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    Finally lucid again - Healing & Time Dilation

    , 04-12-2012 at 12:41 PM (932 Views)
    More music for no good reason:

    Immediately after falling asleep, I wake up due to some noise in the house.
    I look at the clock, and 6 hours have already passed, which frustrates me a bit.
    I change position and try to fall back asleep, thinking about lucid dreaming.

    ... I'm walking to school.
    There's quite a few other students walking there, but I don't know any of them.
    The weather is nice.
    For some reason a blue flower catches my attention and I stare at it.

    I'm dreaming!
    I can't help but say out loud:

    Some of the student look at me as if I was mentally retarded, but I don't care.
    I rub my hands and try to activate my other senses, but the dream already feels very stable.
    A female voice whispers into my ear:

    "You know, you could totally do one of the students."


    "Really? Aren't you supposed to help me rather than encouraging distractions?"
    "I'm just messing with you."

    I shrug it off.

    "You're messing with me all the time."

    I summon my phoenix wings.

    "I'm off to see Yuya, you coming?"

    She holds onto my arm and I teleport us both to Teraluna...
    ... We appear in Yuya's garden where she, Liv and two other people are having tea.
    We join them.
    It feels good to be here again, it has been too long.
    We talk about various stuff until I finally bring up the topic of my recall, chronic headaches and tiredness.

    Yuya approaches me.

    "Move forward."

    Hm? I slide forward on my chair a bit and she sits behind me.
    She starts pressing against various points on my neck, similarly to what a doctor did in waking life.
    Then she presses her forehead against the back of my head and wraps her hands around it.

    I can feel sort of a click in my head.
    I suddenly feel very lightheaded, as if I was floating.
    I can sense her gradually feeling though all the fibres of my aura in my head.
    It feels pretty damn good.

    "Do you have headaches even when you're here?"
    "No. Only when I'm awake."
    "Is there something wrong?"
    "Actually no... not really."
    "No-one seems to know in waking life either... I'm getting a scanner thing done in two days."
    "Oh, what's that?"
    "A machine that looks into your head without touching it... it's harmless."

    She hugs me.

    "You'll be fine, I bet it's nothing."
    "Yeah, it's probably something really stupid that is just difficult to detect."

    I look around. I'm so happy to be back here. I know I will recall this dream.
    It'll be fantastic for my motivation.

    "Hey Yuya."
    "You really need to teach me about time dilation."
    "What do you mean?"
    "How to stay in dreams for hours, days, months... years!"
    "Shouldn't you worry about fixing your recall first?"
    "Yes! And then time dilation!"
    "Haha, alright alright. It's difficult though you know?"
    "I don't care."
    "You don't care?"

    I shrug.

    "I have all the time in the world. I don't mind if it takes months or years to learn how to do it."
    "Because once I do know how to do it, making up on the time spent learning it should be pretty easy."

    She smiles.

    "That's a good attitude. I'll make sure to remind you next time you visit me."

    We talk some more and the dream fades away.

    I try to remain still to DEILD, but someone's being noisy again which is too disctracting.

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    1. GoldenLight's Avatar
      Very vivid! Sorry about your headaches. Who is Yuya in your dream, if you don't mind me asking? (Guardian, DC, spirit)
      Hyu likes this.
    2. moSh's Avatar
      That sounds like such a great experience, especially if this is something you get regularly. Makes me really want to get my own lucid
      Hyu likes this.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      Very vivid! Sorry about your headaches. Who is Yuya in your dream, if you don't mind me asking? (Guardian, DC, spirit)
      Yuya identifies herself as a spirit who has already been in my dreams when I was a young child.
      In my dreams she is a good friend and a great source of guidance and help.

      That sounds like such a great experience, especially if this is something you get regularly. Makes me really want to get my own lucid
      Go do it!
      GoldenLight and moSh like this.
    4. GoldenLight's Avatar
      So, she is your spirit guide or a spirit guide... I am in the process of becoming lucid. Once out of practice, you have to start from square one - that's where I am - square one. Thanks for sharing your dream.
      Hyu likes this.
    5. moSh's Avatar
      Go do it!
      I'm definitely trying!
      Hyu likes this.
    6. Coolb3rt's Avatar
      So quite a while ago I was like.. Who has the best dream journal on DreamViews?
      A certain user, with a certain avatar, with a certain cat, that has a certain tongue.. told me that your dream journal was good.
      So I was like, alright lets see what this dream journal is all about, I started reading from the longest ago post to the most recent, I got addicted ADDICTED TO HYU's ADVENTURES!
      It has inspired me to get back into lucid dreaming very much! It's like a novel, but better!
      I could honestly say that if there was a book club meeting about your dream journal, I would probably know what everyone is talking about in it.

      I really like how you lay out your dreams, it isn't just some giant block of text it is well spaced and pleasing to the eyes, great use of colors, which even if it was all black I would still be able to understand it easily LOL I even had a dream where I met you, I have no idea what you look like or anything haha!
      Hyu and MadMonkey like this.
    7. Hyu's Avatar
      Glad you like my DJ.
      Reading things like this really motivates me to continue!
      GoldenLight and Coolb3rt like this.
    8. Marlowe's Avatar
      I couldn't help but smile when I first saw this journal post
      (btw, the music complimented this entry nicely)
      Hyu likes this.