through the fabric of space.
    It feels like there is a near infinite amount of entities all over the universe, I can feel so many aura's!
    It's a very good feeling.

    I'm on Teraluna, hovering a few centimeters over the ground.
    Yuya is standing right in front of me, waiting.
    I stop hovering and drop onto my feet, the wings disappear.
    Yuya is wearing a different outfit than usual. She's wearing something much more comfortable, something you have an easy time fighting in.
    She immediately jumps me, giving me a big hug.

    "Hey, I missed you!"

    As we hug I remember how I got into a deeper dreaming state last time.
    I already closed my eyes for the hug, so I try to concentrate on my other senses.
    They become clearer, but I don't have anything to eat.
    I let go of Yuya and open my eyes. I don't think I'll ever get used to it, it's as overwhelming as it was the first time.
    I'm confident I managed to anchor myself in the dream world.

    "Let's go!"
    "Where to?"
    "I promised you an adventure, didn't I?"

    She forms a portal behind her, without making any gestures. She takes me by my hand and drags me in.
    I form a protective layer over my skin because the tunnel we're traveling through causes a lot of vibrations.
    No wonder I blacked out the last time, this is not a very comfortable way to travel.
    We get ejected from the other end of the portal, into a different world.
    I barely manage not to fall onto my ass yet again, I don't like portals.

    What a crazy world! It is made mostly out of sand and stone, but everything looks very clean.
    As my vision becomes sharper I notice the beautiful sky.
    There are many close moons and even a planet visible in the sky.

    "You better prepare yourself, we're not welcome here."

    I change my energy into my dragon form and power up. I feel ridiculously powerful, with a slight urge to set stuff on fire.

    "That's better!"
    "Why are we not welcome here?"
    "Can't you feel the dark energy surrounding this place? It's everywhere. This world is full of demons
    I'm curious as to why that is."

    She's right, as I widen my sense of presence I can feel many dark aura's. I'll try to remember that they are easy to distinguish from other entities.
    I'm excited.

    "Let's head to where the energy is strongest then?"

    I suddenly notice it's snowing. I'm not wearing a shirt or shoes, yet I'm not cold at all.
    My own energy is keeping me hot. Yuya doesn't seem to feel the cold either.
    I feel a dark presence approaching over a close by bridge, I look at it.
    It seems to be a big samurai, wearing many layers of worn down and broken cloth and a typical samurai hat covering his face.
    He's drawing his katana and approaches me carefully.
    Yuya takes a step back.

    "Don't be afraid... you have all the weapons you need." (I don't even notice the Sucker Punch reference)

    I focus on the inevitable combat, I'm ready.
    He charges, but I am so focused on him I have an easy time slowly dodging his attack.
    It doesn't feel like time slowed down, more like my brain is working much faster.
    As he cuts past me I punch him in his side, and release some energy whilst doing so.
    He shatters into a thousand pieces, it seems he was made out of wood.

    "A wooden samurai?"
    "Someone must have summoned them, they don't have a free will. Let's head for the tower"

    I see the tower on the other side of the bridge, the dark energy is strong there.
    As we run over the bridge I take on a few more wooden samurai. Yuya doesn't intervene.
    Even though they don't pose a challenge, I start getting a better feel of my energy, how much I need to release in order to do a certain amount of damage.

    We stand in front of the tower and a huuuuge stone golem is summoned right in front of us.
    It's at least 100 meters tall, full of dark energy.

    "Errrr.... Yuya?"
    "What yes? giant golem???"

    He starts approaching us, every step he takes causes massive vibrations in the ground.

    "What do I do?"
    "Kill it?"
    "Like what, punch it? are you kidding me?"

    She positions herself between the golem and myself, facing me and thus turning her back towards the golem.

    "A punch didn't kill the samurai."
    "No... my energy did, but this thing is huge... how do I?...."

    The golem is now very close.
    Yuya creates a bubble of water in one of her hands still looking at me, she really doesn't seem to care about the golem.
    She compresses the water into a very tiny bubble and holds her hand towards the golem.
    She shoots a high pressure water beam out of her hand, cleanly cutting the golem in two.
    Both pieces fall to the ground. This is absolutely ridiculous.
    "Are you kidding me?"
    She chuckles. Exactly how strong is she?
    "Yeah, I may have overdone that one a bit"
    But she thought I could take on the golem? How strong am I?

    I feel a dark presence behind me and turn around.
    The bridge is filled with at least 100 samurai.
    They simultaneously draw their katanas.
    I want to take them on, but it's too many to kill them one by one.

    A punch didn't kill the samurai...
    I point my right hand towards the samurai. I can't do a water beam, but I must know some way to project my energy.
    I power up, the dragon tattoo becomes hot. The samurai charge.
    But it's alright, I remember now, one of the dragon techniques.
    I release my energy as two tunnels towards the enemies, a big one and a small one inside.
    I turn the inside one clockwise and the outer one counter-clockwise, grabbing onto space as they turn.
    The release of energy vibrates strongly through my body, I feel the fire wings on my back and the tattoo very clearly now.
    All the samurai are crushed into pieces instantly and their remains whirl around until I stop my spell.

    I turn towards Yuya, extremely proud of what I just did.
    "Did you see that???"
    She starts laughing highly amused.
    "Seen you do bigger ones than that."

    I finally begin to understand how things work, how to release energy, what amount of energy to release.
    I'm very excited.

    "Do you hear that?"
    "Hear what?"
    "I think someone is trying to contact you?"

    I try to listen, but there is nothing.
    Then I notice that she didn't mean a typical voice, rather a telepathic one.
    Yes, I can feel it, but I can't understand what he or she says.

    "I can't understand it."
    "It's weak, seems to be from another plane."
    "Plane? like, dream plane?"
    "Yes. There are many different planes. It's hard to communicate across planes if they are far away from each other"

    I try to communicate back.

    "I can't hear you properly. I'm Hyu, who are you?"

    After a small pause I can hear what I think is a name, but it is too unclear to understand.
    I think it is a female voice, I think she's a dreamer.

    (I can recall the rest of the dream only vaguely)
    After the failed communication attempt we enter the tower.
    There is some more fighting and we find some sort of dark energy crystal inside the tower responsible for summoning the monsters.
    Yuya destroys it.

    I feel like I'm getting better at remembering details and conversations which is awesome.
    I woke up at the end of this dream, at about 6am (went to bed at 2am).
    I immediately transcribed the dream after waking up because I was afraid I'd forget if I went back to sleep.

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    1. Snowboy's Avatar
      Awesome! I'm a bit confused about the planes thing, though. There are multiple dream planes? Or is it just... something else?
    2. afnan's Avatar
      Very interesting read! Could you please ask her about the dream planes and shared lucids? Thanks and keep up the journals!
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
    4. Hyu's Avatar
      I remember I fully understood what she meant with multiple dream planes during the dream, but I cannot remember it clearly right now.
      I guess what she was trying to say was there are many layers or dimensions to the dream plane.
      The "closer" they are together (This could be content wise? I don't know) the easier it is for dreamers to interact?

      I'm not sure... this is just the current idea floating around my mind.
    5. CyperAleksi's Avatar
      Well, your dreams just get more and more cooler and longer, don't they?
      fOrceez likes this.